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(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 11:34
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Moving to room 'Thorgrimm's Fallout'..
(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 11:35
Server Administrator->
Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
This product is licensed under the GNU GPL License.

(3) Dante (enter): 13:04
(4) Dante (enter): 13:45
(3) Dante (exit): 13:47
(5) Carib FMJ (enter): 14:19
(5) Carib FMJ: I am here
(5) Carib FMJ: Do u see me?
(6) Dante (enter): 14:20
(6) Dante: fuck DC
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib wonders around the compound a bit, still pissed red at Gunny for taking his jeep and using it for parts* Fuck it man, you guys had to go chop up my jeep... *He hisses*
(6) Dante: other RP i'm afraid carib
(4) Dante (exit): 14:21
(6) Dante: the new one is one book before this one :)
(6) Dante: you'll need to improvise to fit ;)
(5) Carib FMJ: Okay
(1) Thorgrimm: lol sorry about the jeep dude
(5) Carib FMJ: *Still seaths*
(6) Dante: hehehehe
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib scowls at Dante* What you laughing at, ese?
(6) Dante: you've got nothing to whine about dude, he promised me a mkII powerarmor with night vision
(6) Dante: HE TOOK IT AWAY
(6) Dante: *cough*
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib you are in the group of prisoners that Dante and the others have rescued. Dante you see a man who just might be ok to help
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib rubs his side, his ribs still acheing from being gun butted for being resistant* Thanks... For the save, ese? What they call you?
(6) Dante: Dante
(6) Dante: you able to help out here?
(6) Dante: start salvaging some gear from the dead
(6) Dante: you'll find enough to outfit yourself youngster
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib smiles winely* Sure. What you need me to do? Don't like sitting and being pampered...
(5) Carib FMJ: Oh, boy.... Feedin' of the dead. Hmm, I guess livin' in the Bone Yard, you get used to it
(6) Dante: well are you able to handle a gun son?
(5) Carib FMJ: Can you take a piss standin' up, ese? Yeah, I can handle a gun.
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny says that enough time has passed so he suggests to Dante to take some men and check out this building.
(6) Dante: dont loudmouth me HOMBRE
(1) Thorgrimm: He will remain outside and care for the sick and wounded prisoners.
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib scavenges his Desert Eagle .44 from a fallen guard. He then kicks the dead man.* That was my dad's gift to me asshole. *He picks around and finds some stims as well as ammo and some armor.
(6) Dante: nah
(6) Dante: lets take him in with us
(6) Dante: the punk can prove himself
(5) Carib FMJ: I ain't loud mouthin' no one, ese....
(5) Carib FMJ: Who you callin' punk, old man?
(6) Dante: Miles, T & the doc can stay around securing the compound
** (6) Dante grabs the young man and says "dont screw with me fucktard, you'll live longer" **
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib gets a SPAS 12 pump action shotgun and begins to load it with its deadly payload.* So.... whats the dell?
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny looks at the boy for a second, then breaks out in laughter, Son i like your style, balls of brass, I am Gunnery Sergeant Dickinson, USMC.
(5) Carib FMJ: The Deal is Car, is behave yourself and listen to the Gunny dude and Dante. *Carib turned his head to see Roadrunner scowling*
(6) Dante: now are we done yerking off ladies? time to go find what emil was looking for...
** (6) Dante winks at the gunny **
(5) Carib FMJ: So... you the Gunny, eh. Pleasure man. Heard lots. My girl here tells me lots of the brave things you done... And step aside old man or I'll crack open a can of whoop ass on you *Carib recieves a smack from Roadrunner*
(1) Thorgrimm: Alright Dante, you and the new personnel stop waving your dicks in the air and lets check out that building, unless you want me to knock heads?
(1) Thorgrimm: Gald to meet you son
(1) Thorgrimm: glad
(5) Carib FMJ: Thanks same here. *Carib says empathetically* Roadrunner nods also "Pleasure, Gunnery Sergeant."
