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(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 20:25
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Moving to room 'Thorgrimm's Fallout'..
(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 20:25
Server Administrator->
Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
This product is licensed under the GNU GPL License.

(1) Thorgrimm: well, la dee da
(2) No Name (enter): 23:50
(3) Bishop (enter): 23:52
(2) Dante: lo miles
(1) Thorgrimm: Su, you get those files?
(2) Dante: 1x unarmed 2 melee & 2 small guns
(4) Maloka (enter): 23:53
(1) Thorgrimm: yup those are the ones. Did not have time to make more, as the Fallout mod for civ is consuming shitloads of time!
(2) Dante: :)
(5) Teiresias (enter): 23:54
(1) Thorgrimm: welcome back Mal
(2) Dante: lo mal
(1) Thorgrimm: Welcome back T-Ray
(4) Maloka: hello
(5) Teiresias: Good day.
(2) Dante: brb gonna grab me some f00d
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(4) Maloka: we got the old group back?
(1) Thorgrimm: except for PIP ans Slurry.
(5) Teiresias: Ok, it's been a while. Who's who again?
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante is Su Aside, Bishop is Miles, Maloka is Venge, and of course you are Scotty.
(4) Maloka: lol
(5) Teiresias: *cough* Phauxe.
(4) Maloka: same diff
(5) Teiresias: :P
(1) Thorgrimm: first item on the agenda, what are the thoughts on SU's time proposals?
(5) Teiresias: This time?
(1) Thorgrimm: LOL, remember what i told you Phoxy?
(4) Maloka: I like this time better
(1) Thorgrimm: the problem Venge is that this is 7 am for Su
(5) Teiresias: Oh yeah. This time is good.
(4) Maloka: I see
(1) Thorgrimm: 12 noon is great for me
(5) Teiresias: at least for me
(3) Bishop: he wants me up at 9am o.O on saturday?!
(4) Maloka: I can't go any later
(2) Dante: lol
(1) Thorgrimm: no 11am
(3) Bishop: oh
(2) Dante: 'm up @ 7:00 on a sunday because of you guys miles
(3) Bishop: that works
(5) Teiresias: Noon is fine by me as well.
(2) Dante: :p
(1) Thorgrimm: Miles tyes get yer butt out of the rack
(3) Bishop: its sunday, your supposed to go to church or something ;)
(3) Bishop: Church of fallout..its real
(4) Maloka: let's see, noon for miles is like what, 1 or 2 for me?
(2) Dante: 8-)
(1) Thorgrimm: Mal it would be 11 am for you
(4) Maloka: 11 am
(4) Maloka: for the next few weeks it might work
(1) Thorgrimm: what about you Phoxy?
(4) Maloka: but when my mom comes home I'll have to be at church so it won't after that
(5) Teiresias: It works.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, so we will do 12 noon US CST next week, and play it by ear after that. Sound good?
(4) Maloka: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: T-Ray?
(4) Maloka: but if my mom wants me to go to church, then I can't
(2) Dante: works for me
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish?
(3) Bishop: it works for me
(1) Thorgrimm: Miles pay attention!!!
(2) Dante: we can move 2 hours later or so if you have to go to church mal
(3) Bishop: 11am does, 9 is a bit early
(1) Thorgrimm: dude, you lazy or what?
(2) Dante: of course he is
(1) Thorgrimm: LOL
(3) Bishop: i run in the morning lol from 7-9 usually
(2) Dante: so am i
(2) Dante: you loon
(5) Teiresias: Almost any time should work on Saturdays for me.
(4) Maloka: saturdays are fine for me too
(5) Teiresias: So I don't really mind much what you guys decide, so long as I'm not waking earlier than 7.
(1) Thorgrimm: Miles noon is 10 am for you, where did you come up with 9?
(3) Bishop: the forum post
(5) Teiresias: *hijaks topic* Did everyone see that there was a new Cake fan on the forum?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, so how is 1pm to evrybody?
(1) Thorgrimm: noever even heard of the band
(3) Bishop: anytime after 9 works for me
(4) Maloka: 1pm CST?
(1) Thorgrimm: yes
(2) Dante: 20:00 for me then
(1) Thorgrimm: Su yup
(2) Dante: thatsfine
(4) Maloka: so 12 for me
(4) Maloka: right?
(5) Teiresias: If you haven't heard of Cake, you are missing out.
(1) Thorgrimm: so sing out if anybody has a problem with that time
(4) Maloka: it'll work til I have to go to church
(2) Dante: i eat some every once in a while, but further than that i never go foxy brown
(1) Thorgrimm: np Venge
(4) Maloka: ok
(4) Maloka: it won't be unitl a few weeks though
(4) Maloka: but in two weeks I'll be gone for the weekend
(4) Maloka: I'm goin hunting
(5) Teiresias: Next week Friday I'm going to a Cake concert.
(1) Thorgrimm: that is fine, just post on the time thread to remind me.
(4) Maloka: ok
(4) Maloka: Cake is an ok band
(4) Maloka: [1d100] -> [57] = (57)
(4) Maloka: whoops
(4) Maloka: wrong button
(5) Teiresias: I'll take it; at least you heard of 'em.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, so we wanna talk about Cake or PnP?
(5) Teiresias: Can't we have both?
(4) Maloka: PnP
(1) Thorgrimm: nope
(4) Maloka: lol
(4) Maloka: no
(5) Teiresias: Yes we can!
(4) Maloka: no place for cake in PnP
(5) Teiresias: *turns on Cake* Ok, now let's talk PnP
(5) Teiresias: Well, I'm happy for the timebeing.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Phauxy i want you to run Blake tonight. the rest can drag PIP's char along
(4) Maloka: lol
(1) Thorgrimm: that ok with you T-Ray?
(5) Teiresias: -!
(1) Thorgrimm: trust me when i tell you you ARE going to need him
(5) Teiresias: It's been a long while, and I don't feel all that familiar with Blake's character anymore.
(4) Maloka: big, greeen and mean
(5) Teiresias: Yes, and Australian.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, then just do the rolls i call for ok?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, lets get this traveling feast moving.
(5) Teiresias: That can work. We'll just say he has larengitis (sp) for the night
(5) Teiresias: We're still in the desert, right?
(2) Dante: yuhu
(2) Dante: for a long time to come :p
(5) Teiresias: And we magically find Dante?
(2) Dante: dont worry about that :p
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, All except Dante, you wake up about 2 pm the next day, Bish what sort of schedule did you and Blake mke for watches till Mal T and Buff came to?
(3) Bishop: 3 hours
(3) Bishop: i think
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, so three on and 3 off?
(3) Bishop: yep
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, about mid way between your second shift and when the others awake, you remember the stories you have heard about the zone.
(5) Teiresias: *groans* That was the worst night of my life.
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish are you going to relate any info?
(4) Maloka: *yawns* I'm hungry
(3) Bishop: Things will get worse
(4) Maloka: worse in what sense?
(3) Bishop: this area isn't known to be hospitable
(3) Bishop: people go in, they don't come out
(5) Teiresias: Then why are we here?
