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 (3) Thorgrimm (enter): 21:52
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 (1) Bishop (enter): 21:52
 (2) Blake (enter): 21:52
 (4) Buffy (enter): 21:53
 (4) Buffy (exit): 21:53
 (4) Buffy (enter): 21:53
 (5) Teiresias (enter): 21:53
 (2) Blakewhat up dudes?
 (5) Teiresias (exit): 21:53
 (5) Teiresias (enter): 21:53
(3) Thorgrimm:  sound off if you are here.
 (5) Teiresiasooc Let's do this! Here and ready!
 (1) Bishopooc here,,i think..but where is really "here"
(3) Thorgrimm:  one thing we need to talk about before we start, is new membership. I have had 2 apps for entry. need to put it before the group.
 (2) Blakeya
 (2) Blakeooc i am so here
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYo.
 (2) Blakeooc sounds good oh gmey one
(3) Thorgrimm:  the 2 were Mort and the other dude, do not remember his handle.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaNo, not Mort
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI vote no.
 (1) Bishopooc don't really care..we can always kill them and dump their bodys in the desert..right lol
 (4) Buffy/MalokaFirst I doubt that he could make it to the scheduled time, and he can't speak english well enough to play.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, lets vote mort yeah or nay, now.
 (2) Blakei agree
 (4) Buffy/MalokaNay
 (2) Blakenay
 (5) TeiresiasYeah
 (1) Bishopnay
 (5) TeiresiasWell, that didn't work
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, the vote is not to allow, even if Venge said yes it would not pass.
 (2) Blakeuhu
 (5) TeiresiasI say wait for about five more people, have one of 'em be a GM and start a new session.
 (2) Blakeand who is the other applicant?
 (5) TeiresiasEr, five total people I mean
(3) Thorgrimm:  now the other one. T-Ray you talked to him what was his handle?
 (5) TeiresiasHe was the guy I told to go talk to you, right? Um, crap.
 (5) TeiresiasI can't remember.
(3) Thorgrimm:  yeah
 (2) Blakelol you obviously had an in depth talk
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, i sent him a pm letting him know i would let him know monday.
 (2) Blakehow do i change text colour btw?
 (5) TeiresiasWell, dash over and check your sent PMs
 (4) Buffy/Malokalol
(3) Thorgrimm:  brb
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWas is NeckronnityNine?
 (1) Bishopsounds familier
 (5) TeiresiasSomething like that, I think.
(3) Thorgrimm:  NecronninetyNine was his handle
(3) Thorgrimm:  so, yeah or nay vote now.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBeat ya'.
 (4) Buffy/Maloka
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup
(3) Thorgrimm:  vote gents
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI'm thinking.
 (2) Blakei have no idea what he is like
 (2) Blaketell us your impressions first
 (1) Bishophard to vote without knowing what the guys like
(3) Thorgrimm:  yeah, it will be sight unseen.
 (5) TeiresiasHave him get active on the forums first.
 (2) Blakei dont like his name lol
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWell, I think he doesn't know that much about Fallout,. considering he hasn't even gotten the car yet....
(3) Thorgrimm:  till he plays, but miles was unknown to you gents, till i vouched for him
 (1) Bishopya..
 (1) Bishopin 4 years O.o
 (1) Bishopits ont he back of the box/jewel case btw
(3) Thorgrimm:  oh ok, a kiddie?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYes, but Thor, you knew Miles through NMA.
(3) Thorgrimm:  true
 (4) Buffy/MalokaAnd plus, I had an opportunity to talk to khim and everything..
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, gents we can't start till you gents vote.
 (2) Blakeill vote a tentative yes
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI say we make him be more active on the forum, before we can make our decision.
 (1) Bishopi agree with pip
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhat do you guys think?
 (5) TeiresiasRight now, I say nay with the chance to let him join later after we get to know him.
 (1) Bishophard to vote someone out without having a feeling for them
 (5) TeiresiasI'm with Slurry. We gotta get to know him first.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, i will let him know that if he posts more we will reconsider, that sound fair?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYou mean Pip?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYeah.
(3) Thorgrimm:  no, the new guy
 (4) Buffy/MalokaNo, I was talking to Scotty.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHe said Slurry.. when I think he meant Pip
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhatever...
(3) Thorgrimm:  so, is the proposal sound fair or not?
 (6) Teiresias (enter): 22:11
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYes.
 (1) Bishopsounds fair to me
 (2) Blakeyeah thats an idea
 (6) Teiresias (exit): 22:11
 (6) Teiresias (enter): 22:11
 (5) Teiresias (exit): 22:12
 (6) TeiresiasI'm back. Forgot to close Kazaa.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaDamn Scotty.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, now we can start
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOhh damn... I'm watching the food channel... I'm so hungry
 (2) Blakeooc begin
 (6) TeiresiasOhh damn... I'm watching the discover channel... I'm so horny
 (2) Blakelmao
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOOC.... stealing my thunder.... I'M THE ATTENTION WHORE!
(3) Thorgrimm:  it was about 2 days after you got back from the hunt for buffy's rifle, when a man in combat armor all torn and shot full of holes, he falls at the edge of the village, what do you do?
 (1) Bishopooc had one part right *wink wink nudge nudge*
 (6) Teiresiasooc Sorry PIP. *drops soap*
 (1) BishopSomeone help me drag him to a tent, would ya
 (6) TeiresiasWell, look at that piece of shit.
 (2) Blakeblake hefts his feet
 (6) Teiresias*grabs the mans arms
 (2) Blakeokay, lets drag this bloke to the healer
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy runs to get the village healer
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal suggest that we shouldn't move him.
 (1) Bishopgotta get him outa the sun
 (2) Blakehmmmmm
 (6) TeiresiasI think he's dead already.
(3) Thorgrimm:  fu, fu, fuck, you you must not be the ones i am looking for, if you call strangers a piece of shit! and he then passes out.
 (6) TeiresiasAlright, he's alive.
 (6) TeiresiasLet's get him to the healer.
 (2) Blakewhat the fuck?
 (1) Bishopseems you offended him teiresias
 (2) Blakei think the guy is tripping or something
 (1) Bishopdrag him to the healer
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal stares at him with a "WTF Mates?" look...
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC scotty called him a POS iIC
 (6) TeiresiasI thought he was passed out.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy comes running back with the healer
 (6) TeiresiasHey Buffy, nice runnin'.
 (2) Blakehey old bloke, can you get to work please?
 (1) Bishopif he dies I want his armor
 (2) Blakethis guy looks fit to carc it
 (6) TeiresiasYou can have it. It's shot to hell anyway
 (2) Blakecmon bish, he aint dead yet
 (1) Bishopprobably salvagable
(3) Thorgrimm:  when the healer gets there he bends over the man the man whispers a couple of words and weakly gives T-Ray the bird, and then dies.
 (2) Blakehave some fuckin respect
 (6) Teiresias*kicks the guy* Fucker.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI get the armor.
 (1) Bishopi see you made an impression teiresias
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBufffy wait.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy says "wait"
 (2) Blakecocky little prick
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhere the hell did he come from?
 (6) TeiresiasI don't know.
 (1) Bishoplets see what we find
 (2) Blakei dunno
 (6) TeiresiasProbably from a gun fight.
 (2) Blakecheck his pouches and whatnot
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says - I'm gonna to try to follow his tracks... 
 (1) BishopBishop kneels and searching the body's pockets and equipment
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBlake, why don't you come with me?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC time out
 (2) Blake*blake towers over the others, acting like a natural umbrella*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOOC ok
(3) Thorgrimm:  i need some flavor stuff, so hold yer horses.
 (6) Teiresiasooc alright
 (2) Blakeooc horses held
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOOC... ok
(3) Thorgrimm:  the healer leans back up from the face of the man, all plae and shaken, the man was all worked up forom trying to get help, and being treated like dirt, but he did manage to whisper to me before dying, he said the evil ones are not gone, and are on their way to a place called pike springs, peach Palms, something like that. He gave me this to give to you, should you make it there 
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy holds up the object... what is it?
 (1) BishopPike springs? Peach Palms? what the hell does that mean. I remember there was a old pre war town called Palm Springs once, I heard some NCR ranger mention it when he was looking at a map
(3) Thorgrimm:  and he hands you what looks like a green card with funny designs on it, and a picture. On the other side it has a funny blak stripe.
 (1) Bishoppasscard or something
 (4) Buffy/MalokaIt looks like a postcard, something pre-war
(3) Thorgrimm:  the healer says he did not hear very clear as the man was into his death rattle by the time i could hear, but that is what i heard.
 (6) TeiresiasWell, we still have to meet the deathclaws tomorrow night. No point in leaving now and looking for a town whose name we don't even know.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOOC, when do we meet the deathclaws?
(3) Thorgrimm:  the card is also covered in plastic.
 (6) Teiresiasooc tomorrow, three nights, remember?
 (1) Bishopwell, I'm taking this *begins stripping the armor off the body*
 (6) TeiresiasFine with me.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal stops Bishop
 (6) TeiresiasWhat else does he have?
 (1) Bishopwhat is it kid?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaRock. Paper. Scissors
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI want it to
(3) Thorgrimm:  it falls apart in your hands and will tkae more skill than you have Bish.
 (1) Bishopits shot to hell
 (6) TeiresiasSmooth move.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaFine, nevermind.
 (1) Bishopstill, might as well leave it in my tent, maybe ill fix it one day
 (6) TeiresiasDoes he have any weapons or caps?
(3) Thorgrimm:  nothing as he had lost it or it was taken, all except for that card.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaSo, what do you think killed him, he looks really fucked up?
 (1) BishopI do think the bullets killed him buffy
 (1) Bishopor maybe the knife wounds
 (4) Buffy/Maloka....Jackass
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make a PE.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhat, as in who?
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc 10 right?
 (1) BishopI love you too dear *grins and laughs*
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes
 (2) Blakeooc as in mal jackass
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d10] -> [4] = (4)
 (6) TeiresiasI love you long time, Buffy.
 (2) Blakewho would want to fuck him up this bad?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI give you boom boom long time too T-Bird.
 (6) TeiresiasI don't know.
 (2) Blakewhat the hell did he know that made the poor bastard deserve this?
 (1) Bishopsomeone must not like him
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, Mal notices it was a combo of both animal wounds and bullets. It is really amazing the man made it aat all. He must have had something really important to say.
 (6) TeiresiasSlavers wouldn't. They want their merchandise in good shape.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYeah.
 (2) Blakei think its just the fucking wastelands
 (1) Bishopwell im sure if he hadnt been busy flipping you off Teiresias we mighta learned more
 (6) TeiresiasMal, notice anything?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish, Make a PE roll
 (2) Blakethey tend to kill folks
 (4) Buffy/MalokaNo, he looks like he can handle himself.
 (1) Bishop[1d10] -> [2] = (2)
 (2) Blakeyeah you rude prick *chuckles*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHow did he make it this far without water? Or anything?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThis Palm Springs must be close.
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish, you notice that on the left breast there is a sigil, that you have never seen before.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOOC BOS!
 (1) BishopHis armors marked with something
 (6) TeiresiasWhat does it look like?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy examines the sigil that Bishop saw.
 (1) Bishopooc enclave/bos/desert rangers/NCR rangers/etc you wanna guess lol
 (2) Blakewell lookie there...its a ....thing
 (6) TeiresiasNice. My things better, though.
 (1) BishopNothing i recognize
 (2) Blake*blake smacks t-ray over the head*
 (2) Blakewatch your language boy
 (1) Bishopprobably not Brotherhood of steel, they had a outpost in NCR when i grew up
(3) Thorgrimm:  the sigil is an eagle setting on the earth, with a banner in its beak,. behind the earth is an anchor wrapped in a rope. You have never even seen anything like it before.
 (6) TeiresiasSorry mutie.
 (2) Blakeooc like gunny!
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc yeah!!
 (2) Blakewow, its a fucking bird 
 (1) Bishopya
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC< yes the MC insignia, but IC you all have never seen it brefore.
 (6) TeiresiasDude, big deal. That means nothing to us.
 (6) TeiresiasHonestly, I think we're wasting our time with this one.
 (2) Blakechances are if you have no idea what it is
 (4) Buffy/MalokaSo, what are we gonna do with him? I say we strip him of everything he has, minus his clothes and honor him with a burial.
 (2) Blakeit cant be contemporary
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC yes it is, but IC you gents have never seen it before.
