About TRS

On this page, you can find a bunch of information about The Radiated Society. If you feel that anything on this page is outdated, or if there is anything that should be updated or changed, please feel free to post on the forum or contact Creative Consultant Icey Bunny.

General Overview

What is TRS?
The Radiated Society, or TRS, is the biggest little Fallout site around. It is the first truly democratic Fallout site ever created. Every person in the governing body, called the Proconsul, is elected every six months. Furthermore, the citizens of TRS have the opportunity to vote on every issue before it reaches the Proconsul. This increases the chances that the actions of the people running the show will be in the best interest of the people who elected them. This democratic system of government is unique to TRS, as no other Fallout site even comes close to having such an interactive administration.

Along with this, TRS also provides Fallout-related information to fans of the series. There is an abundance of information available here that can be easily accessed. Plus, if you canít find what you are looking for, you can always post on the forums and our friendly locals will be more than happy to assist you.
Why join TRS?
TRS caters to a wide variety of Fallout fans. As a result, one of the greatest attributes of The Society is its huge range of people and opinions. Everyone at TRS is treated as an individual, and all opinions are welcomed. Nobody needs to worry about being flamed for their thoughts here. In fact, we have had many heated debates in our past, and none have sparked a flame war. Here, everyone respects everybody elseís opinion, even if they donít agree with it. Without a doubt, TRS is a place of diversity where everyone is welcomed without fear of ridicule.
What is there to do at TRS?
Your experience at The Radiated Society is, basically, whatever you make it out to be. If you want to make only a few posts, that is fine. If you want to stay and shake the very foundations of the place for the better, that is fine as well.

Right now, there are many things that one can do in TRS. For instance, if you enjoy writing, you can become a Scribe and produce fan-fics. Plus, unlike other places, you will receive feedback for your works! No more posting your hard work and having it go unnoticed! If writing isnít your thing, but drawing is, then you are encouraged to become a Designer. TRS is constantly in the search of fan art, and any contributions you could make would be fabulous!

Next, if role playing is your interest, you can join the new PnP campaign. Thatís right; The Radiated Society is now partaking in Fallout: Pen and Paper online. For more information, you can check out Fallout PnP at our forums. All members are welcomed to participate, so if you are interested in playing, now would be an excellent time to join TRS!

Now, if Fallout role playing isnít your thing, but you enjoy other games, then TRS is still the place for you! Our Other Games Forum allows you to talk about all types of games to your heart's content. You will always find a warm welcome from our gamers in your discussions of other types of games.

Moving on, there are two annual events at TRS that are quite entertaining. The first is the annual Fallout trivia contest, which is held from July 15 until July 31. Started in 2004, this annual tradition is open to every Fallout fan and not just members of TRS. Next, there are The Radiated Society Awards. These awards are given out to members of The Radiated Society, and cover a wide range of categories. Also, in traditional TRS style, the members decide who wins each award. The Radiated Society Awards occur during the first week of February, and the winners are announced on our anniversary, February 15.

At TRS, you can also submit your own ideas to the Proconsul. As said before, The Society is basically run by its members. Therefore, if you have something you would like to contribute or see done with the place, please let us know! We are always willing to give new ideas a chance. If you want to impact TRS even more, you can run for a spot on the Proconsul.

Moving on, if you just want to sit back, relax, and talk about whatever is on your mind (whether it be Fallout related or not), then TRS is still for you. While Fallout discussion is always a hot topic at The Society, we also welcome virtually all other topic. Plus, outside of Fallout, we have several things to offer as well. For instance, there is a monthly music quiz available to all of our members. Also, there is a review forum where our members are allowed to review anything from movies to electronics. Speaking of electronics, we even have a separate Tech Forum where everything related to technology is welcomed.