** (6) Dante moves towards the entrance, puts his eyegear into place & readies his Avenger minigun **
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib nods at the sleak weapon* My grand dad, what a big piece you have. *Roadrunner rolls her eyes*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you head off you come to a doorthat has been broken into, It is a 10 foot corridor that ends in a glass wall and door, the door is hanging off of the top hinge.
** (6) Dante waits for the others to follow & starts to slowly move into the corridor **
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib follws behind, not willing to be infront of the minigun*
(6) Dante: occ: what lighting do we've got thor?
(5) Carib FMJ: *** Carib and Roadrunner follow close behind...***
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib whispers* Its quiet, ese.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, when you get to the door you see a large room, 20 foot square with a bookcase running the length of the west wall. The room is full of sofas chairs low tables a coffee maker, and 2 water coolers, both dry. The most unusual feature of the room is the skylight over the center of the room. Originally the glass was clear but over the last 168 years of desert sun has turned the glass a deep blue. And this is bathing the room in a eerie light blue light.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
** (6) Dante secures the room, moves towards the next corridor & keep it guarded while the others can take a look around **
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib looks about the room. It was empty. Appearantly just vacated. Some nice sofas and a coffee machine* Whoever was here, they left in a hurry. Hmm, nice books *he snacthes a Cat's Paw magazine only to return it with Roadrunner looking* What, I just read the articles, honest.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante as you enter the center of the room you see doors off to each side of the entrance, 2 rooms straight ahead, and a cooridor to the left halfway in the room.
(6) Dante: occ i think we need to give carib just a lil more intel thor :)
(1) Thorgrimm: as you look over the book case you see that there are thechnical journals
(1) Thorgrimm: technical
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib takes a few* Could be worth somethin'... and I sure love to read. Hey, ese? I can take some of the technical journals?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC what do you suggest SU?
(6) Dante: occ: well maybe tell em about what just happened here :)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok go ahead. :D
(1) Thorgrimm: you are NCOIC
(5) Carib FMJ: What that mean, ese?
(6) Dante: occ: this is an old old old old facility mate. the big evil mofo of this RP was headed here but we wasted his men outside
(1) Thorgrimm: Non Commissioned Officer In Charge
(6) Dante: occ: he was looking for something in particular & we are here to find out
(6) Dante: occ: *what
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC there is a roumor of a pre-war facility that Emil was looking for, for the Confeds
(6) Dante: occ: anyhow, just leave the big descriptions about the state of he facility to thor as he is the GM, the rest you can do what you like
(5) Carib FMJ: ooc: Cool
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib, you fing one big book of science and one med journal.
(1) Thorgrimm: What are you gents doing now?
** (6) Dante looks back over his shoulder: finding anything useful gunny? **
(6) Dante: any idea what this place is?
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib takes a look through the shelf, bobbing through books, some he knew through his father, others had some weird names... He finds a big book of science and two medical journals. It was the sort of thing Roadrunner enjoyed*
(1) Thorgrimm: None, as far a i knew before the war nothing was in the area, so i am stumped just like you. It doesn't have the air of the military about it, so i would guess it was civie, but what it is i have no idea.
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib shrugs, placing the weighted books near the coffee maker.* Damn, no wonder a lot kids hated school.
(5) Carib FMJ: Perhaps its a shelter. A lot were built during them times. Like Vaults. May have been a primitive fallout shelter or some recent den.
(1) Thorgrimm: I suggest we search the rooms and secure them before we enter any cooridors.
(1) Thorgrimm: could be, but it is set up wrong for a shelter, unless it is hiding something
(6) Dante: watch it, some of emils men might have hid away inhere, if they had gasmasks that is...
(5) Carib FMJ: I guess the military had lots of secerts. Kinda like the enclave, eh?
(1) Thorgrimm: yes we did, look at me, went to sleep one day then woke up 166 years later.
(5) Carib FMJ: *** Carib held his shot near, ready for anything*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante you in charge, so lead on McDuff. :D
(5) Carib FMJ: Talk about waking to a nightmare, eh, Sarge?