 (1) Bishoppulls out his knife and cuts the sigil free of the material its attached too. pbetter take this with us too
 (6) TeiresiasI'm up for that Buffy. Burry the guy and be done with it.
 (2) Blakeooc im making erroneous guesses
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy takes out her siwss army knife and cuts the sigil out and puts it in her pocket.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok.
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, fuck you Miles
 (2) Blakesouvenir eh buffy?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYeah.
 (2) Blakenow all you need is an 'i'm with dead guy' shirt
 (1) Bishopi saw it first dear *grins and pockets it*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaFine.
 (2) Blake*chuckles, making a noise like a blender full of screws*
 (6) TeiresiasI bought one from Iguana Bob once.
(3) Thorgrimm:  so, you bury, the gent, and the next morning the elder asks what are you going to do, as it seemed urgent to go south.
 (2) Blakewhat in the fucking hub?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMall says "I think we should go for say, an hour to see if we can get any clues on where he came from.
 (2) Blakeooc oops
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc nevermind...
 (1) BishopI think he came from the desert Mal
 (2) Blakesounds like a plan
 (6) TeiresiasAlright, we'll go, but we must be back by night.
 (6) TeiresiasIf we can't make it back, I'll go meet the deathclaws on my own.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaAye.
 (2) Blakegeee, desert there desert here and fuck me if there isnt desert behind me as well
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThat sounds reasonable.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal agrees.
 (2) Blakewhere the fuck else would he come from??
 (1) BishopI'll go with you teiresias..at least someone will be able to bury your body if things go bad
 (2) Blakeyou dozy prick *laugh*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy asks the elder why we are going to the south.
 (6) TeiresiasGee, thanks
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, the tracks lead almost due south, need a marching order.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal first.
(3) Thorgrimm:  that seems to be the way the man came from, but the choice is yours
 (2) Blakeyeah up the front canary
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy in the middle
 (2) Blakeooc bishops loiters at the back lol
 (6) Teiresias*takes standard place next to Buffy*
 (1) Bishopooc i have a crappy gun skill you want me upfront?
 (2) Blake*trudges along behind the t ray and buffy*
 (2) Blakeooc lol
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal suggest that Blake be behind him.
 (1) Bishop*walks next to blake*
 (6) Teiresias*takes out combat knife and unsheaths it* Always need to be ready.........
 (1) Bishopat least you give off shade big man
 (4) Buffy/MalokaAlright, lets get goin.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal starts walking.
 (2) Blake*sings* oh when the saints, go marching in
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy follows.
(3) Thorgrimm:  o, after about 2.5 hrs you come across what looks like a battlezone, as their is blood, and shell casings everwhere. Mal make a out roll
 (2) Blakeoh when the saints go marching iiiin
 (6) TeiresiasDude, mutants can't sing.
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc 100 right?
 (1) Bishopthis doesnt look kosher
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc time too please.
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d100] -> [53] = (53)
 (2) Blakewow! its a clue! *sarcastic*
 (2) Blakefuck i need a beer
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mals out skill?
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc uhhh.... hand on.
 (2) Blakemy throat is parched as a gecko's goolies
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc hang
 (6) Teiresias*hands Blake a Gamma Gulp*
 (6) TeiresiasDrink up
 (1) Bishopooc 68%
 (2) Blakethanks mate
 (1) Bishopooc on his char sheet
 (2) Blake*knocks back gamma gulp and watches mal*
 (6) TeiresiasAny time.
 (1) Bishopyour gonna glow in the dark from that stuff
 (6) TeiresiasAt least it tastes damn good.
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, its 120
 (2) Blakemate, after being dipped, i dont think i have much to worry about
 (1) Bishoptrue
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, huh? I thought it was 120.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, he noties that the stranger was waylaid here, her seemed to kill something, but it must have been heavy, as it was dragged south, there is also signs of animal olood, but can't tell what type.
 (1) Bishopand glowing might improve teiresias's apearance *grins teasingly*
(3) Thorgrimm:  he
 (6) TeiresiasHey, quiet Bishop
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, thor, his out skill it 120
 (6) Teiresias*punchs Bishop lightly on shoulder*
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc not 68
 (1) Bishopooc i musta seen an old post
(3) Thorgrimm:  whar do you gents do?
 (2) Blake*waits quietly, drinking gamma gulp*
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, do I get a more detailed description? because of the higher out skill?
 (2) Blake*burps loudly and throws bottle on ground*
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, I'd also like an update on the time.
(3) Thorgrimm:  you got what it called for, has you only beat it by 15%
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc alright.
 (2) Blakeso whats the verdict canary?
(3) Thorgrimm:  oh his out is 120?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says well, the guy looks like he was here... looks like he killed something, big and heavy, like a deathclaw, and it was dragged south...
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThere's blood, but I can't make out what kind it is.
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc yes.
 (2) Blakeooc i call him canary cos he is always out front like a canary in a mine
 (6) TeiresiasWhat the hell would drag a deathclaw?
 (1) Bishopooc ya thor, I read a old post my fualt
 (6) TeiresiasShit! A deathclaw! Goris!
 (2) Blakeanother deathclaw?
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc wait...
 (6) Teiresias*drops to knees* It was him.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, he noties the drag makrs were in the shape of bootheels, very large and heavy bootheels.
 (2) Blakeahhh stop whinging you bleeding heart hippy
 (1) Bishopsomeone wearing size 12's was doing the dragging
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHmm... looks like a mutant's foot...
 (4) Buffy/Malokaor something bigger...
 (6) TeiresiasI wanted to at least talk to him!
 (2) Blakehey, dont look at me
 (2) Blakethose aint my feet
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy comforts T-Bird, it's ok, it wasn't Goris, trust me.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, it is about 3 hrs since you left the village, what do you gents going to do?
 (2) Blake*makes a slightly amused whuffing noise with his nose*
 (6) Teiresias*sigh* I hope you're right
 (6) Teiresias*looks at Blake*Mutants have enough strength to drag deathclaws, right?
 (1) Bishop*glances at blake and laughs under his breath*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal takes out his binocs and does a circle of the surrounding area.
 (2) Blakeso whats the verdict?
 (2) Blakemate
 (2) Blakei could drag the whole lot of you under one arm if i needed
 (2) Blake*becomes serious*
 (2) Blakewell, it sorta depends on the mutant
 (6) TeiresiasJust wondering. Relax.
 (2) Blakebut on average, yeah, i reckon most muties could drag a dead claw
 (6) Teiresias*nods*
 (2) Blakeor the other way around i guess...
 (6) Teiresias*nods again*
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal, sees that the drag marks end abruplty about 500 yards to the south, that was not visible till he used his binocs. Also where the marks end is also a buck nekkid woman
 (6) TeiresiasWhat do you see, Mal?
 (2) Blakesee anything canary boy?
 (1) BishopMal looks like hes about to faint
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says... ok, there's a nekkid chik over there... we gotta go...
 (1) Bishopsomoene get the kid a drink
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal starts walking at a strangley fast pace.
 (2) Blakebetter watch out, t-ray, keep your shclong in your pants mate
 (6) Teiresias*follows Mal*
 (1) Bishop*jogs after Mal*
(3) Thorgrimm:  LOL! Ok it takes you about 10 minutes to get to her. What do you do?
 (1) Bishophold onto him if ya have to blake
 (2) Blake*trudges after mal
 (6) TeiresiasOh you know me, Blake
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy walks at her normal pace... "sill humans"
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal inspects her....
 (1) Bishop*kneels down and checks for a pulse or breathing*
 (2) Blakei think buffy should deal with this
 (1) Bishopif shes alive
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy walks up.... "She looks dead"
 (1) Bishopnot gonna win any beauty pagents at the moment thats for sure
 (2) Blakethe sheila might get flipped if she wakes and sees a bunch of blokes like us...assuming she aint past useby date
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, as you roll her over you notice she has a bullet hole in her eye, with what looks like a single shot. Mal make a PE roll.
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d10] -> [4] = (4)
 (2) Blakefuckin stone dead
 (1) Bishopwell their goes her education all over the wastes
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBufy says "Ouch"
 (2) Blakethe wastelands are fucked
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice that there are shards of glass and metal in thr eye als, like something had been broken when the bullet hit.
(3) Thorgrimm:  also
 (2) Blakegive me good ole vault 22 any day
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says... hmm, I think she was wearing glasses
 (4) Buffy/MalokaLook, there's glass in her eyes
 (2) Blakewhat happened to her kit?
 (1) Bishopand her clothes
 (2) Blakewhy is she in the buff?
 (6) TeiresiasWhy do we care?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaRape.
(3) Thorgrimm:  she was stripped of evrything
 (2) Blakebecause its fucking weird
(3) Thorgrimm:  no sexual assault, just stripped after death
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI'm getting a strange vib here...
 (2) Blakecmon guys, if the glass is in her eyes, she must have been dead first
 (1) Bishopwhy leave clothes on the dead
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal gets out his binocs and does another circle.
 (1) Bishopi'd take them
 (2) Blakeyour spidey sense is tingling eh?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Make an out roll Mal
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy inspects the vaginal area for bodily fluids.
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d100] -> [59] = (59)
 (1) Bishopwhat the hell does that mean blake
(3) Thorgrimm:  none, dry as a virgin
 (1) Bishopwierdo muties
 (2) Blakeahhh....god i miss the vault comics
 (6) TeiresiasHe's a strange mutie.
 (2) Blakeit was this old pre war comic mate
 (2) Blakecalled spiderman
 (6) TeiresiasSounds lame.
 (2) Blakethe main bloke got this tingling when danger was around
 (2) Blakehey fuck off
 (6) Teiresiasooc time update please
 (2) Blakei got goot amusement out of my comics
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal you notice that the trail continues south , but that the heavy drag marks ends here
 (2) Blakeooc good
 (6) TeiresiasSorry.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHmm.. perhaps they were draggin' this poor soul?
 (1) Bishophow much you think she weighs?
 (2) Blakeprobably all destroyed with the vault
 (2) Blakecant be much
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, thor, time update
 (1) Bishopdoesnt look like a mutie maybe some sorta robot *laughs*
 (6) TeiresiasProbably not enough to make those marks.
 (2) Blakesomehow, i doubt it
(3) Thorgrimm:  it is about 3.5 hrs after leaving the village, about 2:30 pm
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThere were probably others with her, I doubt she was wondering the wastes alone.
 (2) Blakeyeah i guess
 (6) TeiresiasSorry to change the topic, but how long will it take us to get to the car from here?
 (4) Buffy/Malokayeah, I say we should leave soon.
 (2) Blakewhat the corvega? wanna find your deathclaw pals?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal estimates about three and a half hours.
 (6) TeiresiasYeah.
 (2) Blakei think we need to check this out
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal, also notices that there are 3 sets of tracks heading south, Mal make an out roll.
 (1) Bishopthey might decide to eat us tonight
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d100] -> [24] = (24)
 (6) TeiresiasAlright, but once it gets to four, I'm goin.
 (1) Bishopmaybe they wherent hungry last time
 (2) Blakemaybe we should split the posse?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaT-Bird, I thought we agreed, we'd all go.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaDdidn't the deathclaws say we could scome?
 (6) TeiresiasYeah, they invited us.
 (2) Blakei dunno ay, i though they were gonna eat us on toast last time
 (1) Bishopgain our trust then slaughter us
 (2) Blakebut yeah its not good manners to decline an invitation i guess
 (1) Bishopsounds like a plan
 (6) TeiresiasDoes anyone have any meat or food to trade with them? They said something about that last time before we left.
 (2) Blakebishop, you are the most paranoid bloke i have ever met
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal you notice that 1 set of tracks are like claw marks, and the other 2 are large heavy imprints of boots.
 (1) Bishopbetter paranoid than dead eh blake
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says in a scared tone... "Uhh guys.... 
 (6) TeiresiasYeah, what?
 (2) Blakethere is a difference between careful and paranoid
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI see one set of tracks that are claw marks, and another two that are the boot imprints....
 (6) TeiresiasThat's fucked up. You sure?
 (2) Blakeperhaps this isnt as separate as originally thought?
 (1) Bishopany clear boot prints?
 (1) Bishopi used to repair a lot of armor maybe it left a mark that i recognize
 (4) Buffy/MalokaNah, nothing.
 (2) Blakethe claws have been out and about looking for this goris bloke..perhaps these humies ran into the wrong place
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes, once mal oints them out, they are very heavy boot imprints, but smaller than mutie feet sizes.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHmm.... 