(1) Thorgrimm: you might also want to relate the temps in the area
(3) Bishop: It will get hotter the farther we go, and colder at night as well
(4) Maloka: well duh
(3) Bishop: (ooc) My spacebar is giving me trouble, hard to type lol ;)
(4) Maloka: it never gets any better
(5) Teiresias: Great.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, what Bish is failing to do is relate the hardships you gents are going is the temp is about 180 in daylight, and -45 at nights.
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish make a PE roll, at +1
(3) Bishop: (ooc) I didnt know how much the temp would flux after the war ;)
(3) Bishop: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(1) Thorgrimm: you hget the sense of not being alone, but are putting it off to thre rumors of the zone.
(1) Thorgrimm: get
(5) Teiresias: *pokes Bishop*
(5) Teiresias: What do you think our chances are?
(3) Bishop: should be ok if we travel at night and dig in during the day
(1) Thorgrimm: when the others wake it is about 178 degrees, what are you gents doing?
(5) Teiresias: So we are gonna freeze when we travel and roast when we sleep?
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(5) Teiresias: Eh, I'm sure there is some logic there.
(3) Bishop: *sitting in my trench against the rock with the cover providing some shade*
(3) Bishop: wont freeze if your walking
(4) Maloka: on the contrary
(4) Maloka: I nearly died last time
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
(3) Bishop: we wherent rested
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [10] = (10)
(5) Teiresias: ooc what's with all the roles?
(5) Teiresias: How many days until we reach our destination?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, gents nothing happens during the day, as it seems too hot even for the wastland dwellers
(3) Bishop: I dont know, hope we cross a town or something
(1) Thorgrimm: you do not know T-Ray, Bish might have some idea
(4) Maloka: Well, seeing as T got us in this mess here, I'm going with Bishop here
(3) Bishop: we dont know exactly where we are going
(3) Bishop: just a general area
(3) Bishop: so the time is hard to gauge
(5) Teiresias: Hey, what do you mean I got you into this? I didn't say you had to come along.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, that map you gents pulled off the body only has a general area, unless somebody has a GPS system handy.
(4) Maloka: ooc not many of those left after the fall
(3) Bishop: i tossed my pipboy awhile ago after it was damaged on a caravan run
(1) Thorgrimm: nope so that ought to tell you be carefull
(4) Maloka: anyone have a compass?
(1) Thorgrimm: so night is coming upon you it is about a half hour away what are you doing?
(5) Teiresias: I say we push on. We rested most of the day; we should be able to handle the night.
(3) Bishop: we should wait for dark
(5) Teiresias: I can deal with that.
(3) Bishop: unless you want to drag the body in the heat
(4) Maloka: I'm with Bish
(5) Teiresias: Fine.
(1) Thorgrimm: gents as you are packing up the gear you feel that someone is watching you from behind
(2) Dante: Halt! Slowly turn around, keep you weapons pointed away from me at all time or suffer the concequences...
(2) Dante: *makes hostile movement with his M249 SAW*
(4) Maloka: *does as he says*
(2) Dante: *the man that stands before you is a rather tallish, battleworn man with broad shoulders. his face is covered by a bandana and eye gear. his body is hidden by a long leather jacket, but you can see a hardened leather armor underneath*
(5) Teiresias: *turns around slowly* What the bloody hell..........
(3) Bishop: *turns slowly and grips the .45 in its holster* you have a reason to threaten us neighbor?
(2) Dante: What is a motley crew like you doing moving through an area like this? What is your destination and don't bullshit me, I tend to take it personally.
(3) Bishop: well we are headed to places unknown unless you know of a town nearby
(5) Teiresias: Well I take it personally when people sneak up on me and make threats!
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante make a PE roll
(4) Maloka: Quiet T-Ray
(2) Dante: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)
(5) Teiresias: *places hand on knife, but doesn't say anything further*
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you notice that on the body of the unconcious girl she has a patch that looks like the one your partner had on his shoulder!
(3) Bishop: (ooc) I have that patch in my pocket thor ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: oh sorry on Bishop then
(5) Teiresias: ooc x-ray vision is so neat!
(2) Dante: Where the fuck did you get that marine patch?
(3) Bishop: (ooc) indeed
(4) Maloka: ooc lmao
(5) Teiresias: What's it to you?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC no sloppy packing hanging out of pocket!
(3) Bishop: Found a body, the guy had been shot up good
(3) Bishop: ooc it wasnt but eh i shall slide for sake of the story
(3) Bishop: decided it might be usefull so i kept it
(2) Dante: I admire your honesty. Hell, I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister.
(2) Dante: when, where and how?
(5) Teiresias: *rolls eyes* This guy is full of it.
(4) Maloka: Something tells me this guy seems to be okay
(3) Bishop: earlier, north, with a knife to cut it off his armor
(5) Teiresias: First he comes up all big and bad, threating us, and then he says "come on over for an orgy."
(2) Dante: how did the guy you got it from look?
(3) Bishop: dead
(1) Thorgrimm: T-Ray he does have the drop on you so be carefull with the talk, thought you were a diplo?
(3) Bishop: eyes closed, blood leaking, you know...dead
(2) Dante: very good smartass...
(5) Teiresias: ooc Yes, yes, but I'm feelin' cocky.
(5) Teiresias: ooc brb, bathroom
(2) Dante: Were you born worthless, or did you have to work at it?
(4) Maloka: ooc we can tell. get laid recently?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC you might end up feeling dead, be carefull
(4) Maloka: That sounds familiar
(2) Dante: occ FMJ
(3) Bishop: its a gift neighbor, now how did you come to be out here
(4) Maloka: ooc I know ;0
(2) Dante: i'm asking the questions
(2) Dante: my guess is that if you foun that patch and headed here you guys found something else as well...
(4) Maloka: not really
(2) Dante: no stupid oaf would risk his ass coming here without a good reason
whispering to Bishop, Bish spill the beans otr it is going to become bloody!
(2) Dante: not even you
(4) Maloka: thanks
(3) Bishop: he had a card and a map that pointed us this way
(3) Bishop: we came to investigate
(5) Teiresias: ooc back
(2) Dante: so, treasure hunters?
(3) Bishop: now will you please lower your gun before things get messy, I hate cleaning blood off my clothes
(3) Bishop: not at all
(3) Bishop: I figured someone will want to know he died
(2) Dante: A day without blood, is like a day without sunshine.
(3) Bishop: well I hate cleaning my own blood off
(5) Teiresias: *sighs* If you want the whole story, it'll take some time.
(2) Dante: Do I look dumb to you, shit for brains? I'm gonna give you three seconds--exactly three fucking seconds--to get your shit together and tell me exactly what you are doing here, heading in that direction, or I'll gouge out your eyeballs and skull fuck you!
(4) Maloka: ooc yes! I love it! :D
(3) Bishop: Im not lying to you
(5) Teiresias: one..........
(3) Bishop: why would I
(3) Bishop: you have us under gun
(5) Teiresias: two............
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante make a PE roll at -2
(5) Teiresias: Seriously, he's being honest. *takes hand away from knife*
(2) Dante: occ whats the -2 ?