Lastly, the most important thing that you can do at TRS is make friends. Many of the members have made life-long friends at TRS, which is undoubtedly remarkable. People who have never met in person before speak with one another like they would an old friend that they have known since childhood. Without question, The Radiated Society is a close community, which adds to its uniqueness. Like all communities, though, TRS is always looking for new members.
Whatís the history of TRS?
TRS started off as a hobby for Scotty the Great. Founded on February 15, 2000, as Scotty the Greatís Fallout Community, it was to be a place for Fallout information only. At the beginning, there were no plans of expanding it to anything more than that. The first few years of its existence, the site didnít gain any notice. Only a few actually visited it, and virtually none stayed. However, for an amateur web designer, that wasnít a big deal; Scotty mainly wanted to learn the ins and outs of creating web sites. After all, it was one of his main interests.

As time passed, Scotty became more involved in TRS than expected. More members came, and the task of managing the place on his own alone became quite hectic. As a result, the Proconsul was formed. Originally, the members of the Proconsul were assigned by Scotty the Great. The current system of elections did not come into existence until May 2004, and didnít go into effect officially until July 1, 2004. Undoubtedly, TRS has grown greatly since its creation as a hobby.

TRS in the Fallout Universe

Chronology of The Glowing City
2251: The inhabitants of The Vampire Cafť find an unconscious stranger. He is taken back to the village to recover and given the name of ĎLemonade Guyí due to the strange container that he carried. As for his real name or history, he never is able to fully recall. After a brief stay, he leaves the cafť.

2253: After some time of traveling, he arrives at Radioactive Robís Fallout Emporium. He also takes the alias of Scotty the Great.

2253: Word reaches Scotty of a vault. It is learned that Radioactive Robís is ripe for falling. As a result, Morbius, Scotty, Jark, and Rob depart to search for the vault, leaving the emporium behind forever.

2253: Civil war begins in The Order. The reputable place is divided in half. It is said that the founder of TO tried to obtain supreme leadership over Senate. The other members of the Senate resist, and the citizens of TO choose sides. Soon, war ignites.

2254: The vault is found, and Scotty declares himself as Overseer, though Rob exerts a certain amount of authority. Scotty the Greatís Fallout Community is born.

2255: Civil war in The Order comes to a close. The Senate is victorious. A few of the defeated members choose to remain in Order City. Others join the AOF, while another faction, led by Tone Capone, forms The Dragonís Talon clan. Hostilities persist between The Order and Dragonís Talon.

2256: Scotty visits Order City as an ambassador, and quickly gains citizenship. He stays for a while, and quickly gains the friendship of Ace Strider.

2257: Ace returns with Scotty to the vault. Plans are set in action to form a ruling body over the community, which still had a low membership.

2258: Ace and Scotty return to The Order.

2258: In response to minor skirmishes on the borders of Order City, Scotty and Ace penetrate and silently assail The Dragonís Talon at night. They are not discovered.

2259: Plans are finalized for the constitution of Scotty the Greatís Fallout Community and the Proconsul is formed. The members are appointed by Scotty.

2260: Rob, Morbius, and Jark leave the community at separate times to pursue other interests. Scotty maintains contact with them for years, though this is not permanent. The Proconsul is left as Scotty, Ace, Slurry, Stapes, and jello.

2261: Disputes arise in the community. Scotty dismisses the Proconsul and declares marshal law.

2261: Dragonís Talon falls. The members who were former Orderites return to Order City and are permitted to rejoin.

2262: New regulations are set in place and the Proconsul is reinstated.

2262-4 The population of TRS slowly grows. It is during this time that Scotty plans to take the community out of the vault.

2264: Word reaches the ears of Scotty of Vault 52. He ventures to it, and relations are quickly established between the two vaults.

2265: Scotty the Greatís Fallout Community leaves its vault and establishes The Glowing City a very short distance away. Members of Vault 52 arrive and become citizens.

2266: The Regulations undergo another large revamp. Since the fall of the first Proconsul, limited power had been placed on positions other than that of First Citizen. Scotty attempts to correct this.

2267: Scotty receives a seat on the Senate of Order City.

2267: AOF and TO relations improve. An alliance is formed, though several members who joined AOF after its creation do not feel associated with The Order. Talks of a merge arise, and the AOF leaders, mostly former Orderites, wish to rejoin TO. In the end, the former Orderites rejoin Order City. The remaining members of the Anti-Oppression Federation, now leaderless, disban.