 (6) TeiresiasI think Blake is right.
 (1) Bishop*kneels and looks at one closely* ooc* should i roll to see more info?
 (4) Buffy/Malokayeah, so do I.
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes make a PE roll Bish
 (6) TeiresiasStill, I say we move out now. Let's follow the tracks, alright?
 (1) Bishop[1d10] -> [3] = (3)
 (2) Blakeooc nice
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice, you have seen the tracks before, PA tracks! Alsao it is a deaTHCLAW TRACK WITH THEM, AND THEY SEEM TO BE NOT FIGHTING! Sorry caps was on
 (6) TeiresiasGuys, we gonna do this or what?
 (1) Bishopwait a sec T
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHmm...
 (2) Blakeooc more dramatic lol
 (1) Bishopive seen this before
 (6) TeiresiasWhere?
 (1) Bishopa guy in darwin had a set of powered armor
 (1) Bishopooc model T51b is all I'd know btw thor
 (2) Blake*makes twilight zone noises and wiggles fingers*
 (2) Blakeyeah i saw a guy wearing that shit once
(3) Thorgrimm:  it looks slightly different, but the cross ridges and depth of the print leaves no doubt in your mind.
 (2) Blakeit whirs and clanks something chronic
 (1) Bishopthese look kinda like those boot treads, too heavy for combat armors, T-51B power armor is my guess, there is also some claw tracks here, and they seem to be walking together
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhat happens if these aren't frendly people?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThere's no way we can take out someone in this "power armor"
 (2) Blakewell i say we follow
 (6) TeiresiasI say we follow.
 (6) TeiresiasLet's go.
 (1) BishopVualts didnt have power armor, only military unitsb before the war
 (2) Blakechances are, if a claw isnt killing ANYONE, its a smart claw
 (6) TeiresiasNo shit.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaYeah, I agree with that.
 (2) Blakeso if we follow, we are likely to find out old pals
 (4) Buffy/MalokaLet's go.
 (2) Blakeooc our^
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal starts walking.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy follows.
 (6) Teiresias*takes spot next to Buffy*
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc brb
 (1) Bishop*follows behind blake*
 (2) Blakeblake hesitantly follows, he turns around and talks to t ray
 (2) Blakeis that ok with you t?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Ok gents this is a good time out place to review your clues, as you do not want to go in where angels fear to tread! :D 
 (2) Blakewe should find your little friends this way?
(3) Thorgrimm:  i would discuus what you know
 (6) TeiresiasYeah, it's fine with me. Let's go.
 (2) Blakeactually...stop
 (2) Blakei have a bad feeling...
 (2) Blakeeveryone we met except mystery guy...has been killed
 (6) Teiresias*opens a Gamma Gulp and begins to drink quickly*
 (1) Bishopboth these boot tracks seem to be power armor units, and they have claws with them
 (6) TeiresiasThat doesn't mean anything.
 (2) Blakehow do we know that mystery guy isnt a bad guy and the claws arent helping him?
 (1) Bishopthis might not be a good idea
 (2) Blakehave you blokes ever heard of the Enclave?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI'm reluctant to continue...
 (1) BishopI've heard rumors Blake
 (1) Bishopbad rumors
 (6) TeiresiasYeah, I heard of the Enclave.
 (6) TeiresiasThey don't scare me.
 (2) Blakereal nasty fuckers.....want to take the whole fucking world over...from what ive heard
 (1) Bishopsomething to do with that big explosion off past san fransisco sometime last year
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThey scare the shit out of me.
 (2) Blakepower armour and bullet holes in innocent humies
 (2) Blakeit sorta adds up right?
 (6) TeiresiasYeah, but if the deathclaws are with them, I say we continue.
 (1) Bishopwhat if the claws are theirs
 (6) TeiresiasWho says the claws are going willingly?
 (1) Bishopsmart claws arent just born, maybe they where created
 (2) Blakei know they claws are your pals, but how do we know we can trust them?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThey tracks show that they are walking side by side.
 (6) TeiresiasI don't know of anybody that keeps a claw as a pet.
 (1) Bishopyou don't know people with the resources of a pre war goverment either im sure
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI do, I remember my uncle went to this place called Modoc and someone there had a deathclaw as a pet.
 (1) Bishopisnt Mal from Modoc?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal steps up, why yes I am, I hated that place.
 (2) Blakeooc doenst mal have a score with enclave?
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, I have no clue, I don't know mal's background...
 (1) Bishopooc his story just says metal men
 (1) Bishopooc that could be anyone
 (2) Blakeok well enough fucking around, i have a bad feeling, what do you all think?
 (1) BishopI agree
 (2) Blakeif the claws are linked to this shit, isnt it safer to meet them?
 (6) TeiresiasI have a good feeling.
 (2) Blakei mean instead of following them god knows where?
 (1) Bishopmaybe we can ask T-birds little lizard friends about this stuff
(3) Thorgrimm:  Ok, gents here is a review of what you know, The claws you met seemed to be friendly, and were looking for their leader, a man stumbles in and tells of the evil ones not being gone, you find a stripped woman with glass and metal in her ere, and now tracks of claws and heavy men walking side by side, what does that suggest?
 (6) TeiresiasI suggest that we have an orgy.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaGoris is probably with these people.
 (1) Bishopooc someone placed a round threw the eyesocket of a Enclave soldier (sine they are all female in F2 )) and im stumped past that
 (6) TeiresiasGoris wouldn't do that to us.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaT-bird, you don't even know Goris.
 (1) Bishopthat dead body back there might have been wearing one of the power armor suits
 (6) TeiresiasWhat's your point?
 (2) Blakeperhaps he is being coerced
 (1) Bishopthat would explain the lack of blood and the glass in her eye
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThat would also explain the drag marks!
 (1) Bishopyes it would
 (6) TeiresiasLet's go to the car, meet the deathclaws, and be done with this.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaA suit of this power armor is probably heavy as hell.
 (6) TeiresiasTrue.
 (6) TeiresiasIt's a possibility.
 (2) Blakeyou know, that makes sense
 (1) Bishopbut why the deathclaw tracks alongside some of the armor suited peoples
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI have no clue.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI can only imagine Goris.
 (1) BishopBuffy those things are very heavy, they have their own power core and motors to help the user move
 (6) TeiresiasMe neither. I still think the deathclaws were not going willingly.
 (2) Blakeits going to be dark if we dont decide
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI know..
 (1) Bishoplets head to the car
 (2) Blakelets make a resolution?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI say we pick up this trail tommorow... what do you think
 (6) TeiresiasYes!
 (2) Blakei agree
 (6) TeiresiasBishop, let's go.
 (2) Blakewe know where to go anyway
 (4) Buffy/MalokaAlright, lets all head to the car.
 (4) Buffy/Malokawait...
 (2) Blakelets see if the claws can tell us anything
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWe have enough time to make a map...
 (6) TeiresiasI call shotgun.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal goes to get a stick
 (4) Buffy/Malokabuffy's driving.
 (6) Teiresias*sheaths combat knife and places it in his backpack*
 (2) Blakeo stfu, lets go guys
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal comes back with a stick of what seems to be tumbleweed.... 
 (6) Teiresias*grabs bat*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaSomebody give me a lighter so I can char this stick.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy gets out her lighter and hands it to mal
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal chars the stick
 (1) Bishopwe need something to sketch the map on mal
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOk, now I need soemthing to write on..
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHmm...
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, you think if you hurry, you can get back to the car by dark, but hurry means not paying attention to what is going on.
 (6) TeiresiasI don't have anything.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBlake, give me your hat.
 (1) Bishopthe claws didnt arrive till well after dark last time
 (6) TeiresiasI think we come back in the morning. Let's get the hell to the car!
 (2) Blakeyeah arright
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says ' ok, I can write while we walk"
 (2) Blake*pulls the slouch off his neck and passes it over*
 (1) BishopI knew i shoulda take a Pipboy from Darwin's stock, still kicking myself for that
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal starts off at a brisk pace.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy follows.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [71] = (71)
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [29] = (29)
 (6) Teiresias*takes spot next to buffy and slyly places his arm around her*
 (1) Bishophey blake
 (2) Blakeooc fuck nicotine gum burns 
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make a PE roll at +3
 (1) Bishopkeep your weapon handy
 (2) Blakeyeah what mate?
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d100] -> [33] = (33)
 (4) Buffy/Maloka[1d10] -> [4] = (4)
 (4) Buffy/Malokaoooc whoops
 (2) Blakealright
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, what the +3?
 (6) Teiresias*takes out combat knife and unsheaths it*
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal you think you are being tracked, but are not sure.
 (6) TeiresiasMal, what do your eyes see?
 (1) Bishophow close are we to the car?
 (2) Blake*pulls out sheila*
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC you are hurrying, and not fully attentive to the surroundings.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal says, blake put that away
 (4) Buffy/MalokaDon't let get onto us
 (4) Buffy/Malokathem*
 (2) Blakeahh fuck, ok
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhat can we do? 
 (2) Blake*leans sheila on his shoulder like a human would a rifle and keeps jogging*
 (1) Bishophow about the rest of you continue to the car, blake and I will stop and ambush anyone following
 (1) Bishopif we see nobody we will meet you there
 (4) Buffy/MalokaThat sounds like a good idea.
 (2) Blakeyeah arright
 (4) Buffy/Malokawait, no it doesn't.
(3) Thorgrimm:  you get to the car about a half hour after sundown. What do you do?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaWhat if they just cirlce around you?
 (1) BishopIf im not safe with a huge mutant with a machine gun where am I safe
 (6) TeiresiasI think it sounds good.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaOk.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy takes her seat in the driver's seat
 (2) Blakei think mal is a better bet though
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal hops ontop of the roof of the corvega.
 (6) Teiresias*climbs in to passenger seat*
 (2) Blakehe can sneak
 (6) TeiresiasSo, Buffy, remember last time?
 (1) Bishopmal needs to watch for the claws
 (2) Blakethis car is getting too familiar
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal gets out binocs and scans the area.
 (1) Bishop*lays down near a rock outcropping, facing the way they came*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy also scans the area, with her knewly learned nightvision.
(3) Thorgrimm:  mal about 10:30 pm, you see a claw on the ridge watching you again.
 (6) TeiresiasAnybody have any meat?
 (4) Buffy/MalokaHey, T-bird, you're friend is there.
 (2) Blake*blake watches with his mutavision, leanind sheila on the ground
 (2) Blakeyeah i caught these yesterday remember?
 (2) Blake*pulls out a gecko, a molerat and some rad scorpions*
 (4) Buffy/MalokaAlright, Buffy gets out of the car and puts her weapons, visibley on the ground, Mal does the same.
 (6) TeiresiasHand 'em here, Blake. I'll go see what they say. This time I'll keep my pants on.
 (2) Blakeno worry about stings, i cut em off
 (6) Teiresias*sheaths combat knife*
 (6) TeiresiasGoody
 (6) Teiresiasooc brb
 (4) Buffy/MalokaI say we all go, so they don't think we're planning anything.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, T-Ray, you notice the claw is watching you vVERY closely.
 (1) Bishop*slings the rifle on his back and raises his hands*
 (6) Teiresiasooc back
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal keeps watching the claw with his binocs.
 (6) TeiresiasMal, you see anything?
 (6) Teiresias*gets out of car*
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc brb, popsicle
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy and Mal follows t-bird
 (1) Bishoptheres a claw up there he said
 (2) Blakeooc hi im pip, and im addicted to popsicles
 (6) Teiresias*approaches slowly*
(3) Thorgrimm:  as, t gats closer the claw lets out that growling howl again and 2 more show
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc back
 (1) Bishopooc hope thats not a metaphor *j/k*
 (6) Teiresias*shouts to claws* Remember us? We met three nights ago.
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, nice having a fridge in my room.
 (2) Blakeok that fella looks a little grumpy
 (1) Bishopooc hey i have one too! oh wait..i live in a studio apartment O.o
 (2) Blake*decided to shut up*
 (6) Teiresiasooc I had one in my dorm.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaMal looks through his binocs, to make sure they're gray.
 (6) Teiresias*places knife in backpack*
 (1) Bishopgonna look stupid if we die with our weapons on the ground
 (6) TeiresiasBishop, shut up and do what I say.
 (2) Blakeooc i have a fridge in my kitchen! funny that!