(4) Maloka: yeah, Bishop don't lie well
(1) Thorgrimm: it is easier to make the roll
(2) Dante: occ so i roll 8?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC roll a d10 but take 2 off the roll
(2) Dante: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)
(4) Maloka: ooc nice
(2) Dante: treaveling through the desert to go and tell relatives their loved one died?
(2) Dante: how noble of you
(1) Thorgrimm: you can tell that these kiddies are scared, but are completely telling the truth
(2) Dante: let me see the stuff you found
(3) Bishop: *pulls it out and shows the man carefully*
(2) Dante: just place it on the rock there and back away
(3) Bishop: how do i know you wont shoot me
(2) Dante: you dont
(3) Bishop: exactly
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante what they puul out is Billings ID card and a map that you gave to him just in case he made it back to base instead of you.
(3) Bishop: so ill just hold onto it while you look
(2) Dante: FUCK!
(3) Bishop: friend of yours i take it
(5) Teiresias: Now we're talking! *undoes belt*
(2) Dante: *eyes T*
(5) Teiresias: Er, sorry, thought the mood needed to be lighter.
(2) Dante: wtf is wrong with you people
(3) Bishop: hes strange
(4) Maloka: heatstroke, boredom
(3) Bishop: seems nicer to make him carry shit than shoot him
(4) Maloka: near death experience
(5) Teiresias: You're too kind, Bish
(4) Maloka: yeah
(2) Dante: i need that ID stranger
(2) Dante: either way, you're going to hand that over
(3) Bishop: well then we are an at inpass neighbor
(3) Bishop: how about we go where this goes together, safer for both partys
(2) Dante: i also advise you to turn back, the shit is going to hit the fan asap
(4) Maloka: will there be things to kill?
(3) Bishop: sounds like fun
(4) Maloka: I like
(5) Teiresias: I didn't come this far just to give up, though I never joined a guy who greeted me with a gun before either......
(2) Dante: safer for you doubtful
(2) Dante: safer for me, no fucking way
(3) Bishop: iyou can kill me
(3) Bishop: but the big green guy with the 50 call will get you
(4) Maloka: well, it ain't really safe out here exactly
(2) Dante: who is afraid of the jolly green giant when you've just spend a week fighting tin men?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC T-Ray you have led a sheltered life the back of your mind tells you
(4) Maloka: TIN MEN?
(4) Maloka: where?
(5) Teiresias: Kansas
(4) Maloka: shut up
(3) Bishop: your gonna rile the kid up neighbor, he really hates them
(2) Dante: where you come from basically
(4) Maloka: I see
(2) Dante: been running eversince
(5) Teiresias: ooc what level is Dante, anyway?
(1) Thorgrimm: 2
(2) Dante: occ 2
(5) Teiresias: ooc okay.
(1) Thorgrimm: so nobody wants to say where they are from?
(4) Maloka: ooc where who is from? the tin men?
(2) Dante: occ they told the direction not the location
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante you get the feeling these kiddies aren't going to be any help to you, what do you do?
(3) Bishop: Ive seen plenty of powered armor in darwin but only in the city and on guards
(5) Teiresias: Originally, I'm from the Hub. Born there, moved to Gecko, enjoyed life there for a while before going down to New Reno.
(2) Dante: heh, city guards might as well be wearing cloth
(2) Dante: it's the enclave we're talking about here kiddo
(2) Dante: different ballgame, different rules
(4) Maloka: enclave?
(3) Bishop: heard rumours and a few scattered radio messages, never believed it
(4) Maloka: they killed my father
(2) Dante: see me care
(5) Teiresias: I heard about them a bit while I was in Gecko, but that was a long time ago. I can't recall any specifics.
(2) Dante: either way, i need the passkey, and taking you all down might just be a tad risky
(2) Dante: so i'll cut you a deal...
(2) Dante: you can tag along, to the base, but if you cant keep up the pace, i'll leave you behind
(4) Maloka: no prob
(5) Teiresias: Heh, you make it sound like it'd be a challenge.
(2) Dante: i aint talking to you
(2) Dante: i'm talking to the man in front of me
(4) Maloka: we work as a unit
(2) Dante: i couldnt give a rats ass what you do
(1) Thorgrimm: as sun sets you can almost feel the temp immediately drop, initially it feels refreshing, but at the same time you know in an hr it will be 30 below zero.
(2) Dante: i'm going
(3) Bishop: sounds like a deal neighbor.we should move now before it gets to cold
(4) Maloka: I'm coming
(3) Bishop: whats your name stranger?
(2) Dante: *Dante lets down his aim, takes out his blanket and wraps it around his shoulders*
(2) Dante: Dante
(2) Dante: what's yours fruity?
(5) Teiresias: *looks around* He talking to me?
(3) Bishop: Bishop, nice to meet ya fuckmook. now we done with the name calling?
(4) Maloka: that'd be Teiresias
(1) Thorgrimm: when you gents start off i need a marching order.
(2) Dante: there's plenty more where that came from
(3) Bishop: *straps his pack on and holds the rifle loosely*
(2) Dante: *Dante lifts the hood of his cloak and starts walking*
(4) Maloka: *slings rifle*
(3) Bishop: Maloka should take point, he has glasses to see in the dark
(1) Thorgrimm: what is the marching order?
(4) Maloka: But I don't know where I am going
(2) Dante: occ mal can go first but he'll have to catch up first
(3) Bishop: Which way Dante
(2) Dante: *Dante points directly at the base*
(4) Maloka: *runs over to Dante*
(4) Maloka: ok, let's move out then
(4) Maloka: if that's okay with you guys
(3) Bishop: *follows behind Dante* someone pick up the girl
(1) Thorgrimm: Blake will carry Buff
(1) Thorgrimm: as you gents set out you haear the animal life start to awaken, a howling hear, a growling there.
(5) Teiresias: I'll hang towards the back.
(3) Bishop: All things hunt at night eh Dante
(2) Dante: *Dante ignores comment*
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)
(1) Thorgrimm: who is in front?
(2) Dante: mal
(4) Maloka: I am
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll
(4) Maloka: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)
(4) Maloka: ooc crap
(1) Thorgrimm: you do not see anything but thought you heard something
(4) Maloka: I think it'd be a good idea to be a little cautious (sp) guys
(4) Maloka: be ready
(5) Teiresias: *takes out combat knife*
(2) Dante: always be prepared...
(1) Thorgrimm: after about 3 hrs the wastes aonce again regain their deadly silence, as the temp has dropped to about 40 below zero, and the critters have retired for the night
(3) Bishop: getting slightly chilly out
(1) Thorgrimm: how long are you gents going to march?
(4) Maloka: *looks over at T-Ray*
(4) Maloka: A bit nippy, eh T-Ray?
(5) Teiresias: Yeah, a bit.
(4) Maloka: I can tell
(5) Teiresias: Nothing like the other night, though.
