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(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 00:34
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Moving to room 'Thor's Fallout'..
(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 00:34
Server Administrator->
Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
This product is licensed under the GNU GPL License.

(2) Buffy (enter): 00:37
(2) Buffy: howdy
(1) Thorgrimm: how do
(2) Buffy: alrighy
(3) Asheru (enter): 00:39
(3) Asheru: herro
(1) Thorgrimm: Pk, busy?
(3) Asheru: out, maybe
(4) Teiresias (enter): 00:41
(3) Asheru: Thor, I need the trees and everything again
(2) Buffy: i have them
(2) Buffy: no need to send again
(3) Asheru: I don't
(1) Thorgrimm: do you have them Venge?
(3) Asheru: no
(1) Thorgrimm: or do you need me to send again?
(3) Asheru: send again please
(3) Asheru: test
(1) Thorgrimm: Scotty, you still have the trees I sent?
(3) Asheru: thanks
(1) Thorgrimm: np
(4) Teiresias: Yeah
(1) Thorgrimm: kewl
(3) Asheru: Benno's doing chorse
(3) Asheru: chores*
(3) Asheru: so he's out and we're back to waiting
(1) Thorgrimm: no, I will begin with the background now.
(3) Asheru: [2d6] -> [6,5] = (11)
(3) Asheru: sweet!
(3) Asheru: 11!
(3) Asheru: ok
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(1) Thorgrimm: And remember this was created on the fly by me tonight, So it may change in the next session a wee bit.
(2) Buffy: [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(3) Asheru: np
(2) Buffy: kk
(2) Buffy: Louisville Slugger Combat Die Rolls: Damage Roll [2d10+3] -> [4,2,3] = (9)
(4) Teiresias: Teiresias Combat Die Rolls: Damage Roll [1d12+1d4+3] -> [8,4,3] = (15)
(2) Buffy: lol
(2) Buffy: sweet
(2) Buffy: he hooked you up
(4) Teiresias: Oh yeah
(2) Buffy: Fist and Feet Combat Die Roll: Damage Roll [1d4] -> [1] = (1), To Hit Roll [1d100] -> [88] = (88)
(2) Buffy: .44 Magnum Combat Die Roll: To hit roll [1d100] -> [51] = (51), .44 AP ammo damage roll [1d8+12] -> [7,12] = (19), .44 JHP ammo damage roll [1d10+12] -> [7,12] = (19)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [89] = (89)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [69] = (69)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [23] = (23)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [50] = (50)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [18] = (18)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [55] = (55)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [30] = (30)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [10] = (10)
(3) Asheru: hey, relax
(4) Teiresias: Teiresias Combat Die Rolls: To Hit Roll [1d100] -> [98] = (98)
(2) Buffy: i need to keep away
(4) Teiresias: [1d100] -> [67] = (67)
(2) Buffy: awake
(4) Teiresias: [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
(4) Teiresias: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(4) Teiresias: [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
(2) Buffy: [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [91] = (91)
(3) Asheru: Deco Filament Combat Die Rolls: To hit roll [1d100] -> [99] = (99), Damage roll [4d10] -> [7,9,3,4] = (23)
(2) Buffy: [1d20] -> [2] = (2)
(2) Buffy: Sling Combat Die Rolls: To hit roll [1d100] -> [93] = (93), Damage roll [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
(3) Asheru: Super Sledgehammer Combat Die Rolls: To hit roll [1d100] -> [32] = (32), Damage roll [3d10+15] -> [7,8,6,15] = (36)
(2) Buffy: Chainsaw Combat Die Rolls: To hit roll [1d100] -> [26] = (26), Damage roll [3d10+20] -> [6,6,4,20] = (36)
(1) Thorgrimm: Your village is located in a mountain valley on the road between the two bitter rivals called the Yangi to your south and the Otturon to your north. Both rivals are well on their way to recovery from the afteraffects of the nuclear devastation. Yet they both lack one vital resource that your little valley has in plenty, food. And because of that your village has prospered by maintaining strict neutrality and selling farm goods to both sides. That state of affairs is about to end.