 (6) TeiresiasYou paranoid fuck.
(3) Thorgrimm:  He snarls and growls at you. We saw you where the metal clad humans dumped their own!!
 (6) Teiresias*turns back to deathclaws and starts to approach very slowly* We mean you no harm.
 (6) TeiresiasWe were only there because a man arrived at our village. His tracks led away to that direction.
 (2) Blakewatch out for the aliens bish, they want to anal probe you *whisper to buffy*
 (6) TeiresiasHe was severely injured and died after arriving. We wanted to know what the hell attacked him and nuetralize any threat.
 (4) Buffy/MalokaBuffy kicks blake and bish nonchallantly, shut up.
 (6) Teiresias*takes out scorpion meat* I even brought stuff to trade, as per our agreement.
 (2) Blakeooc venge is here!
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc, oh great, ReVenge is on.
(3) Thorgrimm:  the claw takes a step towards the Mutant, and snarls real loudly Have you no respect for your leader!!! And menacingly takes a small step towards blake, but then hols and pulls back. This claw is very agitated!
 (6) Teiresiasooc now what?
 (1) Bishopooc taking bets on wiether he kills pip *hj/k*
 (6) Teiresias*turns back to Blake and Bishop* Guys, must you always talk? Shut the hell up, alright?
 (2) Blake*stops talking and shrugs*
 (1) Bishop*shrugs since he hasnt said anything since slinging the rifle*
 (6) Teiresias*turns back to claws* Don't worry 'bout them. Smooth skins have problems with being silent.
 (7) Maloka (enter): 23:28
 (4) Buffy/Malokaooc Mal, just shut up and watch.
 (7) Malokaooc ok guys I'm here
 (7) Malokaooc ok
 (2) Blakeooc hi
(3) Thorgrimm:  I must remember the teachings of our leader, he says that smoothskins have no respect for leaders, which is different from claws, must be tolerant, of different people, but leader has been taken and we know not where!
 (2) Blakeooc did someone fill him in?
 (1) Bishopooc T is talkin to the claws, so we are just shutting up , and nice to see you again
 (7) Malokaooc ok, can I play as my char still or is Buffy still gonna do it?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC no mal you can
 (2) Blakeooc course you can
(3) Thorgrimm:  it is your char!
 (2) Blakeooc change your name buffy
 (4) Buffyooc, I already did, dumb mutant
 (8) Teiresias (enter): 23:30
 (7) MalokaOOC thanks. sorry I had to go to the festival...acan't argue with the parents
 (8) Teiresiasooc sorry 'bout that gents. Did I miss anything?
 (6) Teiresias (exit): 23:31
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, T did you see what the claw said?
 (8) Teiresiasooc no, not since the thing where it was pissed that people were interrupting me.
 (2) Blakeooc how do i change the colour of my text?
 (4) Buffyooc, can't.
(3) Thorgrimm:  openrpg, then settings
 (2) Blakeooc ty
(3) Thorgrimm:  last tab is chat colors
 (2) Blakeooc there
 (2) Blakeooc now we are all different colours
 (4) BuffyOOc, the deathclaw said... "I must remmeber the teachings of our leader, he says that smoothskins have no respect for leaders, which is different from claws, must be toleratn, of different bpeople, but leader has been taken and we know not where!"
 (8) Teiresiasooc we rule
(3) Thorgrimm:  T basicly the clw said he needs to be clalm as his leader teaches, but the leader is gone and they do not know where.
 (2) Blake*blake thinks 'cmon t, tell him about the tracks we saw*
 (8) TeiresiasI have reason to believe that your leader was taken by the men in armor. There was a deathclaw track beside them. I can't help but suspect it was Goris.
 (2) Blake*blake smiles slightly*
 (8) TeiresiasWe would be happy to join you on your quest of finding your leader.
(3) Thorgrimm:  the claw blinks in surprise!! Where have you seen claw tracks!!
 (8) TeiresiasTo the south, where you were tracking us.
(3) Thorgrimm:  The claw tlaks to his compadres, then says here we found this where our leader was taken, and they take off in a blaze of speed that only very pissed claws can match!
 (8) TeiresiasLet's follow them! *takes off after deathclaws*
 (8) TeiresiasCome on! *runs at full speed*
 (1) Bishopwe can't keep up with them
(3) Thorgrimm:  what he drops is a map, and a piece of very hard metal, that looks like it was torn off of something larger.
 (2) Blakeummm, that comes under 'famous last words' t
 (1) Bishop*kneels and picks up the map and metal*
 (2) Blakewhats it say bish?
 (1) Bishopone sec
(3) Thorgrimm:  they are out of site before you even fully realize they are gone. They are that fast.
 (4) BuffyBuffy runs back to the car to retrieve her stuff.
 (1) Bishop*stares at the map trying to read threw the grime on it*
 (8) Teiresias*still running in direction that deathclaws disappeared*
 (4) BuffyBuffy runs back, what is tit?
 (8) TeiresiasI won't lose them!
 (1) Bishopsomoene go stop him
 (2) Blakewe need a ve-hicle...
 (1) Bishopbefore he gets eaten or something
 (4) Buffy"T-BIRD, GET BACK HERE!"
 (2) Blakethe corvega is fucked right?
 (4) BuffyYeah, it's fucked.
 (1) Bishoplike a 2 cap hooker
 (4) BuffyBlake, go get T
 (7) MalokaI'll get him
 (8) Teiresias*stops* This better be good, sweety.
(3) Thorgrimm:  T, they lost you the minute they crossed the first hill, about one minute after starting.
 (2) Blakeget back here you crazy fuck!!!
 (8) Teiresias*sigh* Fine, you big green mutant.
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish make a PE roll
 (8) Teiresias*walks back to the group*
 (1) Bishop[1d10] -> [8] = (8)
 (1) Bishopooc bleh
 (4) BuffyBuffy takes the map and hands it to Mal, what can you make of it/
 (2) Blakehey thats bigotry, i'm not green *points to his skin, which is mottled, similar colour to the skin of borg from star trek*
(3) Thorgrimm:  it is too covered in blood to make out much but you see a cirlce around a town, and the word target, but can't quite make it out, you think you could in the daylight.
 (8) TeiresiasSorry Blake. You wanna split a beer?
 (2) Blakeyeah alright mate, i was only joking anyway
 (1) BishopI can;t see shit on this in the dark
 (1) Bishopits covered in blood or ichor of some type too
 (8) Teiresias*opens a Gamma Gulp, takes a drink, and passes it to Blake*
 (8) Teiresias*lights flare and hands it to Bishop* What about now?
 (2) Blakeafter a while i got used to it
 (1) Bishopya drink more,,maybe you will illuminate the place
 (4) BuffyLet's set up camp.
 (2) Blake*takes a swig*
 (1) Bishopooc dont waste a flare we can wait for daylight
(3) Thorgrimm:  i need a camp watch order.
 (2) Blake*walks over out of sight a little and takes a piss, he notices his piss glows slightly*
 (1) Bishopill take a first watch with somoene
 (8) TeiresiasI'm sleepin' with Buffy tonight.
 (1) Bishopnot much of a sleeper anyway
 (7) MalokaI'll take the first shift
 (1) Bishopok its me an the kid again for first watch
 (7) Maloka[1d8] -> [3] = (3)
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok first shift.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [59] = (59)
 (7) Malokaooc sorry
(3) Thorgrimm:  nothing happens, second shift.
 (8) TeiresiasHave fun, kid.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [82] = (82)
 (8) TeiresiasSo, Buffy, we could watch the wastes or we could have sex.
(3) Thorgrimm:  you just her noises but nothing bothers you during the night.
 (2) Blake*blake leans against the corvega, not feeling tired at all*
 (2) Blakehey buffy, do you need any help there?
(3) Thorgrimm:  the sun rises, what do you gents do?
 (4) BuffyI say we watch the wastes having sex.
 (2) Blakei could cut his tackle off for you
 (8) TeiresiasWatch the wastes while having sex?
 (4) BuffyCan you make out that map?
 (1) Bishop*wakes up from the light sleep*
 (7) MalokaI could help
 (1) Bishoplemme see *unrolls the map*
 (8) Teiresiasooc brb
 (1) Bishopooc thor, should i roll again or you filling this in
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish make a PE roll at -3
 (1) Bishop[1d10] -> [10] = (10)
 (1) Bishopooc the machine it curses me
 (2) Blakefalls into though, musing about finding a mutant woman of his own
 (8) Teiresiasooc going to get more beer
(3) Thorgrimm:  still can't make anything else out.
 (1) Bishopdo they make mutant women?
 (1) BishopHey Kid, get over here and take a looka t this
 (1) Bishopyou got sharp eyes
 (2) Blakeooc dude i was thinking that
 (7) MalokaI do
 (4) BuffyGive the map to Mal, maybe he can make something out.
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make a PE roll at -3
 (2) Blakewhat the fuck, how did you know i was thinking about that?
 (7) Maloka[1d10] -> [4] = (4)
 (7) Malokatwo points
 (1) Bishopjust wondering blake
 (1) Bishopjust wondering
 (7) Malokaooc ^
 (2) Blakeyou can dip anyone human, male or female
 (1) Bishopooc brb restroom 
 (2) Blakei guess there must be some women out there somewhere
 (7) Malokaooc any new tabs or tree nodes?
 (4) Buffyooc no
(3) Thorgrimm:  you see the letters MCAGCC and it is sourrounded by a cirlce with the words untouched, by the war, and targeted as objective.
 (2) Blakeooc that would be funny, playing a mutant woman
 (8) Teiresiasooc back, what I'd miss?
(3) Thorgrimm:  so you all just going to stand around
 (4) BuffySo, I say we go back to where we were before and follow the trail.
 (1) Bishopooc back
 (1) Bishopwhat ya see maloka?
 (2) Blakeread anything useful bish?
 (4) BuffyWhat do you guys say?
 (7) MalokaWell, let's kill!
 (8) TeiresiasI say we follow the trail.
 (4) Buffyooc popsicle...
 (7) MalokaKill!
 (4) Buffyooc back
 (7) MalokaUnless, we have to fight deathclaws
 (4) BuffyMal, you lead.
 (4) BuffyLets head back to where we were.
 (1) BishopI think the kid has rad sickness...
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, suggestion, go back to the village and fill up on water and food.
 (1) Bishopkill what?
 (1) Bishopooc thats a good suggestion
 (4) BuffyLets go back to the village.
 (8) TeiresiasI'm almost out of beer. Let's go back.
 (7) MalokaLet's go back to the village to get some supplies before we kill
 (1) Bishopneed to resubly
 (4) BuffyEverybody got all of their belongings?
 (1) Bishopsuply*
 (2) Blakewe arent really in any hurry
(3) Thorgrimm:  the desert can be REAL nasty
 (4) BuffyBuffy gets her stuff.
 (2) Blakeif anything, we want the claws to find the bad guy first
 (8) TeiresiasWe have to hurry to save Goris.
 (1) Bishop*pockets the chunk of metal and follows Blake with the others*
 (2) Blakemaybe they will fuck em up a little
 (2) Blake*blake trudges along, whistling 'on the road the gundagye'*
 (8) TeiresiasI want the claws alive.
 (2) Blakeooc an old australian song
 (1) BishopGonna marry goris when you find him teiresias?
 (7) Maloka*fallows the others*
 (8) TeiresiasShut up Bishop
 (2) Blake*blake laughs, making his screw blender noise again*
 (7) MalokaBWAHAHAHA
 (4) Buffyhahaha
 (7) Maloka*thinks: "That means I could get with Buffy..."
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, it takes you 2 hrs to get back to the village, also suggest you keep the booze back in the village, and rest, as if you keep popping the booze you will be penalized in combat and survival, as alcohol dries you out.
 (8) TeiresiasMaloka, don't even think about stealing Buffy from me.
 (1) Bishophe's young enough to be her brother
 (4) BuffyI like experience.
 (8) TeiresiasI'm buying ten more beers for the road.
 (2) Blakemates, i must warn you i have beaten up better men than you for trying to hit on buffy
 (7) MalokaRight...where's the village bicycle?
 (8) TeiresiasI'll give you more experience than you can handle, Buffy.
 (7) Malokahehehe
 (2) Blakeshe's my little buddy
 (1) Bishop*refills his canteens and stocks up on food*
 (2) Blakeand i look after her, aint that right buffs?
 (1) Bishopnot gonna even try ya Blake
 (8) TeiresiasBlake, I got no beef with you.