(2) Dante: march till sunup, but taking some breaks along the way
(3) Bishop: if we march to long things might get bad....again *looks back at t-ray*
(3) Bishop: I agree with Dante. just say something if you feel like your gonna faint
(5) Teiresias: I'll be fine.
(1) Thorgrimm: tiafter about 6 hrs of marching you are becoming very weary because of the bone numbing cold.
(4) Maloka: I say we take a break
(2) Dante: occ so thats like 3:00 now?
(1) Thorgrimm: yes
(3) Bishop: not gonna get warmer sitting still
(1) Thorgrimm: no but you are becoming very weary.
(4) Maloka: but we need to rest
(2) Dante: halt for a moment, but dont sit, keep moving around a bit
(3) Bishop: agreed
(4) Maloka: ok
(5) Teiresias: Alright.
(4) Maloka: *stops walking and just keeps warm*
(5) Teiresias: Maybe we should huddle together for body warmth.
(3) Bishop: *paces about a bit*
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC as a hint you should start looking for shelter
(3) Bishop: go huddle with something metal while your naked
(4) Maloka: you can hudle with Dante T-Ray
(5) Teiresias: Really?
(5) Teiresias: *winks at Dante*
(2) Dante: *takes a drink, has something to eat*
(2) Dante: touch me and you're a deadman
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC LMAO!!
(5) Teiresias: *laughs* I like it when they play hard to get.
(3) Bishop: Dante any caves nearby or rock formations
(2) Dante: rock yes, cave no
(1) Thorgrimm: so what are you gents doing and are you going to continue or are you going to halt the march
(3) Bishop: lets head there
(2) Dante: continue a bit, while keeping an eye out for shelter
(3) Bishop: the rock formation is our best bet
(4) Maloka: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(4) Maloka: ooc whoops
(4) Maloka: ooc my bad
(2) Dante: occ lol
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante since you have operated in this area, under your employer you know there is a rock outcropping about 3 kliks ahead that will shelter you for the day.
(2) Dante: heading out
(5) Teiresias: *follows Dante*
(3) Bishop: *follows*
(4) Maloka: *goes to front of pack*
(1) Thorgrimm: you can get there in about 20 minutes at a brisk pace
(1) Thorgrimm: which will leave you about 2.5 hrs before sunup
(3) Bishop: time to bunker down
(2) Dante: occ roger
(1) Thorgrimm: Mal make an out roll
(2) Dante: keep an eye out for small firewood and such
(4) Maloka: [1d100] -> [83] = (83)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you are not sure if you gents are going to have enough water for more than 6 more days, as the beer brought along took up too much space and Buff is consuming more than you gents
(1) Thorgrimm: but not too sure of that
(1) Thorgrimm: you gents get to the rock overhang what are you going to do?
(3) Bishop: dig in the for the day people
(5) Teiresias: Sounds good to me.
(3) Bishop: *drops the pack near a rock and pulls the shovel out, entrenching against the rock*
(1) Thorgrimm: it takes you gents about 2 hrs to get a trench big enough for you to rest in
(4) Maloka: *moves rocks around a bit*
(2) Dante: *dante helps, uses his crowbar as a pickaxe*
(3) Bishop: (ooc) huh, im digging for everyoen now! Moochers!
(1) Thorgrimm: what is the watch schedule going to be?
(2) Dante: i'll take first
(3) Bishop: *stretches the tent halve over the trench to make a shade shelter
(3) Bishop: *then digs a 3 foot hole and lines it with the other tent half*
(3) Bishop: ill take second
(5) Teiresias: I'm up for third.
(4) Maloka: I'll take last then
(1) Thorgrimm: so 4 hr watches?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok 3 hr watches
(3) Bishop: 4 hour
(1) Thorgrimm: as you gents get settled in the sun peeks over the horizon, and immediately you begin to feel the heat arise, baking you where you lay, no wind wil stir, it is literally hell on earth.
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(3) Bishop: *crawls out and wraps the tarp over the small hole to protect what little moisture has gathered
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante make a PE roll at -1
(2) Dante: [1d10] -> [9] = (9)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok nothing happens during the dyabut the desire to drink is getting so bad sa the temp climbs up to 175 degrees.
(1) Thorgrimm: day but
(3) Bishop: *sips from one of his canteens letting the water trickle down into his mouth for a few drops*
(3) Bishop: fucking hot
(4) Maloka: *takes a swig of water*
(4) Maloka: yeah
(2) Dante: it'll get worse fbefore it gets better
(1) Thorgrimm: slowy the sun crawls acroos the sky, baking your brains inside your skulls, you cannot imagine hell being any hotter
(3) Bishop: always does neighbor
(2) Dante: just hand me the card and turn around, it's better for all of you
(2) Dante: this is the last shelter we'll encounter for a long time
(5) Teiresias: And miss looking at your ass the whole time?
(3) Bishop: I think i'll see this threw
(1) Thorgrimm: the sun finally reaches it apogee, and begins to settle in the west, it is about 2 hrs before sundown, what are you gents doing?
(3) Bishop: *strains what little water was in the other hole and was collected into a canteen*
(2) Dante: move out just before sunset
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish you got about 2 oxs after evaporation
(4) Maloka: I agree
(1) Thorgrimm: ozs
(3) Bishop: better than nothing
(1) Thorgrimm: yes, but not by much
(3) Bishop: *packs the halves away and prepares to move out*
(5) Teiresias: heh, what would we ever do without you, Bish?
(3) Bishop: die a horrible death or get a std in new reno problably
(1) Thorgrimm: when you leave the shelter of the rock face you begin to notice that the wastes are getting flatter and flatter. the rocks are becoming more and more scarce.
(4) Maloka: *gathers gear*
(5) Teiresias: Hey! My mom died from an STD in New Reno.
(1) Thorgrimm: you realise you are entering a large flat plateau
(4) Maloka: looks like tough times ahead guys
(4) Maloka: great
(3) Bishop: gotta be a few wadis or canyons out there
(3) Bishop: nothings ever truelly flat
(1) Thorgrimm: the night becomes just a little more bitter as the temp drops down to -45 below zero,
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Ever seen the terrainafter a nuke? Flat and glassy!
(1) Thorgrimm: Guess what you are on?
(4) Maloka: OOC never seen a nuke before :)
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC LOL ok
(1) Thorgrimm: as the night progresses you notice with increasing unrest that the is absolutely no animal calls at all! No birds no wolves no sounds but the wind!
(2) Dante: occ nothing my char hasnt been through before ;)
(3) Bishop: this is the dead zone alright
(2) Dante: i warned you...
(1) Thorgrimm: yup i know was describing for the others.
(4) Maloka: hey guys I g2g. Dad just told me to hit the hay
(3) Bishop: been along the edge once witha a caravan, we made it threw but lost half the animals
(4) Maloka: sorry bout this
(1) Thorgrimm: ok later Mal
(4) Maloka: bye
(5) Teiresias: ooc later
(2) Dante: occ bb
(4) Maloka: Disconnecting from server...
(4) Maloka (exit): 01:24
(1) Thorgrimm: as you continue Mal is the first to be affected, and for some reason he passes out
(5) Teiresias: I'm not carrying him.