(3) Asheru: oh boy
(2) Buffy: Hey elder, whats going on?
(2) Buffy: ooc, GET IN CHARACTER
(3) Asheru: ooc, k
(1) Thorgrimm: For now both sides have sent emmisaries asking for you to join thier side in the battle to come, That is where you are now. In the council lodge trying to figure the road your tribe should travel, for if you remian mneutral you will surely be destroyed by one side or another to keep your valley out of the hands of the other.
(1) Thorgrimm: The Chief rises and clears his throat;
(1) Thorgrimm: Warriors of the tribe, we cannot remain apart any longer, but if we choose badly, surely we will be destroyed. Both sides claim the other as evil, we know better, they both are infected with the sickness of greed and covet our valley. What has been decided is to look for the third option, the means to defend ourselves from BOTH warring factions. And to do that, He sighs, You MUST travel to the Halls of the dead and retrieve the weapons of the old ones and any allies you may find along the way. What say you, warriors of the Fox and Deer?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: As you can tell, YOU are now the tribals.
(2) Buffy: I will quest!!!!!
(2) Buffy: Who will quest with me?
(3) Asheru: I will join you Buffy
(3) Asheru: But two alone cannot accomplish the task at hand
(4) Teiresias: I'm in.
(2) Buffy: T-ray will come too
(2) Buffy: three sounds good
(2) Buffy: possibly four
(2) Buffy: but three will do
(2) Buffy: us tribals not be liking a crowd
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: Till Benno and Rob join, I will send and NPC, BUT he goes as soon as the others get ready.
(2) Buffy: aight
(2) Buffy: ooc aight
(4) Teiresias: ooc sounds good
(3) Asheru: ooc what if he's better than Rob and Benno?
(2) Buffy: ooc loll
(2) Buffy: ooc i wish slurry were here
(1) Thorgrimm: A Tribal war chief you all have known all of your lives stands and says, Great father, I will lead these warriors to the halls of the dead.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC, you think you all can actually RP? ;)
(2) Buffy: So, tribal war chief, you have a name?
(2) Buffy: I've known you for so long, but only adress you by your title
(1) Thorgrimm: Young One, you have known me all your life, why ask such a question?
(7) Benno (enter): 01:01
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC remeber, IIC is wiht you say.
(2) Buffy: ooc sweet
(7) Benno: heya
(3) Asheru: ooc hooray for benno!
(2) Buffy: ooc shhhh
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC, he is known as Thorgrimm.
(2) Buffy: ooc get into character
(2) Buffy: ooc rofl
(7) Benno: ooc shit
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC SOrry I did say this was on the fly.
(2) Buffy: Lead the way Thor
(3) Asheru: ooc lol
(2) Buffy: East or west?
(7) Benno: ooc i dont have time for this anymore. mum just rang, some people are coming over in an hour. Have a good one, at least we know this works.
(2) Buffy: ooc peace
(4) Teiresias: How long will it take us to reach our destination?
(7) Benno: ooc seeyas
(7) Benno: Disconnecting from server...
(7) Benno (exit): 01:02
(1) Thorgrimm: Thorgrimm turns to the scout Asheru and says, Asheru, we will need to head south through Yangi territory, so you must lead while I follow the party to catch any followers from the Yangi.
(2) Buffy: ooc we need to get thor one those eye scanners that type whatever you look at or twhatever
(3) Asheru: No problem
** (2) Buffy follows **
(1) Thorgrimm: What say you? Young warrior? Are you willing to take the challenge?
** (2) Buffy follows behind Asheru **
(4) Teiresias: ooc how do you do that again, pip?
(2) Buffy: ooc /me
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: I need a marchingb order
(3) Asheru: I accept
** (4) Teiresias stands next to Buffy **
(2) Buffy: ooc ash, buff, t, thor
(3) Asheru: ooc Asheru, Buffy, T-Ray, Thor
(1) Thorgrimm: I knew you would young one for you have the blood of a great scout running through your veins, your father.