 (1) Bishopnot after you hit me in the head with that pipe
 (7) Maloka*grabs some food, fills his canteens*
(3) Thorgrimm:  T you have ten slots of space open?
 (4) BuffyBuffy fills her canteens.
 (2) Blake*grabs some skinned molerat meat from his hut, and refills his canteen*
 (8) Teiresias*buys ten beers* 
 (8) Teiresiasooc Yeah, I got the room; how much does it cost for 10 gamma gulp?
 (4) BuffyBlake, get Mal some hides, so he can make some maps.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
 (2) Blakeooc are there any grenades i can aquire any way in the village thor?
(3) Thorgrimm:  10 caps
 (7) MalokaYeah that'd be a good idea
(3) Thorgrimm:  no grenades.
 (7) Malokaooc cheap
 (1) Bishopmust he drink that radiated shit
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC if he does, that is his problem.
 (8) TeiresiasDude, you don't know what is good for you.
 (1) BishopI swear some ghoul just pisses in a bottle and sells it
 (2) Blake*blake wanders off and gets some gecko and brahmin hides from the trapper*
 (8) TeiresiasI bought it; who says I'll drink it now? I was down to one and needed more.
 (4) Buffyheh, when are you not buzzed?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC< Scotty, you de realise that rads do not go away? they just build up.
 (2) Blakeooc can i pick up a spare melee weapon thor?
 (1) Bishopcould you tell the differance if he was
 (2) Blakeooc i was thinking a machete
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC Scotty you do realise that rads do not go away, they just build up.
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup, a bat.
 (2) Blakeooc anything with a blade?
 (8) Teiresiasooc Yeah, I know. I'm not drinking more.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [11] = (11)
 (2) Blakeooc i can be talking to the trader
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup, one machete.
 (2) Blakehow much mate?
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
 (8) Teiresiasooc brbb
(3) Thorgrimm:  1 cap, Damn can't roll for shit for caps tonight!
 (2) Blake*hands over one of the caps t gave him from the claw trade*
 (7) Malokaooc lucky bastards...I'm gonna get like 99 on all my rolls...
 (2) Blakepleasure doing business with ya mate *grins a big mutie grin*
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, he wonders why he was so generous
 (4) BuffyThink I could get a shovel thor?
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [58] = (58)
 (8) Teiresias*drops pants and starts singing "mary had a little lamb"*
(3) Thorgrimm:  no, shovels
 (1) Bishopooc Cept mine
 (1) Bishopooc *hugs the shovel*
 (8) Teiresias*picks up pants* Sorry.
 (4) BuffyWhat about a pickaxe?
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup, Bish that is true.
 (2) Blake*blake walks out of the trader hut, wondering how he managed to stooge the trader
 (8) TeiresiasMust've had too much to drink
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [86] = (86)
(3) Thorgrimm:  no pick Buff
 (1) Bishopwhat about any misc ammo thor?
(3) Thorgrimm:  no ammo at all
 (4) BuffyWhat about a Slugger?
 (4) BuffyConsidering I dont' have one..
(3) Thorgrimm:  plenty of bats, for 1 cap apiece, as they make them in the village.
 (4) BuffyI'll take one.
 (8) Teiresias*walks up to the trader* You got any rad-away?
 (7) Malokaooc it seems like I'm the only one who has all his gear intact
 (2) Blakeooc i dont seem to have the rulebook in this compy, can i get damage for machete?
 (1) Bishopooc you and I maloka it seems
 (1) Bishopooc cept ammo counts
(3) Thorgrimm:  LOL! he laughs so hard he has tears in his eyes! I wish i did young feller!
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC blake just a sec
 (4) Buffyooc, 1d10+7
 (8) TeiresiasWhat about rad-x?
 (8) TeiresiasAnd stop laughing.
(3) Thorgrimm:  sorry, young feller no chems at all, just trinkets this run.
 (2) Blakeooc i seem to recall it being better than the pipe
 (2) Blakeooc not that ill care if it isnt
 (8) TeiresiasWell, do you have frozen fish among your trinkets
(3) Thorgrimm:  what is a frozen fish?
 (8) TeiresiasNevermind.
(3) Thorgrimm:  the only ifsh i know of is salted.
 (8) TeiresiasAny condoms?
 (2) Blakeooc frozen fish? how the fuck do you freeze a fish with no fridge?
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d100] -> [87] = (87)
 (7) Malokaooc or without an snow?
 (8) Teiresiasooc I'm drinkin', give me a break. If my character lives through the night, I'll be happy.
(3) Thorgrimm:  yeah we have 87 Jimmy hats want some fer yer special gal?
 (2) Blakeooc lol we should roll a dice to see if buffy get knocked up
 (2) Blakeooc roll to see if the jimmy hat has a hole in it
 (8) TeiresiasAs a matter of fact, I do. Hook me up with a dozen.
 (2) Blakeooc lmao
 (8) Teiresiasooc yeah, we should.
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(3) Thorgrimm:  72 caps young feller.
 (8) Teiresiasooc barter skill = 41%
 (2) Blakeooc harsh
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok fRoll
 (8) TeiresiasAlright, fair enough. *hands over caps and sets condoms in backpack*
 (8) Teiresias[1d100] -> [82] = (82)
 (1) Bishop*toys with the hunk of metal the deathclaw handed him absentmindedly*
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish make a PE roll
 (2) Blakeooc i need to go get some lunch, i shouldnt be long
 (1) Bishop[1d10] -> [1] = (1)
 (1) Bishopooc oooh
 (8) TeiresiasHey Buffy, I got jimmy hats.
 (8) TeiresiasWanna try 'em out?
 (4) BuffyGood for you.
 (4) BuffyMaybe later.
 (4) BuffyWhat color?
 (1) Bishopblake gets done with you, you wont have a jimmy
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice that the metal reminds you of the armor you had seen in darwin, but is somehow harder and lighter, even though it is ripped up.
 (8) TeiresiasRed.
 (4) BuffyAlright, we all restocked, I say we head out.
 (1) Bishop*thinks* power armor, but...differant, more advanced somehow
 (4) BuffyBuffy knocks on it... 
 (4) BuffyOuch!! It's hardened like an erect penis.
 (4) Buffyooc
(3) Thorgrimm:  only miuch stiffer
 (1) Bishop*rolls his eyes and pockets the metal*
 (8) TeiresiasWanna compare?
 (4) BuffyNo, lets just go.
 (4) BuffyMal lead.
 (8) TeiresiasI have the proper equipment
 (4) BuffyBuffy shoves Mal.
(3) Thorgrimm:  nobody wants to see a limp noodle :D 
 (4) BuffyGet goin'!
 (4) Buffyooc owned!
(3) Thorgrimm:  so you gents are going to take off at noon, and not rest?
 (1) Bishopwe should rest till mornjing
 (4) BuffyHmm... fine...
 (7) MalokaI'm already gettin sleepy
 (4) BuffyBut it'll be harder to track them.
 (8) TeiresiasI'll rest with Buffy.
 (8) TeiresiasAnyone want a Gamma Gulp?
 (4) BuffyBuffy excorts T to her tent.
 (2) Blakei could use some kip
 (7) Maloka*wlaks over by Buffy and does the old yawn and put arms around shoulder trick*
 (8) TeiresiasMaloka, do you mind?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, PIP remember i am keeping track of how long it is since you sleep, so it is in your best interest to rest.
 (2) Blake*blake trudges off to his tent, deciding that buffy can look after herself
 (4) BuffyBuffy ignores Mal and continues with T to her tent.
 (8) Teiresias*picks up Buffy and takes her inside the tent*
 (1) Bishop*returns to his tent and rests eventually falling asleep*
 (8) TeiresiasSee ya in the morning Blake.
 (7) Maloka*falls asleep thinking about nude babes*
 (2) Blake*he lies down on the hammock he made out of metal trampoline skin and calls out the door*
 (2) Blakenight mate
 (4) BuffyBuffy lies down in her bed, and spoons with T
 (4) BuffyThen falls asleep
 (8) Teiresias*T gives her the big one*
 (2) Blakeooc spoons?
(3) Thorgrimm:  in the morning, you gents may leave at sunup, or do you wish to wait?
 (4) Buffyooc... snuggling... whatever you want to call it.
 (8) TeiresiasLet's leave at sunup.
 (8) Teiresias*wakes*
 (2) Blakeyeah fuck it lets go
 (1) Bishop*walks over to blakes tent and wakes the mutant* ey bud, time to go
 (4) BuffyAlright, lets go, no use to wait.
 (7) Maloka*wakes up and scratches his nut sack*
 (2) Blake*blake mumbles something obscene and drags himsel out of bed*
 (8) Teiresias*puts on pants*
 (8) TeiresiasLet's go.
(3) Thorgrimm:  it takes you about 2.5 hrs to reach the dead woman, who has been chewed on during the night, and only some bones and skin is left.
 (8) TeiresiasWell, our friends were here.
 (2) Blakesomeone thought she was tasty
 (8) TeiresiasAt least they don't waste the dead.
(3) Thorgrimm:  what do you do?
 (8) TeiresiasIt was our claws. Relax.
 (8) TeiresiasLet's move on.
 (4) BuffyMal, take a look through your binocs
 (2) Blakekay
 (1) BishopMaloka see if you can find a trail
 (7) Malokayou got it
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make an out roll.
 (1) Bishopand T I doubt they want to be called "our" deathclaws
 (7) Maloka[1d100] -> [55] = (55)
(3) Thorgrimm:  so how long we gonna not PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!
 (8) TeiresiasI won't call them our claws in front of them, but how else should we refer to them now?
 (1) Bishopdeathmachines of fuzzy goodness sounds good to me *snickers*
 (8) TeiresiasHow about our deathclaw friends?
 (4) BuffyHow about the Gray ones/
 (2) Blakebunch of fucking mickey mouses
 (2) Blakesee anything mally?
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, Mal you notice that the claw tracks are not hard to follow, as they took off in a real big hurry to the south, but nothing else is visible.
 (8) TeiresiasBuffy, works for me.
 (7) Malokalook there at the tracks guys
 (4) BuffyAlright, Mal, lead the way, we're right behind you.
 (7) Malokathey're going south
 (7) Malokalet's roll
 (8) Teiresias*grabs combat knife and unsheaths it*
 (8) TeiresiasLet's do this shit.
 (2) Blakeokay, sounds like fun
(3) Thorgrimm:  [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
 (8) Teiresias*grabs spiked knuckles and places them on left hand*
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, Mal make an out roll.
 (1) Bishop*follows blake rifle at the ready*
 (7) Maloka[1d100] -> [25] = (25)
 (7) Malokaooc score
 (4) BuffyBuffy readies her Colt and follows.
 (2) Blakeooc brb
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice that the claw pace picks up drasticly, like they had spotted their prey, and took off in a sprint.
 (7) Malokaclutches his rifle
(3) Thorgrimm:  what do you do?
 (8) TeiresiasLet's get to it. I say we go full speed ahead.
 (4) BuffyLets keep goin.
 (4) BuffyWe're ont he right path.
 (4) Buffyooc time?
 (2) Blakeaye aye cappy 
 (8) TeiresiasLet's run.
(3) Thorgrimm:  full speed or watch out what is happening?
 (1) Bishopwhy run
 (7) Malokalet's wlalk and be alert
 (8) TeiresiasI say full speed.
 (1) Bishopwe arent gonna catch them
 (4) BuffyWatch out.
 (1) Bishoplets just walk and get there when we get there
 (4) BuffyWalk adn be alert.
(3) Thorgrimm:  what is the scout doing?
 (8) TeiresiasFine then.
 (1) Bishoprunning will just tire us out in this heat
 (7) Malokawalkin in front
 (2) Blakeyeah lets play it safe 
 (4) BuffyBuffy is behind Mal.
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, make an out roll Mal
 (4) Buffyooc, popsicle.
 (8) TeiresiasWalk at a fast pace. If you guys slow down, I'll run ahead.
 (2) Blakeeasy cowboy
 (8) Teiresias*takes spot beside Maloka*
 (7) Maloka[1d100] -> [89] = (89)
 (1) Bishopdehydration isnt fun T-bird
 (7) Malokaooc fuck
 (8) TeiresiasMaloka, what do you see?
 (2) Blakeooc thats arse
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice the trail gets a little dim in the hardpan, but is barely visible, if you do not slow down you could lose it.