(2) Dante: as i said, keep up the pace or i'll leave you behind
(3) Bishop: yea you are T
(1) Thorgrimm: you continue but if anything the land is becoming flatter and there are glass balls everywhere
(3) Bishop: Marbles anyone
(2) Dante: welcome to hell gentlemen
(1) Thorgrimm: you are 3 hrs from sunup and are dead on your feet, even the mutie is beginning to feel the effects of the zone
(3) Bishop: so how do we bunker down Dante
(3) Bishop: i think you survived from something besides your cutting wit
(5) Teiresias: My guess would then be his looks
(2) Dante: great, a bunch of comedians
(3) Bishop: something has to lighten the mood
(2) Dante: right here bish, we have no choice
(2) Dante: nothing to the left, nothing to the right
(2) Dante: hunker down, dig what you can, but it'll be a pain
(3) Bishop: looks like it
(3) Bishop: need some damn explosives
(2) Dante: *uses crowbar again*
(1) Thorgrimm: the ground seems to be encrusted with lglass everywhere, it is going to be hard to dig more than a shallow slit trench by the time the sun comes up
(3) Bishop: dante, break the hard top with the crowbar
(3) Bishop: ill get to work on the stuff you break
(3) Bishop: *starts digging anyplace that is slightly broken*
(2) Dante: thats the idea bish, but wont help much
(3) Bishop: better than nothing
(1) Thorgrimm: T while they are digging make a PE roll for Blake
(5) Teiresias: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)
(5) Teiresias: ooc I have no idea what his PE is at.
(2) Dante: occ 5
(1) Thorgrimm: Blake thought he saw something but is not sure, as it seemed to just vanish, he thinks it is the exhaustion playing tricks on his eyes.
(2) Dante: anybody got a radio?
(1) Thorgrimm: you gents get your trench finished just as the sun comes up, immediately it feels like somebody just turned on the oven
(3) Bishop: *places the tarps over the trench and gets underneath*
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish you are not going to get any moisture out of this dirt
(3) Bishop: Had one once, but broke in a fire fight. Couldnt repair it
(3) Bishop: (ooc) not lookin too ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: the day begins and you everybody's amazement but Dante's it seems to get hotter than the day before.
(2) Dante: wish i could radio the gunny for a taxi or just to warn him, fucking wishful thinking
(3) Bishop: got a radio on you?
(3) Bishop: I can try to fix it
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC lost a lot of gear dude
(2) Dante: would i ask if i had one?
(3) Bishop: if you had a broken one yes
(2) Dante: jap jap jap
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish that name Dante just said is in some of the stories you have heard on the caravan runs!!
(3) Bishop: the frozen one...hes real?
(3) Bishop: Ive heard storys along the routes
(2) Dante: as real as you and me, but he's just a man with a plan. not some uberlmensch from the old days
(3) Bishop: Plans are good but most go awry
(1) Thorgrimm: by noon the temp has reached 180 degrees, you feel as if you are being balked in your own juices.
(1) Thorgrimm: baked
(3) Bishop: at least i'll go out dry *laughs slightly*
(1) Thorgrimm: slowly, ever so slowly the sun begins to set in the west, you all have not had much rest and are going to be starting out this night tired already.
(2) Dante: whats up with your friends? the weird fellow hasnt cracked a stupid joke in ages
(2) Dante: he dying or something?
(3) Bishop: staring at your ass it looks like
(5) Teiresias: Just thinking.
(3) Bishop: we wont get far
(2) Dante: nevertheless we gotta push on
(1) Thorgrimm: ok gents you pack up the gear but the hot ground has drained a lot of energy from you.
(3) Bishop: *starts walking behind Dante* Ok lead on but not to quick no reason to tire out to fast
(1) Thorgrimm: as you begin the journey it seems like you are another world, as this can't possibly be part of earth. The hellish landscape and the nightmarish temps seems to suggest another planet
(2) Dante: i really need to get myself one of those enclave power armors with airconditioning
(3) Bishop: any power armor would be nice
(3) Bishop: I swear you can nap in them and they autopilot
(2) Dante: the enclave has the top of the litter, is what i've heard and seen
(3) Bishop: didnt help that female we found earlier
(3) Bishop: shot threw the eye from the evidence
(1) Thorgrimm: as moring approaches you all including Blake are so exhausted that you can't stand, in fact Bish and T-Ray collapse unconcious
(3) Bishop: the armnor was dragged off
(2) Dante: female?
(2) Dante: fuck
(2) Dante: yer mateys just dropped on us
(1) Thorgrimm: your talkin partner just collapsed
(3) Bishop: don't feel so good myself *collapses*
(1) Thorgrimm: As a matter of fact Dante you do not remember feeling this weary yourself
(2) Dante: blake, grab the shovel
(2) Dante: gotta make a hideout before we collaps ourselves
(1) Thorgrimm: you collapse about 5 minutes after Bish and T-Ray
(1) Thorgrimm: 5 minutes after that Blake collapses
(2) Dante: occ so it's up to blake & the kid?
(1) Thorgrimm: nope all is out now.
(2) Dante: occ ow even better :)
(1) Thorgrimm: i need EN rolls for everybody
(2) Dante: am i glad i'm unconcious wearing my leather coat :)
(5) Teiresias: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)
(2) Dante: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)
(3) Bishop: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)
(3) Bishop: ooc we are snafued
(1) Thorgrimm: T-Ray you are the first to wake, the Bish then Blake then Dante.
(2) Dante: occ this is way beyond fubar ;)
(3) Bishop: *groans and rolls over* I feel like ive been on a binger in the maltese
(1) Thorgrimm: T when you awaken you see briefely what appears to be a man in combat armor, but it is shimmering and you can't really tell, as his form is constantly shifting
(5) Teiresias: *squints*
(3) Bishop: *brushes off his fatigues and rubs his eyes* we are seeing things right...
(5) Teiresias: I don't think so. I see it too.
(1) Thorgrimm: just before he notices you you hear him say to someone you can't see "are these the ones that have been under observation?" Yes sir, they also have the scout Dante with them
(1) Thorgrimm: he then notices you T and says what the hell are you children doing out here?
(3) Bishop: *unsnaps the holster and grips the 45 before faking another faint*
(2) Dante: *slowly awakens*
(5) Teiresias: We are following our guide.
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish as you move your hand to the holster you have a gauss pistol under your nose, and someone saying i would not do that if i were you son.
(5) Teiresias: ooc are we still in the desert or in a building of some sort?
(1) Thorgrimm: in the desert
(3) Bishop: *raises his hands* Can't fualt a guy for trying can you
(2) Dante (whispering): am i seeing anyone i should know?
(5) Teiresias: *sits up slowly and rubs eyes*
whispering to Dante, yup you see gunny with his gauss pistol under Bish's nose
(2) Dante: hey chief, glad you could make it, you didnt bring a hummer with airco did you?
(5) Teiresias: You'll have to forgive Bishop. He's been a little jumpy ever since he lost his left testicle.