** (3) Asheru leads pack out in front **
(2) Buffy: Well lets get going
** (2) Buffy follows Ashy **
(3) Asheru: Thank you, Warchief
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: I suggest you all load up on Food and water, and NO booze this time.
(4) Teiresias: Game on.
(3) Asheru: I think that food and water might be needed, tho
** (2) Buffy fill her canteens and makes sure she has enough rations **
** (3) Asheru grabs food and water **
** (4) Teiresias checks canteens to ensure they are full **
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: I will need the weight of what you are loading and expect an update to your characters.
(4) Teiresias: How long will this walk take us?
(2) Buffy: ooc, well my character has the water weigh aleady facotred in
(4) Teiresias: ooc mine as well
(2) Buffy: ooc, i was just filling them up for, affect
(3) Asheru: ooc weight: 10 lbs food, 4 canteens water
(2) Buffy: ooc would it be affect, or effect? schools starting again....
(4) Teiresias: ooc affect, I believe
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: It is 2 pm about one hour after the last enmissary from the Yangi has left. I suggest you rest and start in the morning to give the Yangi man time to get ahead of you and you will be fresh
(2) Buffy: ok
(2) Buffy: Lets start off tomorrow
(1) Thorgrimm: What time do you want to leave?
(3) Asheru: Sounds good fren
(2) Buffy: dawn
(4) Teiresias: Alright, sounds good to me.
(2) Buffy: I'm going to go look around the village see if there are any spears
(3) Asheru: I agree
(2) Buffy: ooc, any?
(4) Teiresias: As long as I have my trusty knife, I'll be fine.
(3) Asheru: I will go clean my weapons
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, night passes restfully for you and when the morning star peaks over the mountain ridge to the east you see the entire tribe has awoken to see you off on your quest. For they all know that their future depends on you. When you leave the village a mournful song is taken up by the tribe, you recognize it as the song sung at funerals!
(3) Asheru: Umm..
(3) Asheru: This can't be good
(2) Buffy: What a wonderful tribute for us leaving for the hallllls of the deaaaad
(2) Buffy: Ash, lead the way
(3) Asheru: Oh, I get it
(3) Asheru: right
(4) Teiresias: I refuse to read more than that into this.
(3) Asheru: Alright everyone, let's move
(1) Thorgrimm: They realise as you do, young one that this is almost a forlorn hope. For no one has ever come back from the halls of the dead. Thorgrimm says with a touch of sadness.
(3) Asheru: No wonder its called the hall of the dead
** (2) Buffy follows, looking around **
** (4) Teiresias walks next to Buffy **
** (3) Asheru heads south **
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Ash, need an out roll from you. Your ability and then roll.
(2) Buffy: ooc 84%
(3) Asheru: 32
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [29] = (29)
(3) Asheru: [2d100] -> [19,13] = (32)
(3) Asheru: sorry
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Buff I said Ash
(2) Buffy: ooc, ya, i just noticed
(2) Buffy: lol
(3) Asheru: ooc re roll, that was double
(1) Thorgrimm: Ash what is your ability in out as of now?
(3) Asheru: 32
(1) Thorgrimm: umm, that is it?
(2) Buffy: buffy takes the lead
(3) Asheru: ooc yep
(2) Buffy: I will be the line leader of this party
** (2) Buffy buffy move to the front **
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC weren't you gonna be a scout
** (2) Buffy moves to the front **
(2) Buffy: lets go guys
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Buf I saw
(3) Asheru: oc yeah, but I spent a lot of stat point on AG and PE
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC ok I hope you survive.
(1) Thorgrimm: Ok roll buff
(3) Asheru: ooc me too
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [41] = (41)
(2) Buffy: 84%
(1) Thorgrimm: you see the trail of the Yangi with no problems, the Yangi is personified by this man, slovenly and arrogant, he has eaten and left all sorts of clues to his path.
(4) Teiresias: Anything interesting, Buffy?