 (7) Malokalet's take it slow and leisurely
 (4) BuffyAlright, don't want to lose the trail.
 (7) Malokaenjoy the uhh,,,wastes
 (4) BuffyT... calm yourself.
 (8) Teiresias*pushes Maloka* We don't slow down when the grey ones are in trouble.
 (1) BishopI think they can handle themseleves T-bird
 (4) BuffyT, don't make me knock you out...
 (8) TeiresiasFine. Have it your way, but I will end up telling you I told you so.
 (2) Blakeyeah, the sun, the sun and the...sun....this place is a dump..
 (2) Blakeshe'll do it mate
 (1) Bishop*takes off his hat and wipes his forehead* fucking hot today again
(3) Thorgrimm:  an hour later, you stumble on something you did not think you would ever see! 3 dead claws and a woman that has been torn to shreds, and is naked, but lying around her are bits of metal.
 (7) Malokabitchslap him
 (4) Buffyooc Thor, are the claws gray/
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC yes
 (8) TeiresiasI told you we shouldn't have waited!
 (1) Bishop*kneels and examines the metal* Same stuff as before
 (7) Malokaholy mother of sweet virgin crap! fuck!
 (1) BishopT-bird...what would we have done against people in power armor?
 (1) Bishopbesides die horribly
 (4) BuffyMal, can you tell how long they've been here?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make an out roll.
 (8) TeiresiasI don't know, but we might have helped!
 (1) BishopDoubt it
 (2) Blakefor once i agree with bishop *serious*
 (7) Maloka[1d100] -> [43] = (43)
 (2) Blakewe would just end up dead
 (1) BishopLotsa naked women in the desert these days though *laughs*
 (4) Buffyaye.
 (8) Teiresiasooc bathroom
 (7) Malokathats...not...very...funny...Bishop
 (4) BuffyBuffy goes by the naked woman and inspects the peices of metal by her.
 (2) Blakeits like the playboy mansion of the dead
 (1) Bishopits the same stuff Buffy, some sorta Power armor pieces
 (1) Bishopthey strip the bodys and take the armor back to fix
 (2) Blakeman these guys are hardcores
(3) Thorgrimm:  you notice that there were tracks coming out of the hills to the west, and that this was an evident ambush, and they have been dead about 12 t0 14 hrs, about 4 hrs after they left you at the car.
 (1) Bishopyou mean girls? Mostly women we have seen so far *grins*
 (2) Blaketrue....these people are hardcore
 (8) Teiresiasooc back
 (4) BuffyI'm hesitent to continue, but my curiousity is bugging me, I say we continue.
 (2) Blakethey kill three claws for one of their own
 (2) Blakehey some see what sort of weaponry killed those claws
 (8) TeiresiasLet's go.
 (1) Bishopthe bloods already turning black, they have been dead a long time
 (2) Blakeooc someone^
 (8) TeiresiasEven if you guys want to stay here, I'm going ahead.
 (8) Teiresias*begins to walk in the direction of the tracks*
 (8) TeiresiasWe wasted enough time.
 (4) BuffyMal, get goin.
 (7) Malokalet's go
 (4) BuffyMal, don't let T screw up the track, get goin.
 (1) Bishopthose claws where burned Blake, probably an energy weapon
 (8) Teiresias*continues to walk*
 (7) Malokaextra crispy, eh?
 (4) Buffyooc, popsicle
 (7) Maloka*walks out in front of T*
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish, no they were not, but since nobody did an examine you do not know what type of round likked them.
 (2) Blakeany idea what sort? i wouldnt mind getting me one of those plasma rifles
 (2) Blake*follows*
 (8) TeiresiasAbout time you caught up
(3) Thorgrimm:  killed them
 (1) Bishopooc meant around the wounds, mighta been a gauss rifle or a normal weapon or plasma etc
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal make an out roll
 (4) Buffyooc, Mal, pay attention!
 (7) Maloka[1d100] -> [72] = (72)
 (7) Malokaooc chill out I just had to get something Buff
(3) Thorgrimm:  the hardpan is getting hard to track again, but it seems to be heading away from the direction the map says the target is at.
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC good thing your out is 120 Mal
 (4) Buffyooc, it is right/
 (7) Malokalol yeah...
(3) Thorgrimm:  what do you do?
 (4) Buffyooc, I didn't miscalculate?
 (1) BishopWe should head towards that maps location
 (1) Bishopmaybe we can find something usefull or info
 (7) MalokaI agree
 (2) Blakeor some hardass weapons
 (4) BuffyThat sounds good for some reason.
 (2) Blakeperhaps we will luck out and find some dead soldiers that havent been cleaned up
 (1) Bishopi bet mr deathclaw will want to chase the killers
 (8) TeiresiasI call any armor.
 (4) Buffy We'll rock paper scissors for it..
 (1) Bishoptill it falls apart anyway
(3) Thorgrimm:  so what do you gents do, as it is about 3 hrs from dark?
 (4) Buffyheh
 (8) TeiresiasAlright sweety
 (8) TeiresiasLet's continue
 (4) Buffyooc, how long will it take to get to the town?
 (9) Blake (enter): 00:35
 (9) Blakeooc sorry got dc
(3) Thorgrimm:  you figure it will be about the longest 2 weeks in your life, as the target was in the middle of the Mojave before the war, so was desolate, now with the war it is in the middle of hell. So you think that is the reason why it was not plundered by raiders.
 (2) Blake (exit): 00:36
 (9) Blakeooc what did i miss?
 (1) Bishoplets make camp
 (4) Buffyooc, so it will take us TWO WEEKS to get there?
 (1) Bishopooc yep
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes.
 (9) Blakeooc@@
 (1) Bishopooc and the mojave is funnn to walk threw, believe me lol, had to hike for 2 hours after my dirtbike broke down once
(3) Thorgrimm:  California is a BIG state, and you are walking
 (4) Buffyooc do we have enough food/supplies?
 (9) Blakeooc any known settlements on the way?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Remember me telling you to forget the booze and other stuff, and load up on food and water?
 (8) TeiresiasLet's camp, I'll spend the night guarding Buffy.
 (4) Buffyooc heh, yeah, thanks.
 (1) Bishopooc there have to be afew places along the way
 (4) BuffyAlright, lets continues
 (9) Blakeokay sounds good to me ay
 (4) BuffyBuffy takes a sip from her canteen
 (8) TeiresiasBuffy, can I get a sip?
 (4) BuffyYou have your own.
 (4) Buffylet's walk for one more hour, then set up camp.
 (8) TeiresiasBut yours tastes so much better
 (9) Blakefair enough
 (7) MalokaT get a life...
 (4) Buffybuffy gives T the finger.
 (9) Blake*slaps t* enough funny business from you mate
 (8) TeiresiasSorry Blake.
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, if you look at a map now 29 Palms is exactly equidistant between LA and Vegas, right in the middle iof the worst desert in the US, it was put there for a reason, so anybody not in the military would probably die trying to walk there, now add nuke wastes, and you see the picture.
 (9) Blakefucking oath mate, you test my patience
 (1) Bishopooc ya its a bad plcae to walk threw
 (8) TeiresiasSorry, I'll calm down.
(3) Thorgrimm:  so yes it will be hellish
 (7) MalokaThat's karma for ya!
 (4) BuffyHmm, once we reach this hellish place, we should rest durring the day, and travel by night.
(3) Thorgrimm:  that would be advisable.
 (1) Bishopprobably be as bad as darwin city
 (8) TeiresiasDo we have enough light to manage that?
 (9) Blakeooc is it easier (not shorter, easier) to go to vegas and take a highway?
 (1) Bishop50 miles into the great wastes, and surounded by radiation
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake has mutie eyes, let him navigate at night.
 (4) BuffyWell, Mal has his binocs, and I have night vision, and Blake has mutie vision.
 (9) Blakeooc and buffy
 (8) TeiresiasAlright, Buffy. I'll trust you on this one.
 (9) Blakeooc shall we call it a day now?
(3) Thorgrimm:  no, as it is 50 miles from any road, except for the one that leads to it.
 (4) BuffyWell, ti's two hours til dusk, I say we stop and make camp.
 (1) BishopAgreed
 (9) Blakeyeah alright
 (8) TeiresiasI'll agree
 (8) TeiresiasAnyone want a beer while we rest?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC< i was stationed, there, it was so friggin hot we had desert hours, where we would get up at 2am so we could be off duty by 1 pm
 (9) Blakedamn t, cut back on that shit
 (1) BishopHey blake you want to take first watch with me tonjight? let the kid rest
 (9) Blakeor your hair will start falling out
 (4) BuffyT, don't get intoxicated.
 (9) Blakeyeah sure mate
 (9) Blakeit must be my turn anwyays
 (8) Teiresias*hands Blake a beer*
 (4) BuffyT and I will take 2nd watch.
 (8) TeiresiasI was offering you guys beer. Never said I would drink myself.
 (7) Malokathanks a lot Blake...I'm tired
 (8) TeiresiasSounds good to me.
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC i was stationed there, and it was so friggin hot that we had desert hours, where we would have reville at 2 am, so we could be off by 1 pm.
 (9) Blakeme on the other hand, im a piss tank with engineering to resist this shit
 (9) Blake*takes beer*
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup, the muties is, but even he would be affected in the day.
 (1) Bishopooc they do a lot of HALO work for special operations training near there, mostly at night cause of the heat
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup
 (7) Malokaugh...I don't know how you guys can drink that stuff....blah
 (9) Blakeyou aint drinking age yet anyway *chuckles, remembering an old federal legislation book he read as a kid*
 (8) TeiresiasYou sure you don't want one, Mal?
(3) Thorgrimm:  so what is the watch schedule?
 (7) MalokaI'm sure
 (4) BuffyI have no clue.
 (1) BishopBishop and Blake, first watch
 (1) Bishopwell wake somoene up after that
 (4) BuffyT and Buffy for second, Mal alone for third.
 (7) MalokaI'll take second with whoever
 (9) Blake*blake leans against a rock, his machete and sheila close at hand*
 (8) TeiresiasI already have the second with Buffy
 (7) Malokafuckin...alright...g nite bors
 (8) TeiresiasYou can join if you want, Mal.
 (7) Malokabros
 (1) BishopIll take third with Mal, i sleep light
(3) Thorgrimm:  so, you gents are gonna rest till the next night and then take off? Or are you going to start in the day?
 (8) Teiresiasooc I say we start in the da.
 (9) Blakeooc fuck no, sun = bad
 (7) Malokathe day would be nice
 (8) Teiresiasooc *day
 (4) Buffyooc are we in the desert right now?
 (8) Teiresiasooc nevermind, change my mind. go at night.
 (7) Malokaooc yes
 (7) Malokaooc same...night
 (1) Bishopooc californa is mostly desert south of the grapevine
 (9) Blakeare you cracked? its going to be like an oven out there!
(3) Thorgrimm:  you are about 6 hrs from where you had heard that things get real bad.
 (4) BuffyLet's continue to walk throught he night, then rest in through the day?
 (4) BuffyWhat do you guys say?
 (4) BuffyBuffy takes another sip from her canteen.
 (9) Blakethat sounds like the best plan to me 
 (1) Bishopworks for me
 (8) TeiresiasI'm good fo rit.
 (7) Malokayes, if we can stay outta the heat, we'll be okay
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, just so i am straight, you are going to rest, then walk for a straight 24 hrs?
 (4) BuffyOk, I say Blake should be at the rear, to guard our caboost, and Mal and I will lead, Mal with his binocs.
 (4) BuffyNo, we're not going to rest.
 (7) Malokano...
 (1) Bishopooc thor we are gonna keep walking for a bit i belive then set camp before daybreak
 (9) Blakehey buffs, watch the ole H20, we will need all of it 
 (4) BuffyWE're going to contninue walking.
 (9) Blakealright, ill take the rearguard
 (8) Teiresiasooc bathroom
 (1) Bishop*walks infront of Blake*
(3) Thorgrimm:  so, you are not going to rest at all, and just continue into the night?
 (7) Maloka*walks up front*
 (9) Blakehey bishop, you are a nerd right? can you figure out any way of harvesting moisture?
 (1) Bishop*looks at Blake* Nerd?
 (8) Teiresiasooc back
 (8) Teiresias*walks next to Buffy*
 (4) BuffyAlright, lets get goin.