2268: Scotty, knowing that he would not be First Citizen forever, pushes for a name change. After much debate within the Proconsul, the community becomes The Radiated Society.

2268: Scotty resigns his seat at The Order in order to focus on The Radiated Society.

2268: Unsatisfied with the results of the previous revamp, Scotty attempts to change the regulations one more time. This time, the approach was extreme. The current democratic system that TRS has today is the result of this revamp.

2269: Scotty is briefly banished from TO due to a misunderstanding; weeks later, he renounces membership, though continued to visit the city for the remainder of his days. A month after leaving TO, Scotty also resigns from the position of First Citizen. AltraWave7 is appointed as his replacement. He then leaves The Radiated Society.

2271: The reincarnation of Scotty, Phauxe Kitsune, is found and returns to The Radiated Society. Little is said of the transformation. At the next election, Phauxe gains a seat on the Proconsul once again.

2275: The Radiated Society is attacked! An unidentified assailant penetrates the community during the night. The damage, though, is not overly extensive, but vital documents from the archives are removed. Nevertheless,, the Proconsul is quick to react, and within a month business is once again comencing as normal at The Radiated Society.
The Proconsul
The Proconsul has been many things at many different times. It was constantly changing at the beginning, and in the early days, not all spots were even filled. The earliest recorded Proconsul (2259) consisted of Scotty as First Citizen, Stapes as Head Designer, Slurry as Senior Council Member, and Ace as Custom\'s Official. It is also said that Rob, and to a lot lesser extent, Morbius, both held power without titles within the society until their departure in 2260. It was during this same year that jello was added as Head Scribe, completing the first Proconsul. At this time, the position of Sergeant existed as a separate entity from the Proconsul. This spot was given to Knight Wolf shortly after jello joined the council.

After the forming of the first Proconsul, change was slow to come. Transitions were made and recorded as follows:

2261: Jello resigns his position and leaves TRS. Stapes takes position of Head Scribe. Gauss enters the Proconsul as Head Designer.

2261-2: Proconsul dismissed and reinstated.

2263: After some dispute within the council, Ace takes leave from TRS but does not officially resign from his position. Ace returns occasionally over the next few months but does not stay for long. Finally, he leaves and is never heard from again. About the same time Ace takes his first leave, Knight Wolf ventures into the wasteland and is never heard from again. His fate remains unknown, and his position was left unfilled.

2265: It is evident that Ace will not return. Stapes then takes up the spot of Custom\'s Official. rad becomes Head Scribe, making him the first Vault-52 native to gain power in the community.

2266: The position of Sergeant is expanded to be more powerful but still subordinate to the Proconsul. PIPBoy2000 becomes Sergeant.

2267: Proconsul is expanded to include two more positions. One of the positions is that of Sergeant. The other is the spot of Chief Diplomat, which is given to Jim.

2268: Scotty, unsatisfied with the lack of action on the part of the Proconsul, speaks out. As a result, new regulations are formed and the entire council is given an overhaul. The result was the first elected Proconsul. Once again, the ruling body was reduced to five members.

2269: The first elections are held. The victors are First Citizen Scotty, Senior Council Member Slurrydevil, Creative Consultant rad, Amenities Officer PIPBoy2000, and Corrections Official PIPBoy2000. The position of Corrections Official was first awarded to Stapes, but in the last hour he withdrew from the race.

2270: Scotty resigns as First Citizen and leaves TRS to venture the wasteland. AltraWave7 is appointed to be his replacement after an impromptu election.

2271: Second elections. Victors are First Citizen rad, Senior Council Member AltraWave7, Creative Consultant Thorgrimm, Amenities Officer ReVenge, and Corrections Official Phauxe Kitsune.

2273: Third elections. Victors are First Citizen AltraWave7, Senior Council Member Phauxe Kitsune, Creative Consultant Navarro, Amenities Officer Arcy, and Corrections Official ReVenge.

2274: Changes are made to the Regulations. The changes are mainly focused on fine-tuning the Proconsul and better defining parts that were felt to be too vague.