** (2) Buffy follows the trail, watching carefully. Also looking at the ground to see if there are any other clues **
(2) Buffy: I can see the Yangi's trail
(2) Buffy: Sloppy, this one.
(4) Teiresias: I'm not surprised. Can you tell how long ago he was through here?
(1) Thorgrimm: You could follow him in your sleep. You also notice that something with sharp claws is ALSO following this man. You cannot tellwhat it is yet for you are still in the heavily leafed undergrowth of the forest two leagues from your village.
(2) Buffy: Well he left yesterday, I figure it was yesterday
(3) Asheru: [Bad dice format] - [d6]
(3) Asheru: whoops
(2) Buffy: There seems to be an animal following him
(2) Buffy: Something with really sharp claws
(3) Asheru: A deathclaw maybe?
(2) Buffy: Don't know, the prints aren't that large
(1) Thorgrimm: The question is do you wish to pick up speed to warn this man or do you continue south using this creature to distrat the Yangi and help in your quest by getting you a head start south unnoticed?
(2) Buffy: What do you guys think we should do?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Dilema one.
(3) Asheru: I say we leave him to this...creature
(3) Asheru: His tribe wants to destroy ours
(3) Asheru: If this creature gets him, its one less Yangi we have to worry about
(2) Buffy: T, your insight is always knowledgable
(4) Teiresias: His tribe wants us as allies. Leaving the creature could gaurantee us passage there, but if it's eliminated by the time we get back, we could run into some serious problems.
(2) Buffy: Just because we befriend one Yangi, does not mean we befriend the tribe
(2) Buffy: Indeed
(3) Asheru: Very true
(4) Teiresias: If we help out, we might be able to convince the Yangi to give us passage.
(2) Buffy: I agree with T
(2) Buffy: Thor, what do you think?
(2) Buffy: ooc, peewee's playhouse is the most retarded thing, ever
(3) Asheru: ooc best show ever
(1) Thorgrimm: My thoughts on this matter are divided, on one hand we can escpse for at least one days travel south before we run across Yangi patrols. On the other hand to let an animal tear another human to bits is the way of the Yangi and the Otturon. Not the way of the Fox and the Deer. But I am only a guide on this quest, it is for you to decide.
(3) Asheru: I say leave him. Morals will have to take a back seat when in comes to survival
(2) Buffy: Then it is decided, T and I out vote Ash
(2) Buffy: We increase our pace
** (2) Buffy trots off **
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC last vote Yea for saving?
** (4) Teiresias follows closely behind **
** (2) Buffy saving **
(2) Buffy: errr
(2) Buffy: ooc yes, saving***
** (3) Asheru mutters "I have a bad feeling about this..." **
** (3) Asheru follows **
(3) Asheru: occ no, leave
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you all increase your pace and being children of the forest you have no problems following the trail of the Yangi emmissary and the closer it has gotten, the creature has also became easier to track.
(1) Thorgrimm: buuf an out roll please
(1) Thorgrimm: buff
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [47] = (47)
(2) Buffy: ooc, i gotta figure out how to hack the dice on this thing
(2) Buffy: ooc :-P
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(4) Teiresias' from server... Removing dead client
(4) Teiresias (exit): 01:27
(2) Buffy: wtf
(2) Buffy: PAUSE
(1) Thorgrimm: Yeah WTF?
(3) Asheru: ooc well, that sucks
(1) Thorgrimm: Scotty leave?
(3) Asheru: Timed out?
(2) Buffy: dunno
(3) Asheru: I'm thinking him timed out
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah it looks like it.
(8) Teiresias (enter): 01:28
(2) Buffy: he's comin
(1) Thorgrimm: any of you chatting with him on MSN?
(3) Asheru: black is back all in we're gonna win
(2) Buffy: ooc, cont thor, my out roll
(2) Buffy: ooc, he's back
(1) Thorgrimm: Lemme get my thoughts in order again
(8) Teiresias: ooc I dunno what happened; it didnt' say I was booted or anything
(3) Asheru: ooc said it removed dead client
(8) Teiresias: ooc if that happens again, someone message me on MSN
(1) Thorgrimm: You round the bend in the trail and see the creature is about to leap on the man and take him off of his horse. It is a large Puma.