** (6) Dante stomps open the nearest door and sweeps it **
(1) Thorgrimm: you have no idea, and Gunny as that is my rank.
(1) Thorgrimm: Which one dude?
(1) Thorgrimm: there are 4?
(6) Dante: occ: the nearest one ;)))))
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, where are you at in the room?
(5) Carib FMJ: Okay, Gunny.... *Carib follows close to Dante, he not too far from the old man who liberated him earlier*
(6) Dante: still at the entrance moving in quickly with the avenger ready for anything
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, which way? As they are both about equidistant from the entrance?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Need me to say where the doors are at again?
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib tries the nexty door, knocking it aside with stomp* Shotgun ready, the light fixture scanning the darkness*
(6) Dante: just systematically clearing the rooms
(6) Dante: occ: investigation will have to wait until they are all found secure
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC lol i know but i need to know which one you are entering, so pick one!
(1) Thorgrimm: hello?
(6) Dante: the one straight ahead when we entered
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you croos the room and kick the right hand door, it flies open, what do you do?
(1) Thorgrimm: cross
(5) Carib FMJ: Clear! *Carib said from the next room adjascent from Dante*
(6) Dante: occ taking us a few steps back are we? ok then in greater detail...
(6) Dante: kick the door open, step aside from the door (the outside of it), wait if anyone shoots at the door from the inside, take a peak inside & then move in
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, nobody shoots at you, and as you peek in it looks like a mens bathroom.
(5) Carib FMJ: ooc: what would I do with out you, Dante
(6) Dante: occ oh joy :)
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC are you mapping this SU?
(6) Dante: occ guess that carib just did the womens restroom :)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, yup
(6) Dante: occ trying to :)
(1) Thorgrimm: so do you need another room description?
(6) Dante: moving towards the room at the left of the entrance
(5) Carib FMJ: "Well at least they flushed"
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you kick in the door, nothing shoots at you and the door closes again, what are you doing?
(6) Dante: move in hard for the first 2 meters then slow down to get a better view of the room
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib moves in, halts and waits for Dante*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, what you see when your eyes adjust to the dark is what looks like a control center with monitors, and a large map on the wall. What do you do?
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib goes to check out the map*
(6) Dante: hey gunny, i think we got a security room here, come & check it out while we check the next room
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib make an IN roll
(6) Dante: occ thats one D10 dice carib ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Carib what is your intelligence?
(5) Carib FMJ: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)
(6) Dante: occ caribs intel is 8
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you notice that it has a town on the map that does not corrospond with your knowledge of the area. It shows a town called Eden about 5 kilometers west of this location,
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib goes to check out the map* Eden.... Never heard of it...
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante the room is 20 foot long, 10 foot wide, and has no apparent other entrances.
(1) Thorgrimm: What do you need Dante? Gunny asks?
(6) Dante: your the brains, i'm the fist, you figure it out
** (6) Dante smirks **
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah but you are in command this mission, sdo lead!
(1) Thorgrimm: so
(5) Carib FMJ: Yeah, ese... lead on.
(6) Dante: occ: oh come on lardass work with me, it's just you me carib and roadrunner
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib follows in Gunny's example*
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC not going to tell you gents what to do, as i know everything, so you HAVE to do it, Gunny is here mainly for firefights, if needed.
(5) Carib FMJ: *Roadrunner yawns* Ready?
(6) Dante: check the facilities, yes even the toilets...
** (6) Dante studies the 'security' room **
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC lol, never played D&D much huh?
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib checks the monitors* Do you think they're on Posiedon Net?
(6) Dante: occ dude you KNOW i never PnPed IRL
(6) Dante: occ closest encounter with D&D was ToEE ...
(1) Thorgrimm: you have got to be specific in what you are doing, as i can't do anything till you tell me what to do. lol
(1) Thorgrimm: think of it as you are telling somebody else what you did.
(6) Dante: first examine the monitors & possible backup power
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a sci roll.