2275: Fourth elections. Victors are First Citizen Phauxe Kitsune, Senior Council Member Navarro, Creative Consultant The_Pastmaster, Amenities Officer Wolf Hagen, and Corrections Official BOS13.

2277: Fifth elections. Victors are First Citizen Phauxe Kitsune, Senior Council Member Navarro, Creative Consultant The_Pastmaster, Amenities Officer Wolf Hagen, and Corrections Official Stapes.

2278: New term limits set for Proconsul members.

2279: Sixth elections. Victors are First Citizen Zed, Senior Council Member AltraWave7, Creative Consultant Phauxe Kitsune, Amenities Officer benno the mad, and Corrections Official Stapes.
Executive Consultants
Executive Consultants are not a new addition to the current system; rather, they have been around since the first regulations were drafted in 2259. Under the first systems, executives were just assistants, or secretaries, of the Proconsul members. With the new system, executives are designed to be more like apprentices to whomever they serve. The amount of work that t hey do, though, is still up to both the Proconsul member they serve as well as themselves.

The first executives were Scotty's under the old system. Raymondo2000 was the first recorded executive in 2264. Other executives of Scotty under the old system were andrew and The_Lonely_Phox, though dates of their service were not recorded.

Executives under the new system were recorded as follows. The Proconsul member which they served as well as the position of that member are recorded given as well.

PIPBoy2000 (Jim / Amenities Officer)
Thorgrimm (PIPBoy2000 / Correction's Official)

rad (Thorgrimm / Creative Consultant)
Thorgrimm (Phauxe Kitsune / Correction's Official)
Arcy (ReVenge / Amenities Officer)

Navarro (ReVenge / Correction's Official)
Phauxe Kitsune (Arcy / Amenities Officer)

Navarro (The_Pastmaster / Creative Consultant)
thorgrimm (BOS13 / Correction's Official)
benno the mad (Wolf Hagen / Amenities Officer)

Navarro (The_Pastmaster / Creative Consultant)
BOS13 (Stapes / Correction's Official)
benno the mad (Wolf Hagen / Amenities Officer)

rad (Phauxe Kitsune / Creative Consultant)
Navarro (Stapes / Correction's Official)
Despite best abilities, some locations mentioned in these histories were lost over time.

The Vampire Cafť: When Scotty left the cafť, he did little to note which direction he traveled or which routes he took. It is said that this is the reason why he never ventured back to the city. He came to the Den first, though, in his journey. Many travelers report the cafť to be days north of the Den.1 Others believed that the cafť was near Modoc. Still fewer reports claim that the city was far to the south and was a town inhabited for the third time.2

Radioactive Robís Fallout Emporium: Between Vault City and New Reno; almost straight south of Modoc.

The Glowing City: Home of The Radiated Society. Located northeast of New Reno.

Order City: North-northwest of New Reno and northwest of The Glowing City.

Vault 52: Located in the former state of Washington.

Dragonís Talon: An outpost resembling a raiderís camp days north of Order City. Now abandoned.

AOF: Location unknown. Now abandoned.

1 This theory was widely accepted by the time Scotty reached the Den, and only solidified the belief for many. Of course, during this time, the notoriety of the place was at its peak, and numerous reports by merchants and travelers who ventured near the city could be heard. As years passed and no further reports of the cafť came in, many people began to believe that it was a work of fiction. Even those who claimed to have traveled near the town were dismissed as liars only a decade after Scotty left it. Nobody placed this label on Scotty, though. Rather, they either invented different stories of origin for him or, when telling of the cafť, made it quite clear that the information was second-hand and therefore they could not attest to its accuracy. The records in The Glowing City still contain reports by Scotty himself that tell of the existence of The Vampire Cafť. Citizens there never doubt the reports.

2 The first time the place was inhabited was before the Great War. Many years afterwards, people moved again to the ruins of the city, and it became known as the Hub. It was destroyed again by the remnants of the Masterís Army. The people of the Vampire Cafť are said to have established themselves there just decades after that. However, the reports by Scotty describing the Cafť conflict with other outside reports that described the Hub.