(2) Buffy: ooc, so i didnt mesage you?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC will do Scotty
(1) Thorgrimm: what de you do?
** (2) Buffy unholsters colt .45 and fires **
(8) Teiresias: ooc no you did, PIP
** (8) Teiresias grabs combat knife **
(2) Buffy: Colt M1911a1 .45 Pistol Die Rolls: To hit roll [1d100] -> [44] = (44), .45 AP ammo damage roll [1d6+8] -> [5,8] = (13) , .45 JHP ammo damage roll [1d8+8] -> [7,8] = (15)
** (3) Asheru shoulders rifle **
(1) Thorgrimm: Buff your small guns skill?
(2) Buffy: ooc, 100
(2) Buffy: ooc, oh no, guns are load
(2) Buffy: ooc, loud* damnit
(1) Thorgrimm: you miss and hit the horse and kill it. Now the Puma suddenly jerks around and leaps at you!
(1) Thorgrimm: Armor class?
(2) Buffy: ooc awww
(2) Buffy: 11
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Timeout
(1) Thorgrimm: Need to explain what happened.
(2) Buffy: ooc gotta find damage?
(2) Buffy: ooc, aight
(1) Thorgrimm: One, you just came into view, classified as a snapshot, two no aim time, three moving target, four you were moving.
(1) Thorgrimm: You needed a 01 to hit dude.
(2) Buffy: ooc, you perfectionist
(1) Thorgrimm: you betcha.
(2) Buffy: ooc, now he's gonna be pissed that i killed his horse
(1) Thorgrimm: Time start.
(1) Thorgrimm: the Puma attacks
(2) Buffy: ooc, how do i kill a horse with one shot from a .45?
(1) Thorgrimm: a bite and olny one claw
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d100] -> [32] = (32)
(1) Thorgrimm: bite
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d100] -> [13] = (13)
(1) Thorgrimm: claw.
(2) Buffy: ooc haha
(2) Buffy: ooc come on miss
(1) Thorgrimm: Your Ac once again?
(2) Buffy: 11
(8) Teiresias: ooc how close am I to this thing?
(2) Buffy: ooc, low is bad for hit and damage, good for skill rolls, correct?
(1) Thorgrimm: The puma, startled by your sudden appearence growls and attacks. You see his fangs fly by the front of your bface by only inches. And his raking swipe at you catches your trenchcoat and puts a nsaty gash in it, but that is all. It continues by bounding away before anybody else gets off an attack.
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah low is good
(2) Buffy: ooc, it ran?
(9) Benno (enter): 01:38
(1) Thorgrimm: You lose the one ac from your trenchcoat .
(2) Buffy: ooc, we don't get to fight it?
(2) Buffy: you bitch
(1) Thorgrimm: Yeah it is only a wild animal.
(9) Benno: ooc well that didnt take as long as i thought it would
(8) Teiresias: Let's go after it!
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC:not stupid like claws you know.
(8) Teiresias: ooc does he get any experience for killing the horse?
(2) Buffy: ooc, GOOD POINT
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, yeah 3 XP
(2) Buffy: Hi there
(3) Asheru: ooc lol
(2) Buffy: I'm Buffy, this is T, Ash, and Thor
(2) Buffy: Sorry about the horse
(1) Thorgrimm: the Puma is in the undergrowth and you DON'tT want to follow it.
(8) Teiresias: Nice to meet you.
(1) Thorgrimm: The Yangi is cursing up a storm about stupid tribals and their bad aim.
(2) Buffy: I saw the puma and it was just a natural reaction to gun for it, it looked like it was gonna pounce on you
(1) Thorgrimm: He is more pissed you killed his horse, than grateful you saved his life.
(2) Buffy: ooc, speech is 45%
(8) Teiresias: You'll have to forgive Buffy. She doesn't always stop to think.