(6) Dante: occ, carib you go nose around somewhere :p
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [16] = (16)
(6) Dante: occ sci iz 139%
(5) Carib FMJ: Sure thing... I'll check the restroom. maybe the rats fled through the vents
(5) Carib FMJ: *Carib exited the room, and headed towards the bathroom stalls. Maybe he'd find some useful information.*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you start fiddiling with the monitors and electronics you come to the conclusion that they are just here for faking out others, as they do nothing. You conclude that it is a decoy, and the real control room is still to be found.
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib, you find nothing out of the ordinary in the heads, only that if they had water they would work.
(5) Carib FMJ: *and that they make a cool sound when you flush them*
(6) Dante: gunny, we got decoys here... yow, the rest of you, keep your eyes open for hidden panels or whatever. check for small stuff like security cards
(5) Carib FMJ: Boss, bathrooms are clear...
(1) Thorgrimm: if they had water, but no water
(5) Carib FMJ: occ: any drawers or lockers?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante make a pe roll.
(6) Dante: occ any desks or anything in the room?
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(6) Dante: occ PE 08
(6) Dante: occ brb gonna take a piss ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Dante you only find that nothing is out of the ordinary, but this is definitely not the main control room.
(5) Carib FMJ: Next room?
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib, no lockers or desks, just a normal waiting office type of head.
(6) Dante: go to the room across
(6) Dante: & check thatone out
(1) Thorgrimm: the only other room not looked at was to the other side of the entrance.
(6) Dante: uhu
(6) Dante: one was left (this one) and other was on the right, hence the room across ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, yes
(6) Dante: move in the same way as the others: kick door, stand aside, move in, check for people & traps
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, no shooting, but make a PE roll, both of you.
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)
(6) Dante: occ PE 08
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib?
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante also make a sci roll
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [89] = (89)
(6) Dante: occ sci iz 139%
(5) Carib FMJ: Yeah
(6) Dante: occ /1d10 carib :)
(5) Carib FMJ: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)
(5) Carib FMJ: [1d100] -> [17] = (17)
(5) Carib FMJ: My science is 52
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, what you see is this is a 10 foot square room that was the data collection and monitoring center for the station's weather instruments. Since these instruments are gone this room is not too usefull, but with a wee bit of work could be made usefull again. Nothing in the room is broken, only that the instruments to monitor are gone.
(6) Dante: salvagable gear for the base, gunny, maybe mark it or something
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, we could definitely use a weather monitoring station.
** (6) Dante pays attention to the walls & tries to find flaws or abnormalities **
(1) Thorgrimm: nothing jumps out at you from this room.
(6) Dante: lets move, people nothing to see here
(1) Thorgrimm: only thing left is the corridor running to the left of the main entrance.
** (6) Dante walks past the book closets before heading down the corridor **
(5) Carib FMJ: Carib follows
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you get to the corridor you see the same eerie blue light from overhead, and you see 3 doors to the right and a large opening to the left.
(1) Thorgrimm: The first door is about 20 feet down the cooridor
(6) Dante: occ how far down is the opening?
(1) Thorgrimm: about 40 right across from the secon door
(1) Thorgrimm: 40 feet
(5) Carib FMJ: ooc: guys, sorry I gotta go... I have to go and pick up my siblings from the movies
(6) Dante: carib cover the first door but dont go in yet. gunny with me, we need to clear the opening first
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, lead on
(6) Dante: occ cya dude
(5) Carib FMJ: Laterz man. At least it working now
(1) Thorgrimm: later dude
(5) Carib FMJ: Disconnecting from server...
(5) Carib FMJ (exit): 15:26
** (6) Dante cautiously walks down the hall to check the opening, keeping a close eye on the next two doors **
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you get to the openingt make a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(6) Dante: occ PE 08
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, this is a very large room with a 10 foot vehicle door, this appears to be the delivery door you saw from outside, and the slolid steel door is only openable from the inside, hence the reason they went through the glass door. the room is large enough to accomodate the V-150
(1) Thorgrimm: the room is 30 foot by 30 foot
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: clear it as fast as possible, open it, move the tank in & order miles, T & the medic to move the slaves into the shade
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, it takes about 15 minutes to accomplish that. Give your self 100 XP for the quick thinking on part of the prisoners!