(1) Thorgrimm: Son all that will get you is dead don'yt try it again
(5) Teiresias: That was one wicked knife fight.
(3) Bishop: im think im already dead...why else would i enter the dead zone for free
(1) Thorgrimm: the man in the funny armor looks at you T, still waiting for an answer
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you finally awaken and see your employer holding his pistol under Bish's nose
(2) Dante: hey chief, glad you could make it, you didnt bring a hummer with airco did you?
(5) Teiresias: ooc lol
(5) Teiresias: Wait, wait, you guys know each other?
(1) Thorgrimm: we actually brought 2 Dante, wher the hell is Billings and why do you have children with you?
(3) Bishop: you mind taking that away...Ilove the smell of gunoil as much as the next guy...but still
(2) Dante: DOA if i'm to believe these kids
(5) Teiresias: Children? I'm 19.
(2) Dante: they have his ID
(3) Bishop: your still a child out here T
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC LOL to Gunny T you are still a child
(5) Teiresias: ooc I know :P
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny takes the ID from you Dante and looks at T where did you get this?
(2) Dante: *dante walks over to bish and steals away the id and the map*
(3) Bishop: *breaths slowly and visually examines the immaculate ppk-12 under his nose*
(5) Teiresias: From a dead man.
(1) Thorgrimm: well young man are you just going to stand there scratching your ass, or are you going to answer?
(5) Teiresias: ooc hold on, hold on, I'm on the phone
(1) Thorgrimm: don't con me son i do not like it. i want the truth, his voice takes on a very deadly and earnest tone
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC ok
(5) Teiresias: ooc the ID was from the guy that arrived to town at the start of last session and died, right?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC yes
(2) Dante: occ yes
(3) Bishop: ooc yes the one you had words with
(5) Teiresias: ooc figures
(1) Thorgrimm: What happend to my scout?
(5) Teiresias: ooc what the hell was the name of the town?
(1) Thorgrimm: Agua Caliente
(5) Teiresias: Alright, so this is what happened. Me and my companions were just about to leave Agua Caliente on a journey of our own. Before we departed, this man stumbles into town.
(5) Teiresias: He looked like he had been through hell and back.
(5) Teiresias: He spoke a few words, but nothing really significant before he gave into the darkness of death.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC make a diplo roll T
(5) Teiresias: ooc d100 or d10?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC as he uis watching you VERY carefully
(1) Thorgrimm: d100
(5) Teiresias: [1d100] -> [92] = (92)
(1) Thorgrimm: Son what aren't you telling me? and why are you not telling me everything? Do i look like a dumbass?
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you have seen him this way one time befroe when they caught a slaver and he would not talk
(5) Teiresias: No, of course not. We tried to help him; Buffy ran to fetch the village healer, but he had passed on before he could arrive.
(2) Dante: they dont seem to know more than that chief
(2) Dante: i've questioned them before
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you need to study people more, his body language is telling me that he is hiding something. (Falied diplo roll)
(5) Teiresias: ooc Damn it!
(2) Dante: i'm sorry for your man gunny. but we've got bigger fish to fry. the enclave is alive and kicking. they want a piece of us.
(1) Thorgrimm: Son i will give you exactly 3 minutes to tell me what you are not telling me then we leave you here by yourself
(5) Teiresias: ooc wait, if I tell him, he'll leave us here?
(3) Bishop: ooc no if you dont, he will leave *you* here
(5) Teiresias: ooc Ah. So simple now.
(1) Thorgrimm: God Damn! This is a bad nightmare! we just get rid of those damned Mordinos now the Mutants at Mariposa and the damned enclave at the same time!
(1) Thorgrimm: OOS no if you don't tell him
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante give me your full report
(5) Teiresias: Alright, fine. When he arrived, I figured he was some sort of raider. I've only seen people look that bad in New Reno, and that was only after wicked fights over meaningless stuff.
(2) Dante: the enclave is alive and kicking. they want a piece of us.
(2) Dante: they've got new pets too
(2) Dante: better, weirderlooking deatchclaws
(5) Teiresias: So I figured this guy was probably mixed in with the wrong crowd. I made a wise-ass remark, and he took offense to it. So, he didn't speak more to us.
(5) Teiresias: It wasn't until after we found his ID that I realized my mistake.
(1) Thorgrimm: damn, i was afraid of that Captain Sutton had filled me in on the Enclave experiments with those beasts
(2) Dante: i ony made it here because it seems they send the deathclaws after bill, and simple troops after me
(2) Dante: *l
(1) Thorgrimm: T Gunny looks over at you nad sadly smiles, now why couldn't you have told me in the first place, we all make mistakes
(1) Thorgrimm: damn, we are stretched as it is. Dante get in the Hummer with Captain Mayo, He turns to the rest of you, you are wlecome to accompany us to the base, if you wish to go.
(5) Teiresias: I guess I'm just a little more cautious than usual, considering the circumstances. It's not every day that I wake up with heavily armed people standing over me in the desert.
(3) Bishop: may I get up now Sir? This dirts a bit hot
(2) Dante: right away chief
(1) Thorgrimm: Son i do understand but i respect honety most
(1) Thorgrimm: honesty
(5) Teiresias: I'll remember that.
(5) Teiresias: *smiles*
(1) Thorgrimm: yes and you may accompany us. Oh i am Gunnery Sergeant Dickinson United States Marine Corps
(5) Teiresias: Well, nice to meet you. I'm Teiresias.
(3) Bishop: *rolls away a bit and stands up brushing himselff off and pulling the rifle off his back to check it carefully*
(5) Teiresias: And I'd love to join you for the timebeing; there is a lot that doesn't make sense right now.
(1) Thorgrimm: i appreciate you gents trying to bring my scouts items back but this is too dangerous for children.
(3) Bishop: Bishop Greene at your service Sir *blows carefully on the weapon and sighs* gonna need another cleaning
(3) Bishop: Super mutants arent that dangerous i've faced off against them before
(1) Thorgrimm: Son we have plenty of cleaning kits. Mr Bishop please accompany Dante and get in the Hummer with Captain Mayo
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish he looks at you with the look of yeah right
(3) Bishop: *pulls the small chunk of ceramic out of his hip pocket* Found this on a dead soldier, probably enclave maybe it will help you *tosses the piece to the gunny*
(3) Bishop: *follows Dante to the vehicle*
(1) Thorgrimm: Where did you get that?
(3) Bishop: dead enclave soldier
(3) Bishop: stripped naked
(3) Bishop: shot in the eye
(3) Bishop: they dragged the armor off
(1) Thorgrimm: damnit, that is advanced power armor material, who killed the enclave trooper?
(3) Bishop: unknown sir
(5) Teiresias: We don't know.
(2) Dante: my guess would be bill sir
(3) Bishop: probably your man
(3) Bishop: Ive seen normal powered armor, and that stuff is way above it
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC remember you also picked up a chunk from the enclave claw fight
(3) Bishop: no fixing it with scrap metal thats for sure
(3) Bishop: ooc I dont give out all my aces yet
(1) Thorgrimm: this piece is too jagged for weapons fire, are you sure it was my man?