(9) Benno: ooc... is it possible for me to join in at the moment?
(1) Thorgrimm: "What the hell are you tribals doing following me? Tryin ta kill me?
(1) Thorgrimm: sure
(2) Buffy: I saw the tracks following yours
(1) Thorgrimm: We have not done much yeat mainly setting stuff
(3) Asheru: We was trying to save you
(2) Buffy: We increased our pace in an attempt to stop the creature
(2) Buffy: ooc, these guys arent tribals as well?
(8) Teiresias: We thought you could use a hand.
(1) Thorgrimm: Yeah sure you were, stupid tribals killed ma best horse and you want me to believe you were't tryin ta kill me?
(8) Teiresias: If we were trying to kill you, she'd still be shooting.
(1) Thorgrimm: What do you think I am? A brain dead tribal?
(2) Buffy: If we were trying to kill you, we could do it right now, we out numbe ryour
(2) Buffy: ooc, you guys want to kill him?
(2) Buffy: ooc :D
(1) Thorgrimm: Yeah and we would just wipe out yer pigstye of a pisshole to. So go ahead and try. Mutters to himself, stupid tribals.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: Now you see it from the other view now. :)
(9) Benno: ooc - thor, do i have to do anything to get my character in here at all?
(2) Buffy: ooc, how far away am i from him?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Benno, no you are with us
(9) Benno: ooc whee!
(1) Thorgrimm: about 20 meters.
(8) Teiresias: Yeah, we're the stupid ones when you're out in the middle of nowhere by yourself.
(3) Asheru: Look, everyone, relax
(8) Teiresias: He could've got himself killed.
(9) Benno: ooc... how do we show actions? like idle actions such as scratching ones nutsack or stroking a rifle?
(2) Buffy: ooc /me (idle actions)
(1) Thorgrimm: I was on my way back from yer pisshole, and by the way you are tresspassin on Yangi Land. Either get the fuck off or we raze your pisshole, You understand that you savages?
(1) Thorgrimm: in quotes Pip
(2) Buffy: We do, but we need to pass by your village
(2) Buffy: we are going far south
(9) Benno: ooc /me Strokes the wood of the garand in his hands in a slightly aggressive manner.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: You have never fully had to deal with the racism of the Yangi before in your young lives. This is an eye opener to you and Thorgrimm just shakes his head slowly and says. Yangi, we leave your land. Then he motions you all to follow him.
(9) Benno: ooc %^$
(8) Teiresias: So how about you just let us past your pisshole?
(2) Buffy: ooc, no ooc
(3) Asheru: No, T, Thor is right. Let us go
** (2) Buffy leads the way **
(2) Buffy: So we must go east, or west, then south
(2) Buffy: passing around the Yangi
** (3) Asheru Asheru follows **
(2) Buffy: Which way?
(3) Asheru: It is better than bloodshed
** (8) Teiresias turns slowly and follows **
(2) Buffy: I wanted to kill him
(2) Buffy: I thought we should have
(2) Buffy: wait
(8) Teiresias: Agreed.
(3) Asheru: We could have let the puma do his work
** (2) Buffy runs back to the horse and looks for stuff on it **
(3) Asheru: but NOOO let's make friends with assholes
(8) Teiresias: Well, I'm not the one that shot the bloody horse
(1) Thorgrimm: When you leave the sight of the Yangi, you hear a stram of epithets that shocks and dismays you. For you have never known the true level of discrimination against your tribe by either the Yangi or Otturon.
(1) Thorgrimm: stream
** (9) Benno scratches his nutsack as he follows everybody **
(2) Buffy: Oh shit
(2) Buffy: Thats not good
** (2) Buffy gathers whatever's usefull on the horse and starts trotting away **
(2) Buffy: Lets hit it
(8) Teiresias: Anything good, Buffy?
** (3) Asheru slaps horse **
(3) Asheru: now what?
(2) Buffy: We run
(2) Buffy: They do no like us
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: Buff, are you SURE you want to steal from the Yangi?