(6) Dante: occ :)
(1) Thorgrimm: so waht do you do now?
(6) Dante: let the three non actives deal with the garage (slaves, and security)
(6) Dante: and move back to the first door in the hall
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(6) Dante: let miles guard the entrance to the garage
(6) Dante: (if possible from the .50 cal on the tank)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok,
(6) Dante: same entry style as last time on the first door of the hall
(1) Thorgrimm: ok as you kick this one your foot gaets a nasty sting as it clangs off of the steel door, idisguised as wood.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: inspect the door & the doorframe closely
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)
(6) Dante: occ PE 8
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you barely notice the frame is sloid steel, and it can not be broken down, will need either the key card or pick the lock. It has a hidden slot for a key card. Somebody did not want this room to be entered.
(1) Thorgrimm: solid
(6) Dante: this has to be the real security room
(6) Dante: take another look at the security card system
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll at -2
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)
(6) Dante: occ; barf, not even a sci role?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you know that it will tkae an electronic lock pick mk2 to break it, or you will have to find the keycard.
(1) Thorgrimm: very fancy lock
** (6) Dante sighs **
(6) Dante: lets move to the second room
(1) Thorgrimm: ok same entrance style?
(6) Dante: negative
(6) Dante: tap the door first
(6) Dante: (dont wanna bust my foot ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, ok this door is wood, and unlocked.
(6) Dante: open it while standing aside
(1) Thorgrimm: the monitors and controls which sample the subsurface water table and periodic floods are found in this room.
(1) Thorgrimm: what are you doing?
(6) Dante: inspect the room for anything unusual (traps, hidden panels). then take a look at the monitors
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok you find nothing besides what has been described
(6) Dante: move towards the next room
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, how are you entering?
(6) Dante: tap the door, open it while standing aside
(1) Thorgrimm: this is the air conditioning room, nothing but HVAC gear and monitors.
(6) Dante: check the airducts
(6) Dante: (crawlable towards previous rooms? :)
(1) Thorgrimm: As you come out of the room, Miles runs up and says "Dude, you gotta check this out!" what do you do?
(1) Thorgrimm: nada
(6) Dante: follow miles
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, he leads you to an alcove that was off to the side, hidden by some shelves, when moved you see a room filled with equipment. Make a sci roll.
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [22] = (22)
(6) Dante: occ 139
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you find in the room all the equipment for the missing stations! Like they had not been installed yet. Also, in the corner you see a body. What do you do?
(6) Dante: sweep the room for traps as i make my way towards the body
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a traps roll, then a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [27] = (27)
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)
(6) Dante: traps 55, PE 8
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, no traps were found.
(6) Dante: examine the body
(1) Thorgrimm: when you examine the body you notice that it has the same coat of arms as was on the V-150 that you found! Somehow this facility is linked to that cache. Also you find what looks like a civilian version of a military ID card with a magnetic strip on the back.
(6) Dante: grab the id & cut off the coat of arms & hand it to the gunny
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, " i have never seen this before, i am starting to wonder what the hell we stumbled into?"
(6) Dante: uhu...
(1) Thorgrimm: so what do you do?
(6) Dante: head back towards the security door & try the keycard
(6) Dante: (stand aside as it opens , if it opens ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, when you slip the card in you all of a sudden hear steel being withdrawn from the door, realizing it was reinforced! Then it opens inward.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: ready the Avenger and take a look inside
(6) Dante: moving in slowly & cautiously
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a PE and then a sci roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [95] = (95)
(6) Dante: 8 & 139
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, this is what you find out.
(1) Thorgrimm: this room contains both monitors and controls for the power. It is the nexus for the solar collection screens on the outer walls. the room is half full of batteries. The controls here allow a more direct use of power, as well as providing power overrides, shut-offs, etc. Currently the station is running at minimum power levels. Any increase in power has to be performed here.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: inspect the system. locate possible auxiliary systems which can be shut off in favor of more important ones (for us)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a sci roll
(6) Dante: (where are the panels? topside?)