(5) Teiresias: No, sir, it may have been another.
(3) Bishop: oh there was marks of a claw pack
(1) Thorgrimm: you got glass from the first trooper dude, the material was from the claws and the 2nd fight.
(3) Bishop: never heard of them ripping threw armor though it is possible
(3) Bishop: the dead trooper had one eye full of glass
(3) Bishop: differant location. I apologize the heat is making me a bit off
(1) Thorgrimm: wlell i will ahve it analyzed they will let me know what tore this off
(5) Teiresias: Analyze it? You have a lab?
(2) Dante: he's got a whole base
(5) Teiresias: Whoa.
(3) Bishop: whats left of one i hear
(1) Thorgrimm: Mr T and the big green gentleman would you please accompany me to the 2nd Hummer, unless you like your little part of hell
(5) Teiresias: Neh, I can't say I'll miss it much.
(2) Dante: *takes a seat in the first hummer*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok follow me gents
(3) Bishop: *follows dante and climbs in the back*
(5) Teiresias: *follows and climbs into back of second hummer*
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish you notice that captain Mayo is a Ghoul!
(2) Dante: lo cappy
(3) Bishop: (ooc) used to them, remember what darwin is surounded by ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: Hey Dante see you been getting into trouble again
(2) Dante: say bish, never make a crack about the gunny's last name
(1) Thorgrimm: but how many worked for normies? none would be my guess
(3) Bishop: which name would that be Sir or yes sir?
(2) Dante: i'd like to see you outrun the enclave mayo
(3) Bishop: never seen a ghoul employeed outside their own kind, no offense intented
(1) Thorgrimm: Shit Dante you jknow us Ghouls are slow as old people fuckin!
(2) Dante: my point exactly
(1) Thorgrimm: T when you and Blake get into the Hummer with Gunny you notice a man in gaudy red armor
(5) Teiresias: Well, I can see we haven't met everyone yet.
(1) Thorgrimm: Jeff get us back the the base now. Captain Sutton calls on the other hummerss radio freq dude time to roll
(1) Thorgrimm: and you set off for the base.
(1) Thorgrimm: it tkaes you about 9 hrs to reach the base. As you pull into the gate you head down a street that looks like a war has happened recently. There is a large mmound that can only be a burial mound and the remains of what looks like houses
(1) Thorgrimm: you go to a compound where Gunny drops off Buff and Mal for treatment, and tells you Dr Bassett will take good care of them while we jaw in the command bunker
(5) Teiresias: ooc I'm headin' off; time for sleep.
(2) Dante: occ nn
(3) Bishop: ooc night
(5) Teiresias: ooc it's been fun to get this thing going again, though. See ya all next week.
(1) Thorgrimm: when you arrive and enter the command bunker you see beings of all sorts Ghouls, Mutants and normies all working together.
(1) Thorgrimm: Later dude
(5) Teiresias: Disconnecting from server...
(5) Teiresias (exit): 02:27
(3) Bishop: nothing like harmony to reunite the world
(2) Dante: the real unity :)
(2) Dante: *although Dante is not a real believer in the gunnies cause, he does like the effective teamplay of the group*
(1) Thorgrimm: now when you get to the conference room he sets you gents down and says Now Since your friend has passed out i need you gents to fill me in on everything you know, as i NEED the intel
(3) Bishop: -well all the natives of that village are passed out
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC he knows about your feelings
(3) Bishop: i just arrived a few days before this
(1) Thorgrimm: so what really happened?
(3) Bishop: your man walked in bleeding like a freshman on prom night, and then collapsed
(3) Bishop: the talker that just passed out was drunk and said something stupid so your man didnt pass on any info
(3) Bishop: we found the map and card, and i cut off the insignia thinking they might be needed and that someone would want to know what happened to him
(1) Thorgrimm: children think they know everything as i needed that intel
(2) Dante: for my part: we scouted out the area assigned to us, we got discovered by a whole bunch of nasties... enclave using deathclaws and vertibirds, the works...
(3) Bishop: well I was last to arrive on the scene Sir
(2) Dante: we make a run for it
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante let me see that map
(2) Dante: then i meet these kids and they carry that map
(3) Bishop: my last caravan was destroyed near the ncr by muties
(2) Dante: supposedly, the enclave should hit us within less than a month
(3) Bishop: you know im not that much younger than you Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: damnit it, how did they locate the base? as the stories keep everybody out?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC did you hand him the map?
(2) Dante: occ yeah
(3) Bishop: they can moniter radio traffic
(3) Bishop: hell even slavers can
(2) Dante: radio trafic, vertibird radar might have picked something up
(2) Dante: i dont know
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny looks at the map and swears Jorgr i need you to come in here he is speaking into a speaker phone. Then a mutant comes in even bigger than Blake
(3) Bishop: there was news awhile back, a new reno crime family was dealing with the enclave
(2) Dante: maybe they are just after the supplies. the were the governement once afterall.
(2) Dante: *y
(3) Bishop: *pulls a small brush from one pocket and carefully begins brushing off the .45 after unloading it and leaving the magazine in the holster*
(2) Dante: they sould have ready access to all locations of vaults and bases
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you know that the residual rads mess up long range radio traffic, the only way they could spot us is with this. Then he shows you the map with numbers running down the side.
(1) Thorgrimm: do you realsie what this is?
(1) Thorgrimm: realise
(2) Dante: i'm just a stupid grunt sir...
(2) Dante: *dante smiles*
(1) Thorgrimm: now who is bullshitting who?
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny says to Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: this is a satellitte pic with the GPS coordinates of this base.
(3) Bishop: goverment used to have eyes in the sky...maybe they still do
(1) Thorgrimm: damn it where in the hell did they get access to a fully functioning GPS relay facility?
(3) Bishop: ooc norad! ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante, you still interested in another mission?
(2) Dante: no clue sir
(2) Dante: yes sir
(1) Thorgrimm: it will be extremely dangerous, but i need you to go to colorado springs to gather intel
(2) Dante: wouldn't want it any other way
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Miles yup you got it right the first time!
(1) Thorgrimm: ok you have any ideas what gear you will need? as i want this as a simple intel gathering mission
(2) Dante: i dont suppose i could get some powerarmor, a gatling and a squad of men with me?
(2) Dante: *dante smiles sarcastically*
(1) Thorgrimm: sorry i don't think that would get you inside NORAD
(3) Bishop: pocket nuke anyone
(1) Thorgrimm: stealth is required for this first part, think you are up to it?
(1) Thorgrimm: Mr Bishop since Dante is going to need help you feel like signing on?
(3) Bishop: Yes Sir if i can peruse your armor first... I lost my favored rifle awhile back and will gladly give you this one for use as a trade for a new one
(3) Bishop: armory*
(2) Dante: oh lord, that would mean the kids would be tagging along too
(1) Thorgrimm: what was that weapon son?
(3) Bishop: a very old carbine version of an m-16 from the pre war
(3) Bishop: a settler of darwin gifted it to me
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you know we are stretched, after the deathclwa attack and the damned Mordinos we need the bodies.