(2) Buffy: thor, should i take the stuff from the horse?
(9) Little Jimmy: i think we should find some cover....
(1) Thorgrimm: That is your descision little one.
(2) Buffy: ooc well, what is it?
(2) Buffy: ooc, tell me what i have
(1) Thorgrimm: Are you taking the stuff?
(8) Teiresias: Just grab the shit and let's go.
(8) Teiresias: Just make it quick.
(2) Buffy: ooc, i can wknow what they are before i take them
(2) Buffy: ooc, ooc is not game time
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, remember I tried to warn you. You find three days rations and three days water, and two stims.
** (2) Buffy buffy takes the stims **
(3) Asheru: First you try to make friends, then you steal from him
** (2) Buffy trots off leading the party **
** (8) Teiresias grabs the water and food **
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc dammit, we're going to get ass-raped
(2) Buffy: ooc, lol
(8) Teiresias: Well, if he's gonna be pissed, we might as well get something out of it.
(8) Teiresias: It's not our fault the guy's a racist.
** (8) Teiresias follows closely behind Buffy **
(3) Asheru: I will not take anything. Perhaps the Gods will smile upon me
** (3) Asheru follows T **
(1) Thorgrimm: As you run off you hear him scream, You fuckin thievin tribals! Steal from a diplomat will you? We are gonna burn down your pisshole and kill all you thievin bastards! I SWEAR TO FUCKIN GOD WE WILL!!!!
(8) Teiresias: He's bluffing.
(2) Buffy: ooc, t, he wouldnt have noticed if it was only the stims
** (9) Little Jimmy looks longingly at the horse, then trots after T **
** (3) Asheru shoulders rifle **
(3) Asheru: I'm not sure
(2) Buffy: Lets run
(3) Asheru: Its better not to take chances
** (2) Buffy leads the party south **
(8) Teiresias: ooc need to get something to drink
(2) Buffy: ok, lets stop, go east or west and then go around the Yangi
(2) Buffy: east or west?
** (2) Buffy looks to the east and west with extreme caution **
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [34] = (34)
(2) Buffy: [1d100] -> [85] = (85)
(2) Buffy: ooc, i read your mind?
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc what the hell are those numbers?
(3) Asheru: ooc no, I was thinking about food
(2) Buffy: ooc, rolls
(2) Buffy: ooc, skill rolls
(1) Thorgrimm: The look on Thor's face is one of deep worry. I must head back to the village. He was not bluffing, one thing you can count on the Yangi for, keeping their word. You violated the terms of the treaty. You must continue on. I ahve to get aback to evacuate the village. With that he runs off back towards home.
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc ahh
(3) Asheru: Great
(2) Buffy: T, he wouldnt have noticed the stims
(2) Buffy: Dumbass
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC: I DID warn you, but as like last time, you ignored it. :)
(8) Teiresias: He would've noticed two stims missing
(3) Asheru: DAMN
(1) Thorgrimm: Timeout.
(8) Teiresias: You're the one that pissed him off by killing the bloody horse anyway.
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc never ignore the GM. they're sadistic bastards
(3) Asheru: lol
(2) Buffy: Not my fault man
(2) Buffy: I missed in a critical situation
(1) Thorgrimm: He was standing right next to his horse when buff came up IN front of him and took the shit. NO WAY he is going to miss that.
(3) Asheru: yeah
(3) Asheru: badly
(3) Asheru: lol
(3) Asheru: numb nuts
(2) Buffy: ooc, thats bullshit, you said he ran off
(1) Thorgrimm: no I did not dude.
(2) Buffy: ooc, well shit
(9) Little Jimmy: Well, seeing as we just pissed a whole assload of guys, should we go back to help the village or run like stink?
(2) Buffy: We have a quest to gdo
(2) Buffy: we have to get the weapons
(2) Buffy: lets go east, then around the Yangi
(8) Teiresias: About time you have a good idea.
(2) Buffy: Hopefully unnoticed
(3) Asheru: Well, Thor went to warn them...
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc can soemone fill me in on the quest?