(6) Dante: (roof)
(1) Thorgrimm: all over the outside of the building
(6) Dante: send T to clean them off with anything he can find
(1) Thorgrimm: make your sci roll
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [70] = (70)
(6) Dante: 139
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you realise that if you just increase the power levels most items would power up, as the station is only running at minimum settings.
(6) Dante: check for base security settings
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)
(6) Dante: 8
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, the only thing you notice is that the walls are steel, and think the door was the only security for the power room.
(6) Dante: (i meant security in the base, not the room itself, but thx anyway ;)
(6) Dante: any sensors, or security turrets or whatever drawing power
(1) Thorgrimm: yeas i know, so far there has been only security in this room, the rest of the station was meant to be unsecured, hence the decoys.
(6) Dante: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: tap into base databases
(6) Dante: try and find out what this thing is/was
(1) Thorgrimm: with out clearance, the only thing you can access it the power levels, it keeps referring you to the control room for access to those secured files.
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny suggests to power up the station, as you never know what might turn up when it is powered.
(6) Dante: turn it on
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you slowly raise the power levels you notice the light begin to flicker, and that dust begins to spew out of the air conditioning ducts.
(1) Thorgrimm: do you continue?
(6) Dante: affirmative
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, the light begin to flicker more then snap on, the sudden light hurts your eyes. The dust begins to flow faster out of the air ducts, continue?
(6) Dante: stop
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, do you lower it or just leave it at current levels
(6) Dante: leave it at current levels
(6) Dante: check for which systems have been activated
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you notice that the light for security, control and air circulation is on nothing else is.
(1) Thorgrimm: like it is powering up the biggest prioity first
(6) Dante: attempt to find out if systems can be powered individually
(1) Thorgrimm: no, they are all tied to this room, that is probably why such security on this room Gunny suggests.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: raise the power
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, after about 20 minutes the dust stops coming out of the vents, then fresh air begins to cycle. all the rest of the systems are now powered.
(1) Thorgrimm: every now and then you hear a light explode as it gives up the ghost
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: i assume there are areas that we havent seen yet, so move down the corridor CAREFULLY :)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Make a PE roll
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(6) Dante: 8
(1) Thorgrimm: you do not see anything but something is nagging you about the first room you explored.
(1) Thorgrimm: not the heads the other room
(6) Dante: the fake sec room?
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: head there, now extra careful for traps
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a PE roll at -2
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(6) Dante: 8
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, it finally hits you the dimensions of that room do not match the distance between the door and the corridor! It is 15 feet too narrow!
(6) Dante: search for hidden panels, if you find nothing, check the clich book cases :)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok make a traps roll
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [23] = (23)
(6) Dante: 55
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, you notice a small hairline crack in the fake sec room that is way too straight to be natural, the dust coating the walls is what hid it earlier, but turning on the air has created enough movement to get the slightest hint of a crack.
(6) Dante: check it for traps
(1) Thorgrimm: ok mkae a traps roll
(6) Dante: [1d100] -> [52] = (52)
(6) Dante: 55
(1) Thorgrimm: you do not see anything that might be a trap.
(6) Dante: pry it open
(6) Dante: if it doesnt work take out my trusty crowbar
(1) Thorgrimm: can't slip anything into the crack too narrow, and you sure you want to use the crowbar?
(6) Dante: well, if you cant slip anything into it you cant use a crowbar
(6) Dante: try and find another way to open it
(1) Thorgrimm: you could always try and create a pry space, but do you wish to try?
(6) Dante: first try and find another way
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, make a PE roll at +4
(6) Dante: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
(6) Dante: w00t
(1) Thorgrimm: lol damn!
(1) Thorgrimm: as you are uncovering the crackline, your finger brushes a hidden stub which flips open a VERY well hidden keycard slot.
(6) Dante: use the keycard
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you slide in the keycard, you begin to hear gears moving and locks disengaging, then a voice blares out, security protocols disengaged, Welcome commander.