(3) Bishop: some of the kids have their uses
(2) Dante: yeah yeah i know
(3) Bishop: the big ones got a very nice gun
(1) Thorgrimm: Jorge speaks up, speaking of where is the boy?
(1) Thorgrimm: so Mr Bishop you want an M-14?
(1) Thorgrimm: as there were no carbine versions of the M-16
(3) Bishop: really...must have been custom made
(3) Bishop: ive seen a few 14s
(3) Bishop: a bit big for my tastes. If you have a standard 16 and someplace I can wash up ill be good to go in an hour
(1) Thorgrimm: sure way can accomodate you
(3) Bishop: how longe before we leave
(3) Bishop: and are we walking to the east...those mountaints are huge
(2) Dante: so, do we have any enclave shit i could use or will i have to kill someone and steal the uniform?
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you are quick, why yes we have 2 suits of enclave PA Armor
(2) Dante: where the fuck did you get those?
(3) Bishop: hey you can run to colorado in that Dante!
(1) Thorgrimm: and you can have that avenger i promised you as payment for your help
(2) Dante: fits the armor and the enclave uses it as well, so it'll be perfect
(1) Thorgrimm: MR bBishop, how would you like the other suit? with a gauss rifle to go along with it?
(2) Dante: since when are we handing out PA to rookies sir?
(3) Bishop: I can settle for combat armor easier to move
(3) Bishop: and quieter
(2) Dante: i'd appreciate the help, but we arent quite sure he doesnt just run off with it
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante if i had the time i would send somebody else, but 3 weeks does not give us much time
(2) Dante: as you wish
(3) Bishop: if the PA is needed I will take it
(3) Bishop: never used a gauss rifle...sounds expensive
(1) Thorgrimm: Mr Bishop the enclave does not have combat armor, only PA so if you wish to go you would need that for infiltration( Plot hook)
(2) Dante: enclave always travel in pairs or more
(2) Dante: occ liar
(3) Bishop: (ooc) they do but, Ill slide for story ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC YUP
(3) Bishop: sound sgood
(3) Bishop: is it airconditioned *grins*
(1) Thorgrimm: we will work out the details but the first thing to mind is you are enclave troopers with prisoners and when you get in get the info and get the hell out safely.
(3) Bishop: that means NOT unloading with the minigun Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: we will drop you off about a weeks march from Colorado Springs and that will be the rendevous spot for retrieval
(2) Dante: no really?
(2) Dante: sounds good sir
(1) Thorgrimm: gentlemen do not underestimate your danger they WILL kill you fif they catch you
(2) Dante: what else is new
(3) Bishop: fact of life
(1) Thorgrimm: True Dante, but i wasn't worried about you, it was the children i am sending into harms way LOL
(2) Dante: do we've got enclave pipboys? i hear they sign in with those when their shift ends... maybe we couldbash one up to explain why we dont have the proper clearance
(3) Bishop: problem gonna be getting out
(3) Bishop: with the "prisoners"
(1) Thorgrimm: yes we will also priovide what intell we have on NORAD maps and such but our intel is 100 years old, no telling what they have done in that time
(1) Thorgrimm: yes i know so you and Mr Bishop will create a diversion to give the others time to get out. I know you dante, you have a decent Sicence background so you will think of something
(3) Bishop: if its mechanical I can throw a wrench int the works
(2) Dante: oi, you're ruining my stupid grunt routine, chief
(3) Bishop: litteraly if needed
(1) Thorgrimm: how you gentlemen do it is up to you, but i have faith you will achive the objective
(1) Thorgrimm: LOL Dante but i know better than to fall for that old routine
(1) Thorgrimm: ok gents do you want to break here?
(3) Bishop: ooc works for me
(2) Dante: sure
(3) Bishop: ooc maybe we should start another campaign with us 3 if we are the only ones staying up till the morning thing lol :P
(2) Dante: basically i get powerarmor on level 2
(1) Thorgrimm: i would go further but without the others it would not be fair to them
(2) Dante: why o why do i hink i'll loose it :p
(2) Dante: *t
(1) Thorgrimm: You think i would do that to you?
(2) Dante: bish, timetable has been changed remember?
(3) Bishop: yep
(1) Thorgrimm: Su, remember me telling you that you would either level or die?
(2) Dante: and yes thor you would have a ball with that
(1) Thorgrimm: LOL
(2) Dante: not much leveling this session tbh ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: no but this was only the setup phase
(2) Dante: yeah i know
(1) Thorgrimm: and you got some rockin gear
(2) Dante: so what can we expect next session? going up to norad? next session going in? next session going out? :)
(1) Thorgrimm: but trust me when i tell you you WILL need it. You gents are powerfull but fragile, not many HP's
(2) Dante: uhu
(1) Thorgrimm: Depends on what you gents do, but that was the plan
(2) Dante: i'll be sure to load up on 5mm AP
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: if the others would have stuck around they would have gotten goodies also
(1) Thorgrimm: but had to change on the fly
(2) Dante: what do the other kids get? not much i recon, everything should be carried by miles & i
(2) Dante: since they re prisoners
(3) Bishop: yep
(3) Bishop: we can stash their stuff
(1) Thorgrimm: yup, they are basiclly getting food and water
(3) Bishop: gotta love outstaying the others and getting teh uber loots :P
(2) Dante: lol
(1) Thorgrimm: i did tell eveybody what was going to happen, their choice not to stick
(2) Dante: should we keep track of a personal locker here at the base?
(2) Dante: as inventory seems pretty important for thorry :)
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah you will be assigned an NCO quater
(1) Thorgrimm: quarter
(3) Bishop: so basically our inventory minus new stuff is left behind
(1) Thorgrimm: you carry what you want, but as the enclve i will be looking for non enclave issued items
(2) Dante: yeah i know, basically just the stuff we are supposed tohae salvaged off the prisoners
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(2) Dante: but only the interesting hardware and no small stuff
(2) Dante: as the enclave wouldnt give a rats ass about that
(1) Thorgrimm: think like you were in their place what would you take back to base?
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(2) Dante: so the browning comes along, the huntinrifles get tossed :)
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(1) Thorgrimm: so does the Barrett
(2) Dante: right, forgot about buffy
(1) Thorgrimm: i didn't
(1) Thorgrimm: next week if PIP doesn't show buff dies on the way there
(3) Bishop: woohoo for lootage ;)
(2) Dante: killing the lady, you little sob
(1) Thorgrimm: Yuppers thats me
(2) Dante: told you bish would go for the barrett thor ;p
(3) Bishop: nope
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah i know
(3) Bishop: dont want it
(2) Dante: ?
(3) Bishop: I want the canteens
(2) Dante: lol!
(3) Bishop: and anything I can use for another purpose
(3) Bishop: like sleeping gear
(1) Thorgrimm: well he odes have the tude to survive
(2) Dante: ladies underware?
(1) Thorgrimm: LMAO!
(3) Bishop: hmm for T-bird
(1) Thorgrimm: so i am gonna save this bad boy then load it to the site
(2) Dante: pompidom :)