 (1) Bishopya i guess for an ex caravan guard i'm a nerd
 (9) Blakeyou know, science kid, propellorhead
 (1) Bishopgearhead maybe
 (9) Blakeyou know shit about science
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, i need the ages of the chars.
 (1) BishopI'll think about it for awhile and let ya know what i come up with
 (4) Buffyooc why/
 (1) Bishopooc Bishops 23
 (4) Buffyooc Buffy's 16
 (9) Blakegood on ya poindexter
 (9) Blake*slaps bishop heartily on the shoulder*
(3) Thorgrimm:  T age?
 (1) Bishophard to cgather mosture during the day you know, best bets at night
 (7) Maloka15
(3) Thorgrimm:  T age?
 (8) Teiresiasooc 19
 (4) Buffyooc T is 19
 (1) Bishopooc gah, blake and I are the old guys
 (9) Blakeooc i changed blakes age to be more realistic, its 55 now
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake do not need your age, as you are more resistant
 (7) Malokaooc fuck I'm gonna die
 (8) Teiresiasooc I don't like where this is heading
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, as you are walking, about 3am, blake make a EN roll
 (9) Blakeooc d10?
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes
 (9) Blake[1d10] -> [8] = (8)
(3) Thorgrimm:  your EN?
 (9) Blakeooc end 10
 (4) Buffyooc, ouch
 (7) Malokaooc here come the pain
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, you notice that the cold became very extreme, looking back behind you you see that Buff and mal are beginning to suffer from exhaustion, and it is creeping up on T, Bish is the only one that seems to be ok at the moment Buff and Mal your con is reduced by 3
 (1) BishopDeserts fucking cold at night
(3) Thorgrimm:  you are stumbling along on will alone.
 (8) TeiresiasI'm gonna keep up until it kills me
 (9) Blakethis is stupid, i think we need to stop ay
(3) Thorgrimm:  won't be long, about another hour at this pace,
 (1) Bishopwe do Blake
 (9) Blakeim pretty f-fucking cold
 (7) Malokaooc con?
 (1) Bishopthey need to warm up
 (4) Buffyooc con?
 (9) Blakei got some kindling in here
 (1) Bishop*watches his breath infront of him*
 (9) Blakewe can start a fire
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes endurance sorry
 (7) Malokaits a little chchchchilly bros
 (4) BuffyBuffy mumbles 
 (4) BuffyWait....
 (8) TeiresiasIf we decide to stop, we can use a flare to start a fire.
 (9) Blakekid, you are going blue
 (1) Bishopwaste of a flare T
 (4) BuffyI have a lighter
 (9) Blakemate, i have a tinderbox, no f-fucking worries
 (8) TeiresiasTrue.
 (1) Bishoplets set up camp
 (1) Bishopand get ready to wait out the day
 (4) BuffyWe need to...
 (4) BuffyI'm freezzingg.
(3) Thorgrimm:  what the big problem is, that you have not rested, and the bitter cold is draing the strength out of you. If you had rested you might have been able to resist till sunup.
 (4) BuffyT, keep me warm.
 (1) Bishopneed to get ready for sunup anyway
 (7) Malokasa sa sa sa same here bbbbuff
 (4) BuffyBuffy hands Bishop her lighter to start a fire.
 (8) Teiresias*wraps arms around Buffy*
 (1) Bishop*stops near a large boulder*
 (1) Bishop*tosses the lighter to blake* get a fire goin
 (7) MalokaI need something to warm up to...
 (1) Bishopor else we gonna be having their toes fall off
 (9) Blake*blake kneels and pulls out some bits of wood from his bag*
 (9) Blakebishop, see if you can find some shrubs or something
 (9) Blakenot much fucking chance
 (1) Bishop*gets close to the boulder and drops his pack, pulling out the shelter halves and his shovel, walks a bit out and digs a small hole keeping warm, then lines the hole with one half of the shelter*
 (4) BuffyTry to get some tumbleweed.
 (1) Bishop*walks around carefully in the dark, finding only a few twigs and bits of weeds* this is all i found
 (4) BuffyBuffy gets her sleeping bag out and wraps up in it.
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC it is a real bad idea to travel in the desert exhausted as it just magnifies the problems, as your body can't fight off the effects as easy.
 (9) Blake*he places them on the ground and tries to light the fire, his hands are too big for the lighter*
 (9) Blakesomeone get this fucker working
 (7) Malokaits getting colder bbbbros
 (8) TeiresiasDamn. My nads are freezing
 (1) Bishopno big loss there
 (7) Malokamy hands are numb...T can you get it for Blake?
 (8) TeiresiasShut up!
 (9) Blake*blake pulls out his swag and rolls it out
 (8) TeiresiasSure.
 (8) Teiresias*gtakes lighter from Blake*
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake you notice by laying them on the hardpan accelerated the drain, and mal stammers stand us up till the fire gets going or we will die before you get it going enough.
 (1) Bishoprun in place or something all of you
(3) Thorgrimm:  mal and buff take another point form your EN
 (8) Teiresias*clicks lighter and ignites fire*
 (1) Bishop*keeps looking for something to burn, finding a few more broken bushes and dragging them back*
 (4) Buffyooc, so, it's 2 now?
 (9) Blakeooc dude
 (9) Blakeooc i was talking about the kindling
 (9) Blakeooc not people
 (7) Malokaooc mines 3 now
(3) Thorgrimm:  3 am, another 3 hrs till sun up, 
 (9) Blakeooc pay attention
 (9) Blakeooc lol
 (1) Bishop*begins digging a trench near the base of the boulder, about 5 feet long and 3-4 deep, trying to keep warm*
(3) Thorgrimm:  it will tkae you about a half hour to get a fire goin, t you begin to feel it now, take a point off your EN
(3) Thorgrimm:  mal and buff what are your ENs?
 (9) Blakeooc blake works on getting the fire goin
(3) Thorgrimm:  mal En?
 (9) Blakebishop, for fucks sake get them into a sleeping bag or something
 (4) Buffyooc, mine's 5
 (7) Maloka3
 (8) TeiresiasCrap. This is gonna take longer than I thought.
 (1) BishopI already told them to run in place
 (1) Bishopwish somoene would listen for once
(3) Thorgrimm:  mal is that all?
 (1) Bishopbetter than standing there
 (8) Teiresiasooc Thor, can I use my flare to help out with fire making?
(3) Thorgrimm:  T yes you can
 (7) Malokaooc yeah...I'm fucked
 (4) Buffyooc, I thougth your end was 7?
 (9) Blakecmon t, get that fucker over here
 (8) Teiresias*lights flare* Come on baby!
 (9) Blakeooc its been lowered
 (9) Blakeooc by cold
 (7) Malokaooc not with the -4 modifiers from the cold
 (4) Buffyooc, you charisma is 3, not your end
(3) Thorgrimm:  Mal passes out, and begins to go into hypothermia, Buff looks like she is going to pass out real soon
 (8) Teiresias*holds flare next to kindling*
 (7) MalokaOOc well thanks
 (4) BuffyOOc, well mine is 1 then, I didn't take the modifiers into effect.
 (8) TeiresiasAnybody have blankets?
 (1) Bishop*crouches next to Maloka and wraps him in his bedding material, rubbeing his arms* this kids passing out over here
 (7) Malokaurgh...
 (4) BuffyGet stuff out of my pack, quick, anything that can keep me warm.
 (9) Blake*blake grabs his swag and rolls mal up in it like a sausage roll
 (7) Malokaooc hehehe sausage
 (9) Blake*ge grabs buffy and wraps his arms around her, trying to infuse her with body heat*
(3) Thorgrimm:  buff slides down next to mal, they are going to be ok, as blake awas tough enough to resist the en drain form exhaustion and cold.
 (9) Blakeooc he^
 (4) Buffyooc, I'm saving my game
 (4) Buffyooc, just incase I have to reload
 (8) Teiresiasooc how long until I get this fire goin?
 (7) Malokaooc is that possible? lol
 (8) Teiresiasooc I don't know
 (9) Blakeooc i very much doubt it
(3) Thorgrimm:  it is going to take most of the dahalf hour, tumbleweeds are greasy and need time to build heat, as the hardpan is draining out the heat also.
 (7) Malokaooc no, saving the game...
 (1) Bishopooc even with the flare helping?
 (8) Teiresias*clicks lighter while holding flare near kindling* Come on!
 (1) Bishopooc magnesium burns hot and quick
 (8) TeiresiasAnybody have something flamable?
 (1) Bishopooc believe me my VW went up in 15 minutes
 (8) Teiresias*thinks* Gamma Gulp!
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup, to kmake fire you need heat oxy and fuel, the hardpan is draining most of the heat, so it will tkake a little bit to catch
 (8) TeiresiasAnyone know if that shit is flamable?
 (9) Blakei dunno
 (7) Malokaooc erm...idk
 (9) Blakebuffy has some butant somewhere
 (8) Teiresiasooc somebody know!
 (9) Blakefind it, now!
 (9) Blakeooc butane
(3) Thorgrimm:  time out, 
 (9) Blakeno time to fuck around
 (8) TeiresiasBuffy, sorry. *searches Buffy for butane*
(3) Thorgrimm:  i had said that they will be ok, so you do not need to panic
 (9) Blakeooc true
 (1) Bishopooc just let the fire build up
(3) Thorgrimm:  just gonna take em a while to regian their EN through rest.
 (7) Malokaooc phew
 (7) Malokaooc brb then
 (1) Bishopgodamn wasteland, night trys to kill you, day trys to roast you
 (4) Buffyooc brb, food
 (8) TeiresiasAlright, I'll do this. *pours Gamma Gulp on kindling*
 (9) Blakeblake continues to share body heat with buffy, and watches the fire slowly splutter into life
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC T are you SURE you want to do that?!?!?!
 (1) Bishop*goes back to digging the trench near the boulder, finnaly finishing it and laying one shelter half over the top, then returns to the other hole and enlarges it, lining it with the second half*
 (8) Teiresias*holds lighter close and watches as the fuel ignites*
 (1) Bishopooc T dont do that, it wont burn , not enough alchohol content
 (9) Blakeooc i think he meant butane
(3) Thorgrimm:  no he said gamma gulp, that is booze
 (9) Blakeooc *grits teeth* right?
 (8) Teiresiasooc PIP, you better be right
 (8) Teiresiasooc Gamma Gulp has a high alcohol content; that'
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, when you pour the beer on the fire it puts it out!
 (4) Buffyooc yup, I have a hunch.
 (8) Teiresias*ooc that's why your piss glows!
 (1) Bishopooc no it glows cause its radioactive
(3) Thorgrimm:  no, rad is not alcohol!
 (9) Blakeyou fucking fool
 (9) Blakeare you trying to kill us?
(3) Thorgrimm:  now mal and buff better start worrying!
 (8) Teiresias*takes off pants and puts it on fire* You owe me a blow job for this one
 (1) Bishop*sighs and shakes his head* Now I wish those mutants had killed me with the rest of my crew
 (9) Blake*finally find the butane in buffy's pack*
 (8) Teiresias*takes off shirt and puts shirt and pants on fire*
 (8) TeiresiasGive me the butane!
 (1) BishopT-bird put those on
 (9) Blakesince you fucked up, fins stuff to burn
 (1) Bishopyour gonna die without them
 (9) Blakeand we can douse it in butane, luckily i didnt use all the kindling
 (8) TeiresiasNo. Hand over the butane.
 (9) Blakeooc find
 (9) Blake*refuses*i dont trust you little man, tell me what you are going to do
 (1) Bishop*jogs off a bit threw the desert, rifle held at the ready, till he finds a ancient campsite, a few scraps of a 2x4 tent frame remaining, picks them up and drags 2 of them back to camp*
(3) Thorgrimm:  t as you take you clothes off, your are hit by a wave of cold so bad you immediately begin to uncontrollabally to shiver, thake 2 points from your EN
 (8) TeiresiasI'm lighting my clothes on fire to save your ass!
(3) Thorgrimm:  t you are doing nothing but shivering!
 (8) Teiresias*falls to ground* Light.... my clothes..........
 (8) TeiresiasHurry!
 (4) Buffyooc T, put your damn pants on.
 (1) Bishop*drops the 2x4 scraps next to blake and runs off to search the desert for more, not straying far from the site*
 (9) Blake*blake grabs the rest of the kindling, throws butane on and lights it*
(3) Thorgrimm:  t can't buff he is as bad off as you now.
