Fallout Links

Here you can find links to both Fallout and non-Fallout pages. If you have a site that you would like to have added to this page or if there are broken or outdated links here, please contact Amenities Officer jello.

Aldog's Fallout page
      This is a small Fallout site. Not much info, and has been under construction since 1998.

Au Mutant Sanglant
      A site in a foreign language that is a good place for a wide variety of Fallout information.

Circle Of Theives Underground Hideout
      A nice little site with a bunch of information, including a walkthrough.

Duck and Cover
      Perhaps one of the most popular and active Fallout sites around. Definetely worth the time to check out.

Exit Mundi
      How will the world meet its end? This site aims to answer that question. Very interesting information and awesome insight into the different possible scenarios.

      An out of date site that does have some valuable information.

Fallout Junktown
      A site aimed more towards Fan Art. Unforunately, there hasn't been any recent updated.

Fallout Now!
      A German Fallout site that offers a wealth of information.

Fallout Webring
      A webring for Fallout sites.

      A Russian Fallout site.

      A Polish Fallout site with a good layout.

      Not much information, not updated often, and not much to look at.

Fallout: Yurop
      A nifty modding site. From what I hear, they are working on an expansion for Fallout 2.

Fan Made Fallout
      A Computer Role-Playing Game designed entirely by fans of the original two Fallout computer games.

French Vault
      A French Fallout site that is very active and has been around for some time. Definetely a site worth checking out.

      A neat French Fallout site.

Mutant's Rising
      A neat Fallout modding site.

No Mutant's Allowed
      This is one of the biggest Fallout sites around, and definitely worth checking out.

Nuka Cola
      A French Fallout site. Appears to be relatively new.

Post Apocalyptic Forge
      This site is dedicated to the Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic genre, but focuses on the development of resources for Role Playing games of that genre.

SHAMO Fallout Community
      One of the best, if not the best, Polish community-based Fallout site with extensive active forums. Absolutely worth the time to check out.

Sierra Army Depot
      A polish site also available in English.

Soda Shop of the Wasteland
      A site with a bunch of information on F1.

The Black Company
      A former Tactics clan whose focus has shifted more towards Star Wars Galaxies

The Glow
      A site with a bunch of information on Fallout 1 and 2. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated much as of late.

The Hub
      A relatively new Fallout site but definetely one of the best. Besides being very informative, The Hub also demonstrates the right way to use frames.

The Khans
      A Fallout Tactics clan formerly hosted by the late Vault13.net

The Order
      An old, and still active, community based Fallout site. Pretty cool place to hang out.

The Vault
      The Vault is a wiki all about games in the Fallout series and the Fallout setting. It\'s an encyclopedia of the Fallout world which anyone can edit, just like Wikipedia. Yes, you can edit too. So why are you still reading this text? Go ahead and start writing!

Vault 52
      One of the latest up-and-coming Fallout sites. This place is sure to become a big hit amongst the Fallout community.

Vault 84
      As far as I know, this is the only Mac Fallout page. One of a kind indeed. It's a pitty there hasn't been any updates since 1998.

Vault 88
      A new site to the Fallout world, created by a Community local.

Non-Fallout Links

Daily Dan
      A post-apocolyptic comic strip starring Dan the Cat. Created by Azure Stone, oTO, and hosted by the Community.

Errant Story
      Errant Story is a really good Webcomic made by the great artist Michael Poe, author of Exploitation now, check it out.

Help Desk
      If you have had run ins with software help lines, this comic will provide entertainment.

      An awesome comic that centers around death, the seven deadly sins, and souls being escorted to the afterlife.

Men In Hats
      This Webcomic comes close to being as good as Ozy and Milly....very very close - Slurrydevil

Ozy and Millie
      One of the best internet comic strips around today. If you haven't checked it out yet, then do so now.