(6) Dante: w00t :)
(6) Dante: enter the room
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Damn lucky!
(1) Thorgrimm: ok as you enter the room the light filcker to life and the monitors pop to life, like they were motion controlled.
(6) Dante: take a seat & inspect the screens
(1) Thorgrimm: this room is the actual control room for the entire station. From here all station controls can be operated and monitored and all the equipment is intact. On one of the walls is a mpa similar to the one in the fake sec room, only it has greater details on it. It has an access tunnel running from the station to something called TN-7 but you have seen no other entrances in this building.
(1) Thorgrimm: map
(1) Thorgrimm: So you must assume you have missed something
(6) Dante: call up information on this TN7
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, it brings up data how this is the water shunting and monitoring facility for TN-7, everything else is code protected, with the waring if the wrong code is entered all data will be removed.
(1) Thorgrimm: whatever TN-7 is it requires shitloads of water.
(1) Thorgrimm: and it has TN-7 located in that town of Eden out west.
(6) Dante: hey gunny, do we've got any computer experts at the base?
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah Miles the Ghoul was a comp expert in the day, maybe he can take a look at this.
(6) Dante: in the meanwhile scroll through the unprotected info
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, is basicly says that TN-7 has nbeen completed and only waiting for the shunting facility (TN-6) to come online and provide 100,000 gallons of water per day.
(6) Dante: well, something tells me we need a security team here at all times until we can find out what this thing is
(6) Dante: bring up the info on TN6
(1) Thorgrimm: you think that the war caught whomever was building this facility by suprise before it could be completed.
(1) Thorgrimm: it is the water shunting, and monitoring facility for TN-7, only the water shunting is to be hidden as the cover was a water monitoring facility.
** (6) Dante thinks about what could consume so much water **
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah that has Gunny wondering also
(6) Dante: heavy water production plant? cooling for something?
(1) Thorgrimm: "I would guess a cooling system for something, but damned if i know, as even the fission plants only required half that amount
(6) Dante: great amounts of water, could be used to irrigate the entire valley, but i doubt emil would be interested in that
(1) Thorgrimm: no that he would not be, but if these folks had a new source of power generation THAT would interest him greatly.
(1) Thorgrimm: but what it would be is beyond me.
(1) Thorgrimm: So what do you do?
(6) Dante: unless we want to screw this up i think we should leave it alone until an expert can check this out
(6) Dante: i guess next stop would be eden
(6) Dante: but we need to ensure the security of this place first
(1) Thorgrimm: Ok, but i think we are missing something Gunny says, as we don't know where that access tunnl comes from, so we should look around for some hidden passage, as these folks seem to like hiding things
(6) Dante: gunny any ideas?
(1) Thorgrimm: true
(1) Thorgrimm: i wil rustle up a sec team to secure this plae
(6) Dante: ok, i'll make another sweep
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: how are you going to do your sweep?
(6) Dante: rustle up all people not active with base security and medical care of the slaves
(6) Dante: probably carib, rr, T,...
(6) Dante: let them search the base systematically and have dante himself check the end of corridors and other possible location
(6) Dante: s
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, since you have enough folks to do it, i am just gonna tell you, You notice that the corridor is shorter than the rooms on either side
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Dante: inspect the wall in question
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, how?
(6) Dante: look for cracks, visually & by touch
(6) Dante: knock on the walls to find other materials or hollow sounds
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you are searhing for cracks, Gunny taps on the wall chuckles and slams a fist through the wall, then pulls out a hiuge chunk of Sheet rock, what you see is a ladder leading to a lower level.
(6) Dante: well, what happened to being careful gunny? loosing our cool are we?
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, no you gotta know the difference between real and imagined traps. Then winks at you.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC i suggest we break here.
(6) Dante: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: give yourself 5000 XP for finding the real control room.
(6) Dante: oki will do
(1) Thorgrimm: the one time you needed a crit success you got one lucky SOB!! :D
(6) Dante: what were the sec measures?