(1) Thorgrimm: You need to head south for 5 days then east for three.
** (2) Buffy leads party east, slowly, watching surroundings **
(2) Buffy: ooc we can go east first right?
** (8) Teiresias places knife back in its sheath **
(2) Buffy: ooc or will that putt us right smack in the middle of the Yangi when we try to go south
** (2) Buffy holsters Colt **
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah but that will add 3 weeks to your journey
** (3) Asheru slings rifle **
(2) Buffy: Welll lets go east for half an hour just to get us at a different place
** (2) Buffy leads party vigily **
(1) Thorgrimm: Benno, I am gonna save the chat log and I will post it on WOTG for you to read.
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc thanks thor
(2) Buffy: Ok, that was half an hour
(2) Buffy: lets start heading south now
** (2) Buffy leads the party south, with even more caution to her surroundings **
(2) Buffy: ooc, anyone there?
(2) Buffy: ooc HELLO?
** (3) Asheru follows **
(1) Thorgrimm: hold on
(9) Little Jimmy: ooc yeah...
(3) Asheru: You know, Buffy, that we fucked up
(3) Asheru: well, YOU fucked up
(2) Buffy: Nigga, please.
(2) Buffy: So i missed and hit something else
** (9) Little Jimmy follows, his rifle at the ready **
(2) Buffy: it happens
(3) Asheru: Not the horse
(3) Asheru: Stealing
** (8) Teiresias follows at the end **
(2) Buffy: I took the stims
(2) Buffy: you dont notice stims
(1) Thorgrimm: I gotta think this through now. SO I need to end it here.
(8) Teiresias: He did.
(2) Buffy: aww
(3) Asheru: huh?
(3) Asheru: ooc huh?
(2) Buffy: Game over
(2) Buffy: SAve
(2) Buffy: Save
(8) Teiresias: I should be getting some sleep anyway; I gotta work tomorrow at nine.
(2) Buffy: Slot 1
(2) Buffy: aight
(9) Little Jimmy: rightio see you guys on sunday
(2) Buffy: i'm out
(2) Buffy: peaceee
(1) Thorgrimm: And Pip, you fucked up BAD.
(3) Asheru: damn,
(8) Teiresias: G'night everyone.
(2) Buffy: Gooday
(3) Asheru: gnite
(9) Little Jimmy: damn pip... doing something against the advice of THE GUY RUNNING THE FREAKING SHOW???
(1) Thorgrimm: later dudes. I will save this and post. So next session this sat at 11 PM CST?
(3) Asheru: lol
(3) Asheru: smooth
(3) Asheru: yeah I think
(9) Little Jimmy: it's like punching mike tyson in the balls
(8) Teiresias: Ye-up. See ya then.
(3) Asheru: lol
(8) Teiresias: Er, not this week, though; I'll be in Michigan.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make sure you post that Scotty.
(3) Asheru: I'll be here
(8) Teiresias: No worries, will do.
(3) Asheru: later
(2) Buffy: how bout friday
(2) Buffy: ??
(3) Asheru: can't
(2) Buffy: you leaivng friday ?
(3) Asheru: Sat
(2) Buffy: k
(2) Buffy: whateveahs
(8) Teiresias: Yeah, and getting back on Sunday.
(1) Thorgrimm: And I hope folks will take time to discuss the session on the discuss thread.
(2) Buffy: I'm tired
(2) Buffy: maybe we can game tomorrow night?
(8) Teiresias: Perhaps. I should be around.
(2) Buffy: well, i'm dead tired
(2) Buffy: peace
(3) Asheru: I could, but not too late
(8) Teiresias: Same here. Later.
(2) Buffy: Disconnecting from server...
(2) Buffy (exit): 02:08
(8) Teiresias: Disconnecting from server...
(8) Teiresias (exit): 02:09
(9) Little Jimmy: Disconnecting from server...
(9) Little Jimmy (exit): 02:10
(3) Asheru: Disconnecting from server...
(3) Asheru (exit): 02:10