 (9) Blake*blake grabs the canvas and throws it on
 (1) Bishopooc Scraps = like 1/2 of less of the parts, but they should be dry after decades buried under the sand partially
 (8) TeiresiasBlake.......... grab my pants.........
 (9) Blakeooc blake rummages in t's pack and grabs some clothes, he then throws them to t
 (9) Blakeooc oops not ooc
 (8) Teiresias*takes clothes and strugglest to put them on*
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake if you wrap him in the shelter half Bish has it will stop him from dying in 10 minutes, but without a fire all 3 will die.
(3) Thorgrimm:  t you are immobilized
 (1) Bishop*stops and tosses the shelter half to Blake*
 (8) TeiresiasBlake, a little help?
 (9) Blake*wraps up t*
 (1) Bishop*runs off and drags the third piece of wood he could find to the campsite, then digs a shallow hole, throwing all the wood inside*
 (9) Blakeget the fire lighted bishop
 (1) BishopBlake give me the lighter
 (8) TeiresiasNow.......... that's what I'm talking about........ *wink wink, nudge nudge*
 (8) Teiresiasooc brb
 (9) Blakeshut up and concentrate on not dying
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, bnow if you wrap mal and buff in the other one you can keep them from dying till you get the fire goin.
 (1) Bishop*drips a bit of the butane on the wood and holds the lighter nearby*
 (1) BishopBlake go grab the other half off the hole my stuff is in near the boulder
 (9) Blakei already wrapped mal in my swag
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish has 2 shelter halves, use the other one on buff and mal
 (9) Blake*carries out bishops request and throws it to him*
 (1) Bishopwrap them up
 (9) Blakeooc mal= swag= capeesh?
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, scotty haven't you ever seen what beer does to a fire?
 (9) Blake*blake grabs the other shelter half and wraps buffy in it
 (8) Teiresiasooc I thought Gamma Gulp would be different!
 (1) Bishopim tryin to start this fucking fire *trys the lighter again near the dry wood just returned*
 (9) Blakeooc yeah i could have told him that
 (1) Bishopooc hence why i ran off to find more, newer wood, found very little, but its enough to start
 (9) Blakeuse the butane bishop
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake wrap both mal and buff together, that way they can help keep each other warm
 (1) BishopI did
 (1) Bishop*drips more and watches the fire light slowly on the wood, adding bits of tumbleweed slowly*
 (9) Blakeblake wraps buffy and mal together in a cozy little lump
 (8) TeiresiasBlake......... get my clothes off that fire........... If I die, I wanna die with my clothes.........
 (1) Bishopyours arent near the fire genious i moved the fire after your beer incident
 (8) TeiresiasThanks.......
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, it will take more time, but you eventually get the fire going without T's clothes, by the time the sun comes up it is 
 (9) Blake*grabs clothes and hands them to t
(3) Thorgrimm:  warm enough to keep them from dying
 (9) Blakeooc why are people ignoring things i say
 (8) Teiresiasooc Do I have movement?
 (9) Blakeooc its fucking annoying
 (1) Bishopok, lets get ready to wait out the day
(3) Thorgrimm:  they are all three passed out and will stay that way for some hours.
 (4) Buffyooc damnit.
 (7) Malokaooc back
 (8) Teiresias*dreams about Buffy*
 (1) Bishop*sighs and drags Maloka over near the rocks* Blake get the other two
 (9) Blakelooks like its just you and me bishop
 (4) Buffyooc, why am I the one that always passes out?
 (1) Bishopooc cause your weak
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, i did try to warn you, but you insisted to keep going without rest.
 (9) Blake*blake drags t and buffy over
 (7) Malokaooc cuz you're a chick
 (8) Teiresias*wakes up*
 (8) TeiresiasWhat a night.........
 (8) Teiresias*groan*
 (7) Malokaooc can we wake up yet?
 (9) Blakeooc you cant wake up till thor says so
(3) Thorgrimm:  t you will wake up about noon, the others do not till about sunset.
 (8) Teiresiasooc crap
 (7) Malokaooc fuck
 (8) Teiresiasooc alright, I guess it wasn't until noon until I said the above
 (4) Buffyooc fuck.... we're gonna go in a circle..
 (1) Bishop*enlarges the trench at the base of the boulder, then props his rifle up inside, resting one shelter half on it and pinning it to the ground, then drapes the other half over the unconscious bodys to keep them from the sun directly*
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, i am really generous with hypothermia, actually you three would be out for days.
 (8) Teiresiasooc Thanks Thor.
 (1) Bishopooc or I'd shoot ya to put you outa the misery
 (9) Blakeooc i blame scotty!
 (4) Buffyooc thanks Baby.
 (9) Blakeooc he makes a good scapegote
 (8) Teiresiasooc PIP told me to do the Gamma Gulp thing over MSN
 (9) Blakeooc pip, you will die now
 (1) Bishop*makes sure the other three are in the shade then crawls in the trench, the boulder and shelter half shading him*
(3) Thorgrimm:  blake as you and Bish doze through the day, you notice it is hotter than you have ever thought it could get outside iof a fire, but it will only get worse before it gets better.
 (1) Bishopooc, I'll be nice and cool here, Boulders and rocks save up cold/heat and release it threw the day/night
 (1) Bishopooc figures that out from sleeping ontop of one by accident once lol
(3) Thorgrimm:  that is correct, but you have to take into the ambient air temp, which is what dries you out.
 (1) BishopBlake, we will have to walk half the night and prepare camp the other half for the day
 (1) Bishopooc true, but its better than being in the open
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes it is.
 (9) Blakeyeah sure mate
 (9) Blakeand the worst thing is...the gamma gulp is warm
 (9) Blakei can believe t actually used that
 (9) Blakethe kid is a fast talker, but still a stupid kid
(3) Thorgrimm:  since blake and bish need to rest also you gents do not have the tST to do a watch,so no watch during the day
 (1) Bishopwhat ya expect from a city guy
 (9) Blakeooc cant
 (8) Teiresias*grabs combat knife* 
 (9) Blakeooc unconscious
 (8) TeiresiasBlake, you are a quick learner about humans, aren't you?
 (1) Bishopooc hit him in the head, it was nicer when he was unconscious
 (1) Bishopooc
(3) Thorgrimm:  t, you aren't grabbeing anything, you are weak as a bay, you NEED to rest, if you do not, watch out tonight!
 (9) Blake*pulls combat knife from t's hands* act like a big fella and i will treat you like one
 (8) TeiresiasI say we go on. We are days behind the deathclaws, and have to make up for lost time.
 (1) BishopI say you sit down and shut up 
 (9) Blakeshut up t
 (8) Teiresias*stumbles up to super mutant* You want some?
 (9) Blakeyou have no common sense
 (9) Blakelisten to bishop
 (4) Buffyooc Blake, knock him out.
 (8) TeiresiasLast fucking time I share a beer with you.
 (8) Teiresias*pushes Blake*
 (9) Blake*raps t between the eyes with his fist
 (7) MalokaI g2g
 (7) Malokamy mom's making me
 (9) Blakesleep little one
 (7) Malokasorry
 (7) Malokabye
(3) Thorgrimm:  OOC, Scotty you are doing NOTHING, you are too weak to even set up, so no getting up, unless you want a relapse
 (8) Teiresias*falls to ground*
 (7) Maloka: Disconnecting from server...
 (7) Maloka (exit): 01:33
 (1) Bishopooc nice seein ya maloka
 (9) Blakei say we stop now
 (8) TeiresiasFucker...... *passes out*
 (9) Blakeooc that last comment
 (8) Teiresiasooc Thor, I'm not doing anything but talking. Let me take Blakes shot please. It goes good with the story.
 (9) Blakeooc everyone needs to pay more attention
 (9) Blakeooc no it doesnt
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, you can gab but are too weak to do anything else.
 (9) Blakeooc because you are UNCONSCIOUS
 (1) Bishop*sighs and grabs a combat nap, resting lightly*
 (8) Teiresiasooc Okay, I'm unconscious
 (9) Blakeooc i need fresh air
 (9) Blakeooc can we stop now?
 (4) Buffyooc, yeah, it's been three hours, just like last time...
(3) Thorgrimm:  Yes stop time, ok, gents not to be impolite, but buff and mal should be dead because of T, also if he had not made the SNAFU in the beginning you would have had more info.
 (8) Teiresiasooc Alright then, if everyone wants to go with that?
 (4) BuffySNAFU?
 (1) Bishopsituation normal...all fucked up
 (1) Bishop= SNAFU
 (8) Teiresiasooc The fucker comment.
 (9) Blakescotty, be more sensible
(3) Thorgrimm:  Situation, Normal, All Fucked Up
(3) Thorgrimm:  yeah
 (4) BuffyAlright... thanks for not killing me.
 (9) Blakei name this day.....blame scotty day!!
(3) Thorgrimm:  Scotty, you surprised me when you made that comment
 (9) Blakeyou sposed to be a diplomat man
 (1) Bishopso i take it, it will be cold enough at night for me to gather moisture during the night, by lining a hole with one of the shelter halves?
 (4) BuffyThor, are you goint to log this session?
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes
 (4) BuffySo, we got no exp?
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish, yup, and you are going to need it!
 (1) Bishopi know
 (1) Bishopjust want to make sure
 (8) TeiresiasI seriously thought the guy was dead or passed out.
(3) Thorgrimm:  no exp this week, except you are still alive.
 (4) BuffyCan't be dissapointd with that.
 (1) Bishopalso why i dug the ranger grave near the boulder, and placed the shelter halve of it, to hide from the sun and stay cool during the day. even though it was still hellishly hot
 (4) Buffybrb
 (1) Bishophalf on it**
(3) Thorgrimm:  Bish yup, 
 (9) Blakei need to go now
(3) Thorgrimm:  i knew exactly what you were doing
 (9) Blakei need to go outside
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok later blake
 (9) Blakecyas all
 (1) Bishopglad somoene did, wasnt even sure it would work, but it was worth a try
 (9) Blake: Disconnecting from server...
 (9) Blake (exit): 01:40
 (8) Teiresias: Disconnecting from server...
 (8) Teiresias (exit): 01:40
 (1) Bishopwoo, now theres a viagra value card...wtf lol
(3) Thorgrimm:  hey miles you know what that card is don't you?
 (1) Bishopjust saw a commercial for it lol
(3) Thorgrimm:  what?
 (1) Bishopthat card
 (1) Bishopso what is it?
 (4) BuffyAlright, I'm gonna go
 (4) BuffyIt's 3 am..
 (4) BuffyI'm tired.
 (4) BuffyPeace out.
 (4) Buffy: Disconnecting from server...
(3) Thorgrimm:  ok, later buff
 (1) Bishopdamn east coasters
 (4) Buffy (exit): 01:43
 (1) Bishopleave me bored at 12
(3) Thorgrimm:  it is a military id card, you did not regcognise the description?
 (1) Bishopohh that card
 (1) Bishopi thought you meant what i said a sec ago
 (1) Bishopya i was thinking it was a Mil ID card, or a liscense of some sort
 (1) Bishopwho the hell thought postcard O.o
 (1) Bishopmagnetic strip..on a post card
(3) Thorgrimm:  LOL! i do not know!
 (1) Bishopyou know only blake and I have hats too
(3) Thorgrimm:  yes i do
 (1) Bishopyour evil lol
(3) Thorgrimm:  why do you think you gents were not affected?
 (1) Bishopjust hope i dont die "helping" them
(3) Thorgrimm:  i told you all Fallout with a does of RL.
 (1) Bishopcause bishop doesnt get killed for charity. Ill give them a .45 for mercy and leave i swear it
(3) Thorgrimm:  dose
 (1) Bishopi know
 (1) Bishoponly thing i forgot was a pipboy or soemthing
(3) Thorgrimm:  well, can't remember everything.
 (1) Bishopya
 (1) Bishopstill i think im decently equiped
 (1) Bishopfatigue jackets are pretty universal for moderate cold wear
(3) Thorgrimm:  yup
(3) Thorgrimm:  by all rights only you and blake should be alive, ut did not want it to end that fast.
 (1) Bishoplol ya
 (1) Bishopwe coulda had a nice service
(3) Thorgrimm:  no, as you 2 are not enough by yourselves.
 (1) Bishopi know
 (1) Bishopand woulda sucked for them to have to make new characters
 (1) Bishopok so besides the dig a hole for water, would putting a shelter half out iwith a droop in the proTEKtedwork as well?ProTEKted©