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(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 22:46
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Moving to room 'Thorgrimm's Fallout'..
(1) Thorgrimm (enter): 22:47
Server Administrator->
Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
This product is licensed under the GNU GPL License.

(3) Carib FMJ (enter): 22:52
(1) Thorgrimm: glad you could make it sir
(3) Carib FMJ: Thanks.... A bit getting used to
(1) Thorgrimm: Is roadrunner going to be with you?
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, yeah but much better.
(3) Carib FMJ: No... She'd be at the base...
(1) Thorgrimm: one person said it was the most fun he had staring at text for four hours in a long time.
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: i just sent you all the weapons i have done right now. I need to do the rest.
(4) Carib FMJ (enter): 22:59
(4) Carib FMJ: What happened
(3) Carib FMJ (exit): 23:01
(4) Carib FMJ (exit): 23:04
(5) Carib FMJ (enter): 23:05
(5) Carib FMJ: Yeah, so do I add over the example sheet or what
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah add it there
(1) Thorgrimm: those make dir rolling easy, just a pain to make. :D
(6) Bishop (enter): 23:41
(1) Thorgrimm: welcome Miles
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish, what is your level?
(5) Carib FMJ (exit): 23:43
(6) Bishop: 9 i think
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, what is your pilot skill?
(6) Bishop: i believe we agreed on 50 or so cause that wasnt part of the original factoring
(1) Thorgrimm: ok add 25 to it
(6) Bishop: ok 75?
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(1) Thorgrimm: gonna need it.
(6) Bishop: you mean if anyone shows
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah, true, but i have a set of different encounter charts and scripted encounters depending on how many show.
(7) Dante (enter): 23:49
(1) Thorgrimm: glad to see you dude.
(7) Dante: *jawn*
(7) Dante: lo
(1) Thorgrimm: if Slurry does not show this week then will readjust so you are not getting up so late..
(1) Thorgrimm: Carib was here earlier, but then started having net problems
(7) Dante: bummer
(1) Thorgrimm: yup, but we can continue tonight as i have adjusted things just in case.
(1) Thorgrimm: not so many bad guys.
(7) Dante: :)
(1) Thorgrimm: and if nobody else shows, Gunny shows up with the Medic
(1) Thorgrimm: will wait till 0015 then begin
(1) Thorgrimm: you gents don't seem to enthused that the Gunny is going to show. :D
(6) Bishop: just finishing some other stuff up and watching the more interesting half of LOTR:ROTK (the battle half :P ))
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, ok
(1) Thorgrimm: you at work now?
(6) Bishop: no
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: you don't use Ace of Spades anymore?
(6) Bishop: sometimes
(6) Bishop: this just autologged in
(1) Thorgrimm: oh ok
(6) Bishop: closin it before the aussie signs on
(6) Bishop: and the Hong kong guy
(6) Bishop: they seem to forget it aint monday fo rme
(1) Thorgrimm: lol
(1) Thorgrimm: you gents just about ready to start?
(7) Dante: it aint monday for them either bish :p
(6) Bishop: ya
(6) Bishop: well the guy in HK forgets his sunday is my sat
(1) Thorgrimm: you ready SU?
(7) Dante: aye
(6) Bishop: yep
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, just 2 minutes then we start
(1) Thorgrimm: ah the hell with it. Lets begin
(7) Dante: 8)
(1) Thorgrimm: here is a recap of what you know. It is 1235 hrs. A team has been ambushed and a captive who knows where TN-6 is located has been taken. The enemy was headed north, and it is imperitive that you get back the captive.
(1) Thorgrimm: they were headed north on nevada state road 375.
(7) Dante: (or whats left of it ;) )
(1) Thorgrimm: actually looking at it head out of Spencer it looks in very good shape. only a pothole here and there.
(1) Thorgrimm: any questions before your reinforcements show?
(7) Dante: what crew do i have left? T & blake become NPCs? + bish?
(6) Bishop: yes i am the uber npc of doom damnit
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah Blake and T are NPC's
(7) Dante: lol didnt list you as a npc bish ffs
(7) Dante: ^^
(7) Dante: so no! you cant be the uber npc of doom!
(7) Dante: pay attention damn it
(6) Bishop: just pulling your short legs
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you gents are getting your bearings Gunnys Steps out of the shadows and rematerializes as he turns off his stealth mode in his armor. When he does another person carrying a large field medics kit follows right behind him and begins to examine the bodies for survivors.
(1) Thorgrimm: He says; "what the hell happened here? I headed out as soon as contact was broken?
(7) Dante: we found a secret stash & stole this recon&command tank, then we reached this location. seems one of you recon parties in search of something called 'TN-6' got ambushed.
(7) Dante: the man overthere told me 'emil' captured one of them to lead them to it
(1) Thorgrimm: Damnit! This was supposed to be a stealth op! Did you get any intel from the survivors?
(7) Dante: ever since we've reached this valley we've been heavily jammed
(6) Bishop: We havent exactly seen the enemy yet so its still a stealth op far as they know, we aint here
(7) Dante: as good as nothing sir...
(1) Thorgrimm: god damn! If that mother fucker is involved TN-6 must be damned important! Which way did they head?
(7) Dante: North
(1) Thorgrimm: mount them up Dante, you are NCO on site so you are in charge.
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC i can't tell you gents what to do.
(6) Bishop: tboth these machines will run far as i can tell Dante
(7) Dante: care to do some recon for us gunny? we need someone with good eyes & smarts to locate the enemy & gather intel before we can do anything else
(7) Dante: you'd be going out with blake and his 50 cal on the FAV
(1) Thorgrimm: where did you think they headed to? You are the boss and winks at you
(7) Dante: tracks lead north
(7) Dante: so far we have no idea what we are dealing with...
(1) Thorgrimm: did they capture anybody? OOC Just a hint at what to say. :D
(1) Thorgrimm: as some of the personnel are missing
(7) Dante: (read up man, i already told u that :p)
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC My bad
(1) Thorgrimm: ok what are your orders?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC welcome to the wonderful world of command! :D
(6) Bishop: ooc now you know why i just listen to what people tell me and do as they order
(7) Dante: track the enemy with the FAV, gather intel, report back & hopefully we'll be able to set an ambush or something...
(7) Dante: wtf is TN6 & why is it important anyway?
(1) Thorgrimm: are you sure? As the man missing knew where TN-6 was? It was some sort of pre war facility, and if the Darkman is involved it must be damned improtant to the Enclave. As the reports i have indicate they were looking for it.
(7) Dante: bish, in the meanwhile, cover up that symbol on the tank... we dont want to get identified for something we are not
(6) Bishop: will do i think theres some paint nearby
(7) Dante: what are we talking about here gunny? what kind of il base?
(7) Dante: *mil
(1) Thorgrimm: we do not know, but what little we know was that it was some sort of pre war facility. Do not know if it was mil or civie.
(1) Thorgrimm: but if Emil is looking for it, it must be damned important! As those Enclave bastards have access to records i do not.
(6) Bishop: *paints over the symbol as best he can*
(7) Dante: ok then, no time to loose... mount up. gunny, head out & track the enemy, we need more info before we can make a plan of action.
(7) Dante: we'll follow the tracks as well, but at a slower pace of course
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, can you recieve my transmission? Then does a comm check. You barely hear him, but you think if you stay within 500 meters you will be ok.
(7) Dante: 500m should work, but that jammer is a potent bitch
(1) Thorgrimm: he then gets into the drivers seat of the FAV and gives a rebel yell when he takes off at about 60 MPH! are you following?
(6) Bishop: *waiting in the driving seat*
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish you can tell that his skills behind the wheel is almost as good as you.
(6) Bishop: (ooc) well duh he drove real cars ;) damn popsicle
(7) Dante: occ thor how is the driverskill of the medic? better than bish?
(1) Thorgrimm: no, he has none and Bish has been adjusted
(7) Dante: oki
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish's skill is now 75
(7) Dante: take us out of here bish
(6) Bishop: *follows the Fav staying a good 400 meters back*
(7) Dante: hocc whats the PE on the medic?
(1) Thorgrimm: 7
(7) Dante: ok
(1) Thorgrimm: his first aid is 125% and Doctor is 98%
(7) Dante: (bish @ driver, medic @ comm&observation, /me @ gun turret, T in the back)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok sounds good and the V-150 can keep up with the FAV
(1) Thorgrimm: after about 3.5 kliks Gunny skids to a halt and stands in the seat then fires a shot. What do you do?
(6) Bishop: better radio him and see if he needs support or he was tagging someone
(7) Dante: close in
(1) Thorgrimm: his shot seemed to impact on the left hill ion the gap 375 goes through. The gap is about 1 klik wide
(6) Bishop: *moves in closer pulling up next to the FAV, on the side nearest the road*
(1) Thorgrimm: On the radio you hear him say " God damn bastard got away! My snap shot missed. I think who ever we are chasing will be alerted now. SHIT!
(7) Dante: as long as we are jammed, so are they. can you catch up with him and take em out, gunny?
(6) Bishop: balls to the wall time
(1) Thorgrimm: yeah i think we can catch them if we move fast
(1) Thorgrimm: then he speeds off
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(7) Dante: follow the fav to give support if necessary
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Gunny is a big advocate of high mobility. :D
(6) Bishop: *follows the FAV 200 meters back*
(7) Dante: but a bit more cautiously, since the last group go ambushed
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you make it through the gap, you notice about a klik north of your position is a huge triangular building. Clearly standing out on the horizon.
(1) Thorgrimm: make PE rolls
(7) Dante: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
(7) Dante: occ lol
(1) Thorgrimm: bish make yours
(6) Bishop: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)
(6) Bishop: ooc take Dante to vegas now ;)
(7) Dante: i got PE 8 btw, should i make a roll for the medic?
(7) Dante: since he's on the commandseat ?
(7) Dante: (occ dont forget to make a log this time thor ;) )
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante, you see in the distance what looks like a slave pen being pulled by a tractor truck, along with a what looks like a water truck. The most important thing you see is a steel bridge in remarkable condition, with a pickup about 500 meters from it. The pickup looks like it has a large metal tube sticking out of the bed, and 5 men are standig around the tube.
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, i will not forget this time!
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do.
(7) Dante: is this all in the direction in which the spotter ran? or is this something else?
(1) Thorgrimm: it is at the end of the gap in front of you. No sign of the spotter, so he might have went to ground.
(7) Dante: radio gunny & ask what he thinks of the situation (he is closer & should have a better view after all)
(6) Bishop: sounds like a plan
(1) Thorgrimm: he tells you what you already know. OOC I rolled a damn 10 on his PE!!!
(7) Dante: is that truck before the bridge or is it over it yet? what are the distances and what is the terrain? what does that bridge span over? a dried riverbed? a canyon?
(7) Dante: & whats the range on a TOW?
(1) Thorgrimm: The bridge is over a wash, with steep walls. The truck is on the far side of the bridge, and the slave pen is near the building you saw. The building is about 1 klik away. the bridge is about 500 meters in front of the FAV. the terrain once outside the gap is flat and the building is at the foot of the mountains.
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny skids to a halt and asks for your orders.
(6) Bishop: well i dont think a frontal attack would end well
(6) Bishop: they could blow that bridge
(7) Dante: are there any signs that we have been spotted yet?
(1) Thorgrimm: the truck on the far side of the bridge seems to be waiting for something
(1) Thorgrimm: gunny lets you know he intercepted a garbled transmission and thinks the bad guys were alerted to your presence.
(6) Bishop: i fear them blowin that bridge mostly
(1) Thorgrimm: do you say that?
(1) Thorgrimm: yes you do, no ooc
(7) Dante: lol
(6) Bishop: yes thinking outloud in the vehicle
(6) Bishop: im allowed to do that
(6) Bishop: (ooc) cant see why not anyway ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny says that from the info you gave him, they did not have time to mine the bridge.
(7) Dante: outloud @ vehicule: if we wait we endanger the hostage & they'll set up defenses
(7) Dante: it's dangerous but, ii think our best hope is to move in together
(6) Bishop: you think we can go in guns blazing Dante?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, your orders?
(7) Dante: hold up until the tank reaches you & then move in together (but with enough space in between
(6) Bishop: (ooc) we got a MG on this thing right?
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, when you catch up, he moves out. As you approach the building you start to see more details of the building, it has a chainlink fence topped by barbed wire.
(1) Thorgrimm: yes
(7) Dante: (occ) we got a modded FN MAG
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(7) Dante: (occ) & a couple of TOWs
(7) Dante: (occ) sally forward! *drums beating* *army of darkness*
(1) Thorgrimm: as you get within 200 meters, you notice one of the men in the pickup put something into the metal tube on the bed of the truck.
(6) Bishop: Dante your gona need to light that truck up with the MGs or a tow
(6) Bishop: immediatly
(7) Dante: evasive maneuvers
(7) Dante: are we in range for the tow yet?
(6) Bishop: *pivots the LAV to the side of the road behind a bridge support temporarily, moving up till in range*
(1) Thorgrimm: as he drops it you hear a faint crump, then a whistiling, and...... Blam about 50 meters from the FAV is a huge explosion!
(7) Dante: (occ) daddy are we there yet?
(6) Bishop: (ooc is that dirrect fire or indirect?
(1) Thorgrimm: On the radio you hear Gunny immediately say; Fuck they have a damned mortar, and Picks up speed!
(1) Thorgrimm: indirect
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC any idea why he picked up speed?
(6) Bishop: *pivots back onto the road increasing speed*
(6) Bishop: (ooc) cause its fucking hard to adjust a mortar by hand
(7) Dante: occ while the dude reloads he's in the clear i guess :) besides speeding makes him a harder target
(1) Thorgrimm: yup, and trying to get under it's minimum range
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Mortar tactics 101 :D
(7) Dante: (occ) so, what about range thor?
(6) Bishop: ooc yep
(1) Thorgrimm: you were about 700 meters from the truck when it opened fire.
(7) Dante: (occ) & whats the accurate range on a TOW?
(1) Thorgrimm: minimum is 500 meters
(7) Dante: (occ) & on the MAG for the matter...
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll everybody
(6) Bishop: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)
(7) Dante: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)
(7) Dante: (occ) got 8
(1) Thorgrimm: You immediately hear Gunny call into the radio, " Son of a bitch! there is a fuc...... then you see the FAV flip as it is hit by what looks like as you come into view a 12 LB Napoleon cannd!
(1) Thorgrimm: cannon
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Bishop: (ooc) you talking like civil war style but earlier?
(1) Thorgrimm: yup
(7) Dante: (occ) lol
(1) Thorgrimm: smoothbore
(6) Bishop: (ooc that cant punch threw a LAVs armor lol
(1) Thorgrimm: nope, but it fucked the FAV
(7) Dante: (occ) that thing doesnt have great range i'd wager
(7) Dante: (occ) how far away is it?
(6) Bishop: (ooc thor, .22 caliber can fuck a FAV)
(1) Thorgrimm: nope it was about 200 meters to the west hidden in ambush
(6) Bishop: *continues advancing toward the bridge*
(1) Thorgrimm: you see no movement from the FAV and the mortar is firing again
(6) Bishop: *moves onto the bridge *
(7) Dante: fire at it with the MAG while we move in towards the mortar
(6) Bishop: light them up Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: also the cannos is loading what looks like Canister
(1) Thorgrimm: cannon
(6) Bishop: engage the cannon dante
(1) Thorgrimm: you have about 1 minute before it fires again
(7) Dante: occ (duh, thats what i'm doing but if we want to fire the TOW we gotta stand still & thats fucking dangerous with the mortar firing ...
(6) Bishop: )ooc) we should be inside the mortars min range
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante give me what you are doing with the weapons
(7) Dante: firing at the cannon atm, maybe trying to hit a powder keg :p
(7) Dante: with the MAG
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, roll a to hit roll
(7) Dante: [1d100] -> [67] = (67)
** (7) Dante @ 102% bigguns **
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, roll 19 more times.
(1) Thorgrimm: 20 round burst
(7) Dante: [19d100] -> [75,40,47,76,41,44,79,31,83,62,80,87,77,86,63,95,74,49,40] = (1229)
(1) Thorgrimm: no failures, and plenty of hits. As you hose the cannon the crew filies into pieces, truned into ground round.
(1) Thorgrimm: turned
(7) Dante: occ pwnd :p
(6) Bishop: shift targets to the mortar truck
(1) Thorgrimm: ok that is still about 500 meters away.
(7) Dante: occ: have we past the FAV yet & are we in range for a TOW?
(6) Bishop: (ooc) 500m min range
(7) Dante: occ (i typed that before he said that :p)
(1) Thorgrimm: if you go any farther you will be inside YOUR minimum for the tow
(6) Bishop: *stops to give a stable firing *
** (7) Dante aims & fires **
(1) Thorgrimm: ok roll to hit
(7) Dante: [1d100] -> [62] = (62)
(1) Thorgrimm: as the tow ignites a trail of fire you see the men in the truck bail out and run, but not far enough, as the tow hits the truck it sets off the ammo. BOOM!!!
(7) Dante: vade retro satanas
(7) Dante: occ: where is the FAV?
(1) Thorgrimm: about 100 meters ahead. Still no movement.
(6) Bishop: (ooc)when we get there send the medic to the FAV dante we can secure the far side of bridge
(7) Dante: step on it bish
(6) Bishop: *advances to the side of the FAV stopping on the bridge side of it to provide cover*
(7) Dante: T & the medic go check it ou, while we move up
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you puul up you see a shitload of blood.
(1) Thorgrimm: pull
(1) Thorgrimm: the medic jumps out and checks for survivors.
(7) Dante: occ: little bish & i can do :)
(1) Thorgrimm: he checks Blake and finds the Mutant has been decapitated. Then he checks Gunny and finds he has a broken left arm but otherwise is ok.
(7) Dante: occ: splatterbonus!
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC LOL
(7) Dante: occ: bb slurry
(6) Bishop: ooc poor mutie
(1) Thorgrimm: so what do you do?
(7) Dante: let T salvage what he can (.50 cal, other equipment)
(6) Bishop: load up the wounded and lets secure that compound ahead...can bury the dead later
(7) Dante: let the medic make a split
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
(7) Dante: load up & move on
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC the cannonball was traveling at an up arc, that is why Gunny has a broken arm, but because he was so tall, Blakes head was at the wrong level and the cannonball took his head off.
(1) Thorgrimm: fortunately for Gunny the cannon was so close
(7) Dante: cautiously move in towards the structure & the other vehicles
(6) Bishop: *drives slowly forward*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok after you get going again you notice that one of the doors in front of the building has been forced open. and that the fence has been broken down.
(1) Thorgrimm: if you stop you would be able to read the sign
(7) Dante: hold up then
(7) Dante: (just long enough to read the sign)
(6) Bishop: *slows down*
** (7) Dante reloads MAG **
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, what you read is this: Deltronics ltd. remote water monitoring facility No. 3 Chemical analysis, NO TRESSPASSING.
(7) Dante: is this TN6 ?
(1) Thorgrimm: do you know?
(7) Dante: (he asks the gunny)
(1) Thorgrimm: don't know, we never knew where it was located. The commander of the team must have found something he did not relay to me.
(7) Dante: roger
(7) Dante: move us in bish
(1) Thorgrimm: as you get closer you see this
(6) Bishop: *advances slowly*
(1) Thorgrimm: to the left of the building is a 40 foot concrete tower, it looks like a weather monitoring tower. There are no windows. The exterior is dark. It would be black, but they are very dusty. The color results from the fact that the walls are covered in solar panels. In the front of the building you see a large door which looks like a loading dock, and the one personnel door that has been forced open.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do?
(6) Bishop: ah the internal question...enter the ancient building or not to enter..eh Dante?
(6) Bishop: enternal**
(7) Dante: occ: probably a good place for an ambush, but whats the fun in that? :)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol
(7) Dante: occ: besides, god knows what fucked up shit they can do while we wait outside... maybe they'll just activate the installations comms & radio in the shit to the enclave & then we b fucked :)
(1) Thorgrimm: you also notice that the walls are scalable, as they only have about a 30 Degree incline.
(7) Dante: gunny, you up for this?
(7) Dante: occ: his gauss pistol should be dangerous enough i'd wager :)
(1) Thorgrimm: have to, need to find out what is so damned important about this place. Why don't we climb the walls, and try to avoid the obvious ambush?
(6) Bishop: sounds like a plan
(7) Dante: roger
(7) Dante: T, stay behind & secure the area. make sure nobody leaves or steals our new toy...
(6) Bishop: *climbs out and starts pulling rope and the scavanged M18 out of the trunking
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Gunny has the medic tie down his left arm, and grimaces in pain, but does not make a sound. " I would also suggest you have T see if any of the slaves are capable of helping.
(1) Thorgrimm: lead non McDuff, he says to Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: on
(7) Dante: T check the slaves (occ: thought the cages would be empty & emil would use them as shields...)
(7) Dante: ok lets go
(1) Thorgrimm: true, if given time.
** (7) Dante starts scalling the wall **
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC you did the right thing in not taking your time.
(7) Dante: (which isnt easy with an Avenger hanging from your back)
(6) Bishop: *follows dante a bit behind carbine sinced on his back*
** (7) Dante takes a peak over the wall **
(7) Dante: occ: /me plays hook a loogy on the guys waiting in ambush & spits a nice green one on emil :p
(1) Thorgrimm: as you get to the top you see some skylights and an air intake.
(7) Dante: air intake it is...
** (7) Dante takes a second to examin air intake **
(6) Bishop: *pulls the rope from his back*
(1) Thorgrimm: make a PE roll
(1) Thorgrimm: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)
(7) Dante: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(1) Thorgrimm: bish roll
(6) Bishop: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Bish you notice that the air intake leads into the center of the facility, and that if you had gas grenades you could gas out whoever was inside.
(6) Bishop: we got any gas grenades in that hunk of metals trunk?
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC did you read the gear thread?
(7) Dante: occ like a month nd a half ago ;)
(6) Bishop: ooc trying to simulate the in ability to remember EVERYTHING ;)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, you have an entire case of CS grenades
(7) Dante: M7A3 CS Gas Grenades
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC you gents should reaquaint yourselves with the gear thread. :D yup
(7) Dante: occ & whats CS ? :)
(1) Thorgrimm: Military tear gas
(6) Bishop: ooc tear gas
(1) Thorgrimm: more potent than civie tear gas.
(6) Bishop: grab a couple and bring em up here Dante
(1) Thorgrimm: what are you going to do?
(7) Dante: euhm we dont have gasmasks? & i'm the only one with eyegear?
(6) Bishop: they gotta run out the door genius
(6) Bishop: we cna shoot them there or capture them
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny suggests that you gas them out and snipe from the roof, then let it air out.
(7) Dante: yes but whats stopping them from moving in futher into the facility ?
(6) Bishop: more gas
(7) Dante: we've got no recon or blueprints
(7) Dante: lol
(1) Thorgrimm: ummm the non-ability to breathe. You have never ran across CS have you? ;)
(7) Dante: occ: well thats assuming they've only got one exit & one vent... a civie facility with one exit? never ran across that in my life either :p
(6) Bishop: ooc we on roof, can see them exit
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish is correct, you have the height advantage
(1) Thorgrimm: what are you going to do?
(7) Dante: smokes em if you got em :p
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, how many are you gonna use?
(6) Bishop: one at first
** (7) Dante puts on his eye gear & drapes his bandana over his mouth... **
(7) Dante: occ why one? you got an entire case :p just drop a few ^^
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny suggests that you use at least 5, as the area is pretty large.
(6) Bishop: righty o then
(1) Thorgrimm: OOC Dante that iwill not help at all. :D
(6) Bishop: *pops the spoon off the first and drops it, listening to the rattle before repeating it with the last 4*
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, as you hear the grenades hit the floor, the curses begin in earnest. Looking into the skylight you notice that they are heading for the front of the building, really fast!
(7) Dante: occ, i know thor, but when youre firing an Avenger i wager there is quite some gas coming from that gun :p & the eyegear is to protect from an pieces of rock and stuff flying around from bullets missing their target (the target being me :p)
(1) Thorgrimm: lol, true
(6) Bishop: ooc can T and the medic capture any using the LAVs weapons as a threat heh
** (7) Dante positions the Avenger **
** (6) Bishop kneels and levels the carbine **
(1) Thorgrimm: as the enemy run out of the building they charge the V-150.
(7) Dante: occ: right o - splatter time
** (7) Dante opens fire **
(6) Bishop: *aims and fires single rounds at the running enemy leading the charge blindly*
(6) Bishop: ((that gas blinds too heh ;) ))
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny pulls his Gauss pistol and takes aimat one very tall, thin black clad man who happens to be wearing a gas mask.
(1) Thorgrimm: Just as he opens fire the man grabs the closest man and throws him in the line of fire, and disappears from sight.
(1) Thorgrimm: SON OF A BITCH! one of these days i am going to plant that bastard!
(1) Thorgrimm: it will be like shooting fish in a barrle, as the men are blind and gagging, they also do not surrender, but to a man die attacking.
(1) Thorgrimm: barrel
(1) Thorgrimm: Gunny disappears over the side where the Darkman disappeared. What do you do?
(6) Bishop: follow
(7) Dante: order bish to follow the gunny, while i make sure the area is secure
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, Bish you see him firing at a man in a vehicle that was evidently placed here for a quick get away. Gunny is cussing up a storm.
** (6) Bishop runs forward firing a few bursts that way trying to hit a tire **
(1) Thorgrimm: Dante you watch and participate in the massacre of 20 men. Other than that nothing but the slaves are to be seen
(1) Thorgrimm: Bish he is too far away.
(1) Thorgrimm: what do you do? Gunny heads to the Large door.
(6) Bishop: follow
** (7) Dante starts looking for clues & meanwhile round up the working guns (until the gas clears out) **
(7) Dante: occ i take the gas doesnt dissipate in 2 seconds :p
(1) Thorgrimm: what you find are strange shotguns, not like any you have seen. No about an hour is needed.
(7) Dante: load them up into the LAV
(1) Thorgrimm: ok
** (7) Dante checks on the slaves **
(1) Thorgrimm: they seem to be on the edge of starvation, like they were experiments and expendable
(7) Dante: let the doc check them
(7) Dante: search the enemies vehicles for food
(6) Bishop: ((ooc)) gotta go to bed in a few, gotta get up early :P
(7) Dante: (occ) sissyboy ;-)
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, after about an hour Gunny says that the CS should be dissipated enough to enter
(7) Dante: (occ) i got up early for this :p
(7) Dante: lets do some recon...
(6) Bishop: ooc, you go run around all day and get shot at ;) then stay up all night then do it again sunday
(7) Dante: (occ) yer a softass pencil pusher bish!
(1) Thorgrimm: so what do you gents do? Did you want to call it here? then do the search next week?
(7) Dante: depends on bish
(6) Bishop: ooc dante can npc me if he wants to continue heh
(7) Dante: it's another 2 or 3 hours before anyone wakes up here
(7) Dante: nah, 3 is already few, 2 would be pushing it
(1) Thorgrimm: ok, it is a good place to break, as the building is extensive.
(7) Dante: ok nn miles/drake/whatever :p
(7) Dante: think i'm gonna go sleep for another hour or 2 as well
(6) Bishop: ooc night
(1) Thorgrimm: one thing if you did not use the CS, you would have had a rough time as those Shotguns are fully auto.
(7) Dante: :)
(6) Bishop: Disconnecting from server...
(6) Bishop (exit